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Renderworks Software

We've partnered with the award-winning CINEMA 4D render engine to provide rendering capabilities that are faster and easier than standalone rendering applications. Renderworks is an add-on available with any Vectorworks product, allowing you to create high-quality, photorealistic and stylized, or non-photorealistic rendered models for stunning images and animations. It is suitable for all design industries, no matter what kinds of projects you design.


Rendering Built In To Vectorworks

Renderworks offers you a seamless method to add high-definition rendering that works right from within the familiar Vectorworks interface. Having the Renderworks module means that all your rendering happens in an easy to set up file that saves time because there is no repetitive transfer between your CAD and rendering applications. Since Renderworks works from inside Vectorworks, the initial learning curve is reduced, and you'll be more efficient as you modify the model and render without interruption.

CINEMA 4D Render Engine

For added power, Vectorworks software exports directly into the stand-alone version of the CINEMA 4D application through a simple “Send to Cinema4D” command. The Vectorworks file is imported into CINEMA 4D with the high-level organization of your project’s structure that works with all the additional features of CINEMA 4D. When you add the CINEMA 4D application, you'll experience the incomparable world of broadcast quality animation, as well as the available Sketch & Toon module.

Artistic Options

Aim for the ultimate in photorealism using predefined styles. Renderworks comes with hundreds of material textures, entourage images, image backgrounds, and HDRI scenes. This makes it easy to sweeten renderings with easy-to-use, realistic materials that give clients remarkable images to inform their understanding of your design intent. Plus, these styles are infinitely customizable, so you can make and repeat your special effects and environments from image to image and from project to project.

Better Communication

Clients and directors can buy into a project when they have a clear, non-technical image of the design concept. Make compelling collateral for the marketing and sales teams much earlier in the process. Whether you present a sketchy artistic rough, or a photo-realistic, high-resolution comp, use Renderworks to sell to stakeholders better. 

Flexible Representation

Vectorworks software's stock OpenGL rendering options offer highly optimized, full color, shaded images and animations in plan, 3D isometric, and full perspective. Now, add the delineation of materials to your presentation and show your customers their project in its surrounding environment, with expressive skies and unlimited lighting. You can also add shadows, 3D hatching, and atmospheric haze for dramatic effects.

Advanced Effects

Simplify your modeling when you use the power of Renderworks to adjust the model with realistic materials made with images of the actual project surfaces. In Renderworks, materials are enhanced with accurate reflectivity, transparency, and bumps, using advanced displacement mapping that even calculates the shadows of the surface roughness, which aren't in the model. Plus, dial-up a texture with powerful procedural shaders that don't need any external resources.