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Making GIS Easy


The secret's out: There's more to Vectorworks Landmark than just CAD with great graphics. It has GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities that other applications simply don't have. If you find yourself having to collaborate with GIS workflows, you'll find that integrating GIS with CAD is easier with Vectorworks Landmark.

Say goodbye to the days of manually recreating drawings from existing maps and plans. Vectorworks Landmark is a user-friendly, site-specific design program that also integrates GIS data seamlessly, where there is no need to convert GIS files before importing. With a flexible interface, you can utilize the imported GIS shapes and data to create quick and informative design documents with robust graphics and annotations, model and analyze data quickly and efficiently, and produce compelling presentation plans and models.


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Video Presentation

Integrating GIS files with CAD in Vectorworks Landmark

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Processing Geographic Data with Vectorworks Landmark

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