Downloads - Product Updates

Vectorworks Architect 1.0.1 is a maintenance release for Vectorworks Architect. It contains numerous bug fixes and enhancements for Architect users.

Also available with the 1.0.1 release are catalogs for all plug-in objects furnished with Vectorworks Architect. These catalogs are provided for informational purposes, and are not required to install the update.

As with any complex product, Vectorworks Architect 1.0.1 may introduce changes in behavior which could affect your work. You should perform the update installation at a time which will not prevent you from meeting existing deadlines.

Downloadable Updaters

Vectorworks Architect updaters will update the installed version to Vectorworks Architect 1.0.1.

Please be aware that if you have modified workspaces or plug-ins which shipped with Vectorworks Architect, your changes will be overwritten by any updates furnished in Vectorworks Architect 1.0.1. Please back up your existing Vectorworks installation before applying this update to avoid losing your changes.

To install on either platform, run the updater and follow all instructions.