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Getting insider-only access to customer projects is a part of my job that I enjoy most. This may be building tours, backstage passes to theatre productions, walks in private gardens or other things limited to the public. Recently, we sponsored the Baltimore American Institute of Architect's (AIA) spring lecture series, where I had the opportunity to meet one of my architectural heroes- Daniel Libeskind, whose career we have followed closely here at NNA. As an early adopter of VectorWorks, Studio Daniel Libeskind has grown to become a premier designer of the world's best new public spaces. Libeskind's first commission as an architect, The Jewish Museum in Berlin, was recently featured in Nemetschek AG's annual report, and I was honored to present him a striking photograph of this project. ** Daniel Libeskind's life story is fascinating and as a brilliant speaker, he delivers an entertaining 90 minutes if you get the chance to see him live.

Speaking of the AIA, the national conference takes place this month in Boston and is probably one of the most important shows of the year for the architectural community. As usual, we'll be there in full force to talk about VectorWorks Architect and to rub elbows with the luminaries of the industry. This year we'll be highlighting a number of interesting BIM initiatives we've been developing. Come see Nathan Kipnis and Dan Contreras discuss how they are using VectorWorks in Green Design. If you've seen our press releases about BIMStorm, you'll be happy to know that Kimon Onuma, the organizer, will be showing the Onuma Planning System which was used to coordinate multiple design teams. As I've mentioned previously, VectorWorks leads the market in Japan, and we've imported one of their teams to demonstrate ThermoRender. This is a VectorWorks-based application that models the heat island effect of buildings in urban environments, something that may soon be regulated in Japan's dense urban structure. Finally, join us on Friday (May 16) at our booth from 4-5pm for a hot, hip "Java Jam" – guaranteed to give you the jolt you need for a night on the town or a trip home!

** Interesting Fact: The photo was taken by a photographer who camped out on a balcony across the street for three days to discover the optimal time to beautifully capture this stunning museum.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Nemetschek North America Introduces Cutting-Edge ThermoRender at AIA National: In keeping with its commitment to the development of new technology, Nemetschek North America is proud to introduce ThermoRender at the AIA National convention in Boston from May 15-May 17. ThermoRender—developed by A&A Co., LTD., NNA's distributor in Japan—is a VectorWorks-based application that is a unique simulation and analysis tool for the thermal environment. Read More»

VectorWorks Spotlight 2008 highlighted in Lighting&Sound America: VectorWorks Spotlight 2008 is a must-have upgrade or a useful addition to your design/tech toolbox. The combination of new features and feature updates will benefit all, from professional designers to students just entering the field.
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