3D Modeling with Vectorworks, Sixth Edition

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3D Modeling with Vectorworks provides a hands-on training experience designed to help users create free-form 3D models quickly and effectively. Author and expert Vectorworks trainer Jonathan Pickup has updated the manual with examples, videos, and how-to's that show how Vectorworks 2014 software's library of tools can help you place extrudes and primitive shapes onto a working plane, creating curved, more advanced 3D forms that maximize your drawing potential. Pickup's guide is essential to readers looking to build a foundation of skills in the field of 3D modeling with Vectorworks.

Recommendations and Tips:

  • This manual is designed for use with Vectorworks 2014 products.
  • Exercise measurements are shown in both metric and imperial units.
  • A companion DVD contains links to instructional videos (use with Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • Make sure to read the text, watch the video, and try the tutorial to fully learn each lesson.

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