Vectorworks Cloud Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Vectorworks Cloud Services? What is the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app? What apps are available in Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  2. With Vectorworks Cloud Services, you will discover the freedom to share files and to make design decisions from any location. Changes to your Vectorworks files will automatically be synchronized to your private cloud storage, allowing you to browse and share your latest designs from any web-enabled device.

    Vectorworks Cloud Services will save you time by freeing up desktop computing power. For example, creating client presentations with desktop-design software often requires a significant amount of user investment to coordinate, monitor, and wait while resources consume the desktop CPU. Vectorworks Cloud Services provides a cloud-based workflow, shifting calculations needed to generate sections, elevations, renderings, and BIM data from the desktop to the cloud.

    Vectorworks Cloud Services Desktop App: Take advantage of functionality to not only store and share, but also synchronize and compute presentation and construction documents in the cloud. Simply drag your files or a shortcut to your project folder into your Vectorworks Cloud Services app folder, and it all happens automatically.

    The Vectorworks Cloud Services Desktop App also allows you to view, organize, and share your documents using only a web browser from any computer or web-enabled device.

    • View all exported Vectorworks files through any web browser
    • Email links to the exported files to interested parties from within the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal

    Vectorworks Nomad iOS and Android Apps: Whether you are in a meeting, on the job site, or on vacation, the Vectorworks Nomad app provides everything you need to view, mark up, share, and synchronize your Vectorworks files across your devices and with your colleagues all from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or Android Device.

    • Interact with a native mobile application that supports common touch gestures
    • Download all exported presentation documents to your mobile device for offline viewing
    • View all exported files through your mobile device
    • Email the exported files to interested parties from your mobile device
    • Create Markups that are synchronized
    • Take measurements using the Tape Measure tool

  3. How do I access Vectorworks Cloud Services? Can I access it through Vectorworks Service Select? Is it available in my country?
  4. Vectorworks Cloud Services is offered exclusively to Vectorworks Service Select members, and can be accessed through the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal ( ). This portal can also be reached through the Vectorworks Services Select portal ( ). Your login information is the same for both.

    For a list of countries where Vectorworks Services Select is available, please visit

  5. Can more than one user access the same Vectorworks Service Select account?
  6. No, each user must log in with his/her individual Vectorworks Service Select login and password.

  7. What types of files can I have in my Vectorworks Cloud Services synchronization folder?
  8. You can have any type of files in your synchronization folder. The application can recognize Vectorworks files that need to be processed. Vectorworks Cloud Services supports older .vwx version files so you do not have to upload your Vectorworks files in the latest format.

  9. Are Subfolders and Shortcuts (Aliases on Macintosh) supported?
  10. Yes. The desktop application will search for Vectorworks files in any subfolders and shortcuts (aliases on the Macintosh) to local and network locations that you have placed into your Vectorworks Cloud Services folder. You do not have to alter your existing file structures in order to be able to start using Vectorworks Cloud Services.

  11. How do I know when a file has been processed and is ready for viewing?
  12. When you initiate synchronization, you will notice the icon in the task bar (menu bar for Macintosh users) will change. You can monitor the status of your jobs by right-clicking (control-click for Macintosh users) on the application icon in the task bar/menu bar. The icon will return to normal when the processing of all of your files is completed. The PDF files named the same as your Vectorworks files that have been returned back by the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop application would also be available for you on the web.

  13. How do I install the desktop app?
  14. To install the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app, please visit the Cloud Services portal landing page ( ) and click on the download button at the bottom. An alternative download location is the Cloud Services Portal Resources page ( ). Click on the download link under Desktop App (requires log in). Once your download is complete, simply double-click the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions. For more details, visit to learn how to install and use the services.

  15. How do I install the Vectorworks Nomad App on my iOS device?
  16. To install Vectorworks Nomad, simply search for Vectorworks Nomad in the Apple App Store and download the app. Once it has downloaded, launch Vectorworks Nomad from your iOS device and use your Vectorworks Service Select username and password to log in. For more details, visit to learn how to install and use the services.

  17. How do I install the Vectorworks Nomad App on my Android device?
  18. To install Vectorworks Nomad for Android, simply search for Vectorworks Nomad in the Google Play Store and download the app. Once it has downloaded, launch Vectorworks Nomad from your Android device and use your Vectorworks Service Select username and password to log in. For more details, visit to learn how to install and use the services.

  19. What features do I get with Vectorworks Nomad?
  20. The Vectorworks mobile application provides you with the ability to view, mark up, save, print, or email a private link to your files. Markups can also be saved, automatically syncing your changes to the cloud and to all of your computers and mobile devices.

  21. What are the system requirements for Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  22. The Vectorworks Nomad for iOS app can run on any iPhone or iPad that has iOS v5.0 or later.

    The Vectorworks Nomad for Android app can run on any device that supports Android 4.x.

    Minimum requirements:
    • iOS v5.0 or Android 4.x
    • 256 MB RAM

    Recommended requirements:
    • iOS v5.0 or Android 4.2
    • 512 MB RAM
    • iPad2 or Android Nexus 10 Tablet
    Nomad requires 7 MB of storage space for installation on the device. The Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app requires OSX 10.6.8 or newer and Windows XP SP 3, Windows Vista SP 2, or Windows 7.

  23. How can I view my presentation files on the web?
  24. You can access your files through the Vectorworks Cloud Service portal. Log in using your Vectorworks Service Select username and password. You may also print the files from the portal.

  25. How can I share my design documents with other people?
  26. Using the Vectorworks Cloud Services website, you can send an email, providing others with a timed publicly accessible link. While the link is active, they will be able to either view the file on the web or download it for later viewing. You can also share your design documents using your iOS device.

  27. I can't view my presentation files in my browser. What is wrong?
  28. This problem can occur for a few reasons. Please refer to this article for troubleshooting:

  29. Sometimes I see download errors reported in the Desktop application status dialog. What is wrong?
  30. The desktop client will make an attempt to overwrite an existing file if the file residing on the cloud is a newer version than the file on your desktop computer. It will report a download error if it is unable to overwrite your existing file. You may have locked your file for editing by having it open on your computer or simply by highlighting it and previewing it in the preview pane of your file explorer. To resolve the download error, close the file, if it is open, or deselect the file, so that the preview pane doesn't lock it for editing anymore, or close the preview pane. When the file is no longer locked for editing, it will be downloaded automatically on the next auto sync.

  31. Are there any limits to Cloud storage?
  32. Each user is limited to 5 GB of total storage.

  33. What versions of Vectorworks files work with Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  34. All .vwx files work with Vectorworks Cloud Services. .mcd files are not supported.

  35. What security measures are in place for Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  36. User files are transferred over a secure HTTPS connection to and from the cloud.
    During transit and while at rest, the files are encrypted with AES-256, a U.S. government adopted security standard.
    We also use Amazon Web Services as our cloud infrastructure, which provides security, redundancy, and multiple data centers across the world. You can find more information about Amazon's security measures from the following articles:

  37. How can I delete my files on the cloud?
  38. Deletions can be made through both the iOS app and Vectorworks Cloud Services portal, but only PDFs will be deleted, not .vwx files. To also delete the .vwx file you will need to remove the .vwx file from your desktop synchronization folder.

  39. How can I file technical support issues and enhancement requests?
  40. If you are a customer in the United States, Australia, Canada Paxar Technologies & Resolve Software Solutions, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium (Dutch/Nederlands), Belgium (French/Français), France, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand please submit your request here: you are a customer outside the countries listed above, Vectorworks Cloud Services is not yet available to you. Please contact your distributor to request information about availability in your country:

  41. What does Vectorworks Cloud Services cost?
  42. Vectorworks Cloud Services is a part of the Vectorworks Service Select subscription offering in some countries. All benefits of Cloud Services are currently free for Vectorworks Service Select members. In the future, users will have the option to purchase additional 3D credits through the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal.

  43. If my firm has Vectorworks Service Select, do I automatically have access to Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  44. If you have an individual Vectorworks Service Select login, you will be able to access Vectorworks Cloud Services. Your login and password will be the same for both.

  45. Where can I find my login information?
  46. Your Vectorworks Cloud Services login and password are the same as your Vectorworks Service Select login and password.

  47. I forgot my password what do I do?
  48. Please go to, email our Service Select technical support team at and include your license number or Vectorworks Service Select contract ID number.

  49. What is a 3D credit?
  50. 3D credits allow for processing compute intensive tasks such as cloud rendering of viewports. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional 3D credits in the future.

  51. How long will it take for my files to compute?
  52. Compute time varies based on file size, number of sheets, number and type of viewports, and type of rendering of viewports.

  53. Where can I see how much storage or credits I have used?
  54. From the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app, storage and credits are displayed in the menu and in the settings dialog.

  55. What fonts are supported by Vectorworks Cloud Services?
  56. Fonts should be Windows True Type and Open Type. Please see the following Knowledgebase article for a list of fonts supported by Vectorworks Cloud Services: Macintosh fonts must be converted:

  57. What characters are allowed in file names?
  58. Vectorworks Cloud Services cannot currently process files with special characters in the file name. Valid file name characters for Apple Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows are letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, and the following:

     ` ^ @ { } [ ] , ; ' $ = ! - ( ) . + ~ _

  59. What if I want to use custom fonts?
  60. Custom fonts can be added to the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder on your computer. For additional information about fonts, please see this Knowledgebase article:

  61. Where can I find the Terms of Service?
  62. Please see the Terms of Service link on the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal: