Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Renderworks?

Renderworks is a rendering feature set included in all Vectorworks products, allowing you to create high-quality photorealistic and stylized non-photorealistic rendered models for stunning images and animations, directly in Vectorworks software. It is suitable for all design industries, no matter what kinds of projects you handle.


2. What is the advantage of using Renderworks features?

With Renderworks features, rendering your model is easy since you won’t waste time exporting and importing between Vectorworks and separate visualization programs. This is because the Renderworks functionality is completely integrated into Vectorworks software interface. It works seamlessly to allow you to visualize your work throughout the design process, producing clear, accurate renderings, and stunning presentations. Renderworks uses the same technology as Cinema 4D by MAXON Computer, and the results are breathtaking and easy to achieve.

Renderworks is known for helping professionals create beautiful designs with the look of hand drawings. Instead of a photorealistic representation of the model, you can choose from a number of artistic options to develop a multitude of manual effects.

Renderworks offers great flexibility for creating both hard- and soft-edged shadows, depending on your needs. Your rendering time is proportional to the quality level desired, as well as the quantity of light sources, level of model detail, and complexity of geometry, which require more rendering time.

Renderworks provides the ability to create videos of orbital, path, and solar animations. If needed, Renderworks also provides a high-fidelity integration with Cinema 4D to create more complex visualizations and more sophisticated multi-object animations.


3. What is Vectorworks Service Select?

Vectorworks Service Select is an annual subscription service that provides guaranteed best pricing for upgrades and added access to priority technical support and additional online learning resources, including an extensive, on-demand learning video library with tips, tricks, and tutorials. You’ll also receive discounts for one-on-one and group training to boost your productivity and expertise. In addition, you’ll have access to download even more high-quality, generic and manufacturer-specific product libraries, and high-quality textures, image fills, and shaders including Arroway Textures and landscape tile fills, to name a few. Last, but not least, you’ll get exclusive access to Vectorworks Cloud Services.


4. What is Vectorworks Cloud Services?

Vectorworks Cloud Services provides users with the ability to publish in multiple formats, as well as store and synchronize project files to a cloud account, allowing multi-point access and sharing. Vectorworks files with sheet layers will have PDFs automatically created when uploaded. With Nomad for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, you can access the resulting PDFs and mark them up with notes and basic drawing elements, sharing the results with external partners.


5. What can Renderworks offer to students and schools?

Students have free access to Vectorworks Designer software, which combines all the functionality of Vectorworks Landmark, Architect, Spotlight, and Renderworks into a single application. Many educational institutions throughout the world rely on Vectorworks software in their labs and classrooms as a powerful, flexible, and complete design tool. For more information about student and academic programs, please visit our Education webpage. Students may also visit our Student Portal to download the software and incorporate Vectorworks products into their design education journey.


6. What are the system recommendations for Vectorworks?

Vectorworks runs on Windows and Mac operating systems, and performs best with a dedicated graphics card. For the most up to date specifications, please visit our system requirements page