eDispatch Jan 2009, Vol 82

The start of a new year is always a good time to stop and take stock of where you've been and where you're going. From a corporate standpoint, it seems especially important in light of the crisis that has hit much of the financial sector and is trickling down to many other industries. While I can't predict the future, I can tell you that the strategic team at NNA is getting ready for whatever may come this year.

I understand that many of you are suffering from the down market, particularly those of you in capital-intensive industries. Some of you have called to let us know of downsizing, and our thoughts are with you and your co-workers as you respond to the shifting conditions. I do believe there is a bright side to the changes, and it’s this: People are going to have to work to make the most of their resources and they’re going to have to trim costs. To do more with less, we need better design in virtually every industry. Whether its to conserve energy, materials or labor, design will drive the next few years. Instead of just throwing money at the problem, as is common during a boom market, I think more and more businesses and individuals will stop to ask for help on how to make the most of their investment. This will drive the design industries as people realize that building the biggest or the fastest is not the same as designing the best. I see incredible talent whenever I meet you and your fellow colleagues, and I know the world will benefit from your skills, particularly now that capital resources are as limited as our natural resources.

I also know many of you are concerned about our financial health since you rely on us as a tool. NNA remains strong as a company and Vectorworks was even able to show gains overall in the market last year, for another record performance. We've managed to retain our lean, small company style despite being part of a large, global CAD company. With our value positioning and strong 2009 version at the end of last year, we've been able to continue uninterrupted on our work to improve the product over the coming year. So while everyone in their respective industries works to respond to the changing economic conditions, know that we've got a lean company and quite a few things in the pipeline to make your favorite design tool even better.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Nemetschek North America Releases Spanish-language Vectorworks 2009.
The Spanish-language version will also be available internationally in early 2009. Read more

Vectorworks Spotlight firm Gearhouse South Africa supplied full technical production, design, crew and equipment – including lighting, visuals, video, audio, set, staging and power - to the official City of Johannesburg’s New Year’s Eve 2008-09 celebrations.
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Creating Gradients: Enhance your presentations using custom gradient fills.

Worksheet FAQs: In this Video Tech Tip we will cover most of the frequent questions regarding worksheets.


AIAS Forum 2008
It certainly may not be how most people would spend their New Years holiday time. But for 600+ architecture students and emerging young leaders from throughout the world, traveling to Denver, Colo., for the AIAS Forum 2008 was a high point of the year. Nemetschek N.A., a proud sponsor of this group, was there, too.

On everyone’s mind and the core topic of conversation was the role of energy in sustainable design: particularly, how design can address not just issues related to sustainability and "green" design, but also the "energy" of great architecture.

In an eye-opening demonstration of Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks, many students were surprised to discover that they could accomplish with one program what often took them two or three applications. All the attendees received a bag of goodies, including a DVD of our Student Edition of Vectorworks Designer, so we’re hoping they’ll bring their enthusiasm and interest back to their schools.

If you’re a student or teacher and weren’t able to make it to Denver last month, you can still request a free student license. Make sure you also check out our free tutorials.


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Feb 07: Stage Lighting Super Saturday 2009, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 27-28: Labash 2009, University Park, PA
Mar 05- 07: SETC, Birmingham, AL
Mar 10-12: FOSE 2009, Washington, DC
Mar 19-21: USITT 2009, Booth #365, Cincinnati, OH

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Jan 22: Seattle Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Seattle, WA
Jan 22: Charlotte Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Charlotte, NC
Jan 22: Steps to Quick, Presentable, 2D/3D Landscape Plans, Arlington, VA
Jan 27: Austin Vectorworks User Group Meeting, Austin, TX
Jan 29: New York Vectorworks User Group Meeting, New York, NY

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Messane Ororke Case StudyMessana O’Rorke Architects
Vectorworks Architect helps Messana
O’Rorke Architects bring a house with
a history into the present vernacular,
while respecting its 18th-century roots. “There’s nothing in this house
that Vectorworks hasn’t designed, including the house’s interiors,
custom cabinets, and landscaping,” says Messana. Read more.





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