Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual, Fourth Edition

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Written by experienced Vectorworks trainer and author Jonathan Pickup, the Vectorworks Landmark Tutorial Manual provides explanations of Vectorworks Landmark concepts and techniques for users of all levels. The topics discussed apply to both residential and commercial projects. The manual uses a series of exercises to reinforce the features and workflow capabilities of Vectorworks Landmark software, starting with a very simple exercise on landscape budgeting. Content and exercises build in complexity, and by the end of the manual the user will be able to use the plant database, create custom plants, edit the plant graphics, import drawings from consultants, create planting plans, and send the drawings back to a consultant.

Recommendations & Tips:

  • This tutorial is most effective if used in conjunction with Vectorworks Landmark 2013 software.
  • This manual builds on the Essentials Tutorial Manual, which takes you through the basic concepts of Vectorworks, such as 2D drafting, simple 3D modeling, and file organization. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, begin with the Essentials manual.
  • Measurements for the exercises are shown in both metric and imperial units.
  • This hard-copy workbook comes with a companion CD that contains exercise files, and the entire manual as a PDF file.
  • View the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader X or higher.
  • The PDF contains embedded tutorial movies that demonstrate the steps of each exercise.

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