Vectorworks Core Concepts Topics

Drawing Interface Title Blocks 2D/3D Hybrid Drawing Dimensioning
Palettes 2D/3D Drafting Techniques Drawing Navigation Drawing Setup
Computer-based Layout Methods Utilizing Resource Browser and Symbols OpenGL & Hidden Line Rendering Techniques Viewports and Sheet Layers
Snaps/Constraints Shortcuts & Hot Keys Heads-up Data Bar Layer and Class Organization
Tool Sets Basic Drawing Tools Drawing with Surfaces  

Vectorworks Core Concepts Course

This is the best hands-on training option to learn how to utilize tools, menu commands and drawing organization in Vectorworks. Core Concepts starts from the ground up, teaching you all of the necessary basics needed to become a Vectorworks pro. Make use of 2D and 3D modeling techniques from the start and learn the entry points and correct workflows to help master Vectorworks.


Those considering beginning classroom training must understand basic drafting concepts, such as plan and elevation projections, scale and actual size, and drawing units. Attendees must also be comfortable with operating either a Macintosh or Windows computer system and understand basic mouse operations such as single click, double click, click and drag, scroll wheel, right click and two click operations. Attendees would also need to know basic keyboard keys such as Spacebar, Tab, Control, Alt, Shift, Delete, Command (Mac), and Option (Mac) keys.

Overall Learning Goals

Drawing fast; keeping accurate; incorporating flexible drawing structures; employing efficient techniques; introduction to Vectorworks conventions and concepts.

Continuing Education Credits

The Core Concepts course qualifies for the following credits: 16 AIA, 16 ASLA, and 3 InfoCoMM.