Cinema 4D FAQ

1. What is Cinema 4D?
Cinema 4D is a state-of-the-art 3D visualization, animation, and rendering suite developed by MAXON used to create the highest quality stills and movies. It is an ideal solution for professionals looking to enhance their 3D visualization capabilities and take their presentations produced in Vectorworks® software to another level, especially in the realm of broadcast quality videos.

2. What is the difference between Renderworks® and Cinema 4D?
Renderworks is built on the robust Cinema 4D render engine. The advantage of Renderworks is built into the Vectorworks interface, enabling you to process your rendering without having to switch to another software application. However, Cinema 4D provides additional high-end functionality such as fine-tuning material and light settings, huge libraries of interior and exterior objects, and the ability to create dynamic animations.

3. Is it beneficial to own both Renderworks and Cinema 4D?
It is beneficial to own both Renderworks and Cinema 4D. Along with the high-quality, push-button rendering capability you get with Renderworks, many users enjoy the visualization speed, precise animations, and extensive effects library Cinema 4D brings to their design presentations. When used together, you can also achieve extra realism and an unlimited choice of rendering options. In addition, you can carry over the textures, light sources, and camera adjustments provided in Renderworks to Cinema 4D.

4. What is Cinema 4D Visualize?
Cinema 4D Visualize is the professional solution from MAXON tailored for architects and designers. It includes a comprehensive suite of modeling and texturing tools. In addition, Cinema 4D Visualize provides advanced rendering options such as Global Illumination; Physical Sky, sketch-style rendering; huge libraries of 3D scene fillers, textures, lighting environments; and much more.

5. How do I purchase Cinema 4D Visualize?
In the United States, you can purchase through our online store, or for more personal attention and help with any questions prior to your purchase, contact our U.S. Sales team at 1-888-646-4223 or via email at For orders and availability outside the U.S., please contact your local Vectorworks and Cinema 4D distributor. You can locate the nearest Vectorworks distributor for your country or region by visiting Vectorworks Worldwide or by sending an email to

6. How do I send my files from Vectorworks to Cinema 4D?
Cinema 4D ships with a custom plug-in that integrates transfers of your Vectorworks models to Cinema 4D. To send a file (3D) from Vectorworks to Cinema 4D, simply use the “Send to CINEMA 4D” or “Export CINEMA 4D” command located underneath the File menu in Vectorworks software.

7. Is there a difference between the “Send to CINEMA 4D” command and the “Export CINEMA 4D” option located in the File /Export menu?
Yes. The “Send to CINEMA 4D” command will send a temporary file from Vectorworks and immediately launch and open the file in Cinema 4D. The “Export CINEMA 4D” option will export and save your Vectorworks model as a Cinema 4D file (.C4D). Both options are available to better enable designers a seamless transfer of Vectorworks models to Cinema 4D.

8. Can Cinema 4D files be imported into Vectorworks?
Currently, there is only direct compatibility for sending files from Vectorworks to Cinema 4D. Directly importing from Cinema 4D to Vectorworks is not presently available. As an alternative, you can always import information from Cinema 4D via DXF or 3DS into Vectorworks.

9. Do Vectorworks file resources such as layers, classes, groups, and symbols transfer smoothly into Cinema 4D?
Your Vectorworks project file resources do transfer over to Cinema 4D, enabling you to filter the visibility of the objects and keep working with familiar file structures. Plus, if your model in Vectorworks contains light objects, textures, or cameras, all of these can be transferred, as well, without having to start over.

10. Is Cinema 4D available for both Windows and MAC Operating Systems?
Yes. Cinema 4D runs natively on both MAC and Windows Operating Systems.

11. Where can I find further information about Cinema 4D and its collaboration with Vectorworks software?
To learn more about Cinema 4D and its use in conjunction with Vectorworks software, visit the Cinema 4D page on our website. This page provides links to a webinar demonstration, project gallery, and user success stories. Also, additional webinars demonstrating how the two programs collaborate are available on demand for Vectorworks Service Select subscribers.