Vectorworks 2012 for Machine Design Customers

Nemetschek Vectorworks is pleased to provide its Machine Design customers with a special transition path to get Vectorworks 2012. Existing Machine Design users can now move to a Vectorworks Design Series product at special pricing. All Machine Design features, commands, and tools are now available in all Design Series products.

We recommend that Machine Design customers trade-up their software to Vectorworks Designer software. This transition path provides you with the most design functionality at the best price. Now with Vectorworks 2012, and for one more Vectorworks release (that is, the Retirement Program Term), you can get our comprehensive Vectorworks Designer software for the price of the Machine Design 2010 upgrade. And when you trade-up to Designer, you'll also have the added bonus of getting your subsequent Designer program upgrades during the Retirement Program Term for the Machine Design 2010 upgrade price.

We also offer a second transition path—mostly for industry-specific designers more focused in the fields of architecture, landscape, and entertainment design. During the Retirement Program Term, you can opt one-time to side-grade your Machine Design program to Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, or Spotlight software and take advantage of special pricing. The price to side-grade to one of these Design Series products is the Machine Design 2010 upgrade price.

Not sure if you want to use Vectorworks Designer software or an industry-specific Design Series product? Since Vectorworks Designer software contains the full functionality of all Design Series products, and you through the Vectorworks 2013 release to decide which product is best for you, our recommendation is that you start with the Vectorworks Designer. software We expect that you will enjoy the functionality provided in the software. And, you always have the one-time option to move to another Design Series product within the Retirement Program Term, if you feel it is the better solution for you.

Ready to make the move to Vectorworks 2012?
Our global team of Vectorworks professionals is available to make the transition easy for you. 

U.S. Customers
Contact our U.S. Sales Team at 1-888-646-4223.

International Customers
Contact your local Vectorworks distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Machine Design 2010 and Previous Versions
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