Downloads - Product Updates

This download will update your Vectorworks Plant Database to the latest version of the FileMaker runtime library. Users of Macintosh OS 10.5+ (Leopard) outside of the United States may have experienced problems when launching the database that shipped with version 2008 of Vectorworks Landmark or Designer. This update will solve these issues.

This update does not apply to Windows users.

Step 1
Determine if you have the correct version for updating. See the important notes above. If you do not have version 2008, or are not sure that your update will work, please contact or call 410-290-5114.

Step 2
Quit all other applications, except your web browser, and then download the Updater and save it to your desktop.

Step 3
When the download is complete, open the zip file by double-clicking on it.

Step 4
Inside the zip file, mount the VW_Plants_Update disk image by double-clicking on the VW_Plants_Update.dmg file. Once the image is mounted, it should appear in the Finder window as VW_Plants_Update.

To update your database, you need to locate the VW Plants folder, which contains the database. If you are unsure where your database is located, follow steps 5 – 8. Otherwise, skip to step 9.

Step 5
Launch Vectorworks, and select the Place Plant tool from the Site Planning tool set.

Step 6
In the Place Plant Preferences dialog box, click Edit Definition. Then, click Get Plant Data from the Edit Plant Definition dialog box.

Step 7
In the Get Plant Data dialog box, click Explore. This opens the Finder to the location of the plant database.

Step 8
Inside the folder called 'Plant Database' is another folder named 'VW Plants.' Navigate to the 'VW Plants' folder.

Once you have found your database folder:

Step 9
Copy the 'FMP Acknowledgements.pdf' and 'VW Plants' files from the VW_Plant_Update disk image to the 'VW Plants' folder.

Step 10
When asked, click “Yes” to overwrite both files. The database is updated.

To verify the update:

Step 11
Double-click on the 'VW Plants' application, located within the 'VW Plants' folder, to launch the plant database.

Step 12
From the 'VW Plants' menu, select 'About FileMaker Pro.'

Step 13
The dialog box should indicate that the FileMaker version is FileMaker Pro Runtime Version 9.0v2.

Please note that if you switch to a different database folder in the future (for example, a workgroup folder) these instructions need to be repeated.