Scia Engineer FAQ

1. What is Scia Engineer?
Scia Engineer is the world's premier 3D Structural Design and Analysis program. The program is used to maximize the engineering performance of all types of structures, from high-rise buildings, industrial halls, and large-span roofs (with cables or membranes) to classical structures in steel and concrete. In addition, it provides dedicated solutions for infrastructure and environmental installations, such as bridges, tanks, pipelines, concrete vessels, steel towers, and scaffolding. It's developed by Scia, a sister company to Vectorworks.

2. Who should use Scia Engineer?
Civil and structural engineering firms who are looking for an easy way to plug analysis and design into their 3D workflows.

3. How does Scia Engineer complement the Vectorworks Architect workflow?
Vectorworks and Scia are committed to Open BIM. In fact, Scia Engineer was the first structural design, analysis, and optimization software certified for IFC 2X3 Level 2 compliance. Vectorworks and Scia have collaborated to provide an integrated Architecture / Engineering workflow based on Open BIM. Structural models created in Vectorworks Architect can be imported into Scia Engineer for design, analysis, and optimization. Optimized structural models can then be sent back to Vectorworks Architect for final documentation, or structural drawings from Scia Engineer can be imported into Vectorworks Architect where they can be combined with other drawings to complete construction documents.

4. Is there a special offer to purchase both?
Yes! Vectorworks and Scia are pleased to offer a bundle deal for purchasing both Vectorworks Architect and Scia Engineer. Details of the offer vary by region. For availability of the bundle and details of the offer, please visit the website of your local Vectorworks distributor. You can find a list of distributors at