Downloads - Product Updates

The 8.5.2 release contains several fixes for problems discovered by Diehl Graphsoft, our beta testers, and our users. These fixes have been thoroughly tested and we are confident that the 8.5.2 product is more stable, reliable, and functional than 8.5.1 and previous versions. We recommend that all users of Vectorworks upgrade to version 8.5.2.

As with any complex product, it is possible that 8.5.2 introduces changes in behavior which could affect your work, so when planning the upgrade, please choose a time which would not prevent you from meeting existing deadlines should you experience problems. It is also prudent to make sure your Vectorworks data files are well backed-up when upgrading your software or operating system.

Downloadable Updaters

The Mac and Windows updaters will update the installed version of Vectorworks 8.5.1 to Vectorworks 8.5.2.