eDispatch Feb 2009, Vol 83

Our R&D department is always hard at work making improvements to Vectorworks. As you probably know, user feedback determines many of the features we implement in our next release. From our tech support team, our community board, trade shows, firm visits and, of late, from the many Web 2.0 conversations online, we hear what our users need and want. Yet, for as much as we listen, we still needed a highly detailed way of capturing and tracking information, particularly errors.

To solve this, Vectorworks has been shipping with an automatic error-reporting feature; you can find it on the Session pane of the Preferences dialog by clicking on "Error Reporting." To ensure your highest level of privacy, the default is set to "Send nothing." But, if you're keen to help us improve our product, we need you to take action that will give us more specific data. By selecting, "Send crash details," our team of programmers here gets notified automatically of any crashes and where in Vectorworks they occurred. If you'd like to help R&D improve Vectorworks even more, please elect to send us "usage patterns" also; this helps us see what events led up to a particular crash. To allay any privacy concerns you may have, we never see the data in your drawings. In addition, the information we collect is very tight and has no impact on your software operations, though it has the potential to have a lot of impact on our development.

Thank you for your help. Please keep your suggestions flowing, and better yet, change your error reporting settings to give us the best information that our R&D team can use to improve future releases.

P.S. We just got word that a long-in-the-making deal with Dell is sealed. We are now offering an all-in-one CAD solution: a high-speed Dell® T3400 that has been pre-configured with our software. So, if you're in the U.S. and want to make the switch to Vectorworks 2009, now is a great time to save a bundle... on a bundle. Contact our sales team at
888-646-4223 to find out more.*

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Tolu Fapohunda



New York Times’ article "Praise the Lord and Green the Roof" highlights Vectorworks firm BKSK Architects' green building project: Of the 14 firms that the sisters had invited to submit proposals, BKSK ultimately wooed them with a plan that features rooftop gardens, water heated by solar power, rainwater collection, natural light and ventilation and the use of environmentally sensitive materials throughout.
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Nemetschekian Kevin Linzey will be speaking to students at SETC (Southeastern Theater Conference) in Birmingham, AL.
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Oprah Winfrey attends ceremony to honor the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Peace Garden designed by Vectorworks Landmark firm Slater Associates Inc.
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Japanese architect Kenji Ikemoto uses Vectorworks to design an online virtual world for the Sony PlayStation 3: Ikemoto, the founder of Jota Associates, had worked on residential and commercial buildings around Tokyo, but had no experience in video games and no clue why Sony would want to hire a real-world architect for such a project.
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Extracting NURBS Surfaces: In this Video Tech Tip we demonstrate how to apply multiple textures to the face of a 3D object.

Controlling Components in Wall Openings: In this Video Tech Tip we demonstrate how to control component details in wall openings.


U.S. Students-Design your future with Vectorworks 2009
Don't get caught up in the winter doldrums... take time to design your future with Vectorworks. We've just introduced our free Vectorworks 2009 Student Edition, and now is the perfect time for you to experiment with all of the new functionality packed inside.

Our 2009 Student Edition is available in the United States and comes fully loaded, not only with the basic design tools, but also with the power to take your 2D and 3D designs to new heights-whatever it takes to realize your vision. Check out our student website and request your free download or DVD.


Trade Shows
Feb 27-28: Labash 2009, University Park, PA
Mar 05- 07: SETC, Birmingham, AL
Mar 10-12: FOSE 2009, Washington, DC
Mar 19-21: USITT 2009, Cincinnati, OH, (Booth #365)
Mar 27: PLANET Student Career Days, Pomona, CA
Apr 01-02: Residential Design & Construction Show, Boston, MA (Booth #715)
Apr 17: NCASLA 2009 Spring Conference, Ashville, NC

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Feb 23-24: Advanced Classroom Training, Columbia, MD
Mar 09-10: Beginning Classroom Training, Columbia, MD
Mar 11-12: Intermediate Classroom Training, Columbia, MD
Mar 23-24: Beginning Classroom Training, Columbia, MD
Mar 25-26: Intermediate Classroom Training, Columbia, MD

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User Group Meetings and Events
Feb 23: South Bay Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 24: New York Vectorworks User Group Meeting, New York, NY
Feb 24: Austin Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Austin, TX
Feb 24: Bellingham Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Bellingham, WA
Feb 25: Connecticut Vectorworks User Group Meeting, New Haven, CT
Feb 25: Tucson Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Tucson, AZ
Mar 25: Chicago Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Chicago, IL

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Vectorworks Job Board
Check out our job board to find out about jobs wanted and offered by Vectorworks users around the world. You can even post your own listing--whether you're looking for a new job, or a new employee. Find out more here.


Intervale GreenAJPC: Vectorworks user Peter Joselow designed the heating, ventilation, plumbing, fire sprinkler and standpipe systems, fire alarm and electrical lighting and power systems for Intervale Green, the largest affordable Energy Star-certified high-rise building in the country. This project was spearheaded by the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDCo) and recently featured in TIME magazine. "I can accomplish all of my work with Vectorworks," says Peter Joselow. "From project inception to interference checking, constant discipline revisions and coordination. Vectorworks gives me a cost effective 2D and 3D set of tools to accomplish accurate and professional quality at mind boggling speeds."

Read more about WHEDCo's Intervale Green featured in TIME magazine.

Check out Peter's design firm.



Camera Match 2009 by PanzerCAD: PanzerCAD has released Camera Match 2009 as a Vectorworks 2009 plug-in. This unique technology allows you to quickly and accurately align a 3D view to an existing photograph. Camera Match quickly finds the view by placing control lines on a photograph and clicking a button. If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match's extensive tuning controls easily get the job done. Also, the new masking tool makes most masking jobs a snap! Read More.

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