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It seems as though you are as excited about VectorWorks 10 as we are!
Initial indications point to the fact that this may be one of the, if not the, most successful releases. For anyone that is still on the fence, there are many opportunities for you to take a look at VW 10. We will be showing it off at various upcoming tradeshows and invite you to come and check it out! We have free show passes to the LDI Show in Las Vegas later this month and the Build Boston Show next month. Just drop us an email (sales@nemetschek.net) with a request for passes, and we'll send them right out to you! But if you can't make it to one of the upcoming Trade Shows, our local user group leaders will be hosting meetings to demonstrate 10. It doesn't matter if you are not a member; just stop by and see what all the excitement is about. The list of upcoming meetings is provided below, and it is also on our website under events, http://www.nemetschek.net/news/events.php


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
Nemetschek North America

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Virtualized reality model trains emergency service personnel

By Jerry Fireman

A group of Canadian high school students in Ottawa, ON are literally making fantasy a reality through their work in an ambitious government-sponsored training project to model various aspects of their community using emerging virtual-reality technology.

The ultimate goal of the project - launched by the Institute for Information Technology (IIT) at the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario - is to establish a national knowledge-based center for virtualized reality that will support ongoing research of this technology and serve as a demonstration and application site. How is it that a group of students in their late teens can so quickly grasp such cutting-edge technology? According to project administrator and IIT Virtual Environment Designer, Paul Amirault, the key to their success is VectorWorks, which enabled the students to become productive in as little as two weeks. "Everyone involved in the program was surprised at how quickly the students reached full productivity," Amirault said.

The high schoolers have created an unusually realistic virtualized reality model of a 3-story, 500-foot-long building that could serve as a training platform for emergency service personnel. Using the model, firefighters can wear special goggles that give them the perception of walking through the building while it is on fire. They would then be able to spray virtual water onto the fire with instrumented virtual hoses and see the fire go out in that area. Daniel Gauthier, teacher of two of the students, said that the model was constructed over an eighteen-week period and would have cost approximately $100,000 if performed by a commercial design firm.

Exactly what is the benefit of virtualized reality? Virtual reality immerses viewers in virtual worlds, while their bodies remain in the real world. Typically, these virtual worlds look artificial and do not correspond to the real world, so viewers have the impression they are visiting a make-believe environment. Virtualized reality goes one step beyond virtual reality by creating photorealistic models of the real world so that the viewer's experience is very close to that provided by the real world. Virtualized reality also allows people to visit and interact with alternate views of reality, such as a real building that has been turned into a raging inferno by clever modeling techniques.

"Although this was my very first experience with CAD," said Brad Collar, one of the students of the class, "it only took about three weeks to become productive in 3D. Once I had completed a room, I added a few light sources and used the VectorWorks rendering tool to show me how it looked as a virtual object. At this point I could make corrections or add more details. As the process continued, each room began to assume a highly-realistic appearance."

Amirault was very impressed with the results. "After teaching the students remotely for about a month, I could see that they were fully capable of working on their own. In about seventeen weeks they came back to me with the completed model. NRC's M-50 is a huge building with nearly 300 rooms. The fact that the students were able to model it in the course of one term was impressive in itself. The accuracy and high level of detail that they included the model is truly amazing. This project had previously been on the back burner because of the cost that we had thought would be required to produce a realistic model. The work that the students did comes very close to what I would expect from an experienced professional design team."

Is there an easy way to apply textures to 3D objects?

The Version 10 Resource Browser makes is easy to quickly apply textures to 3D objects. Now you can select and apply textures directly from the Resource Browser, rather than having to select textures via the resource palette and then apply them with the Object Info palette. In the Version 10 Resource Browser, you can simply right-click (Control-click for Mac) on a texture and select Apply to apply it to selected objects in the drawing.

Are there any new options for exporting files?

Version 10 supports a new .stl or Stereo Lithography file export. The Export Stereo Lithography command exports all visible 3D surfaces and solid objects in the current layer into a Stereo Lithography formatted file. STL files can be read by many rapid prototyping machines and can be imported into other CAD/CAM and analysis packages.

To export a 3D drawing as a Stereo Lithography file, select File > Export > Export Stereo Lithography command. A dialog box opens for specifying export options. Once the correct criteria are defined, click OK. Then simply choose where you want the file to be saved and click the Save button.

Is it possible to export a section of my drawing, instead of the entire file?

The new Marquee option in the Export Image File dialog box allows version 10 users to export only a selected portion of a drawing as defined by a marquee. To do this, select File > Export > Export Image file. Select the export option and click the Draw Marquee button. The dialog box closes and a bulls-eye cursor displays in the drawing file. Simply click where you want your marquee to begin, and then drag the mouse in a diagonal direction to define the area you want to export. When you release the mouse, the Export Image File dialog box redisplays so that you can finish selecting the export image options.


Nemetschek North America Introduces New Distribution Partner in Canada

In an effort to further build the Canadian market, Nemetschek North America has signed a new distribution partnership agreement with In Medias Res, a computer consulting company. Although this is a new distribution partnership, In Medias Res already partners with Nemetschek North America to offer the Professional Learning Series, the hands-on training for VectorWorks, as well as developing the VectorWorks and Industry Series training CDs.

VectorWorks 10 Viewer Now Available

The Viewer is a FREE value-added benefit to VectorWorks 10 and VectorWorks Industry Series users. The Viewer enables those who do not own the program to view and print projects created in VectorWorks 10, ARCHITECT 10, SPOTLIGHT 10 or LANDMARK 10. And, it allows on-line collaboration between designers and clients during the creative process. Please note that the v10 Viewer does not replace the v9 Viewer. For more information, and to download the v10 Viewer, please click here.


Los Angeles/Southern California User Group
Next Meeting: October 24th at Loyola Marymount University, Hilton Business Center, Room 304 from 7-9 PM.

From the User Group Head:
The group normally meets the second Monday of the month at Loyola Marymount University from 7-9 PM. There is no charge to be on the mailing list for monthly meeting announcements and no charge for attending the meetings.

We are a broad-based group of architects, designers, contractors, cabinet makers and engineers. The goal of the group is to support the use of all flavors (Architect, Landmark, Mechanical, Spotlight, VW) of VectorWorks. A large portion of each meeting is dedicated to questions and answers. We also try to schedule some type of a presentation on a topic of general interest for each meeting.

For further information, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact:
Pat Stanford
562-490-4649 x 2035

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Oct 18 - 20

Las Vegas, NV


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Build Boston

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JLC Live '02

Dec 6 - 7

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

Oct 10 - 11

Columbia, MD

VectorWorks Fundamentals

Oct 21 - 22

Chicago, IL

VectorWorks Hands-on 3D

Oct 23

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

Nov 6 -7

New York City, NY

VectorWorks Hands-on 3D

Nov 8

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

Nov 13 - 14

Columbia, MD

VectorWorks Hands-on 3D

Nov 15

Columbia, MD

VectorWorks Fundamentals

Nov 20 - 21

Los Angeles, CA

VectorWorks Hands-on 3D

Nov 22

Los Angeles, CA

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. Architects can earn 16 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Fundamentals course, and 8 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Hands-on 3D course. For additional information, contact marketing@nemetschek.net

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