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For Macintosh users out there, the year of the Leopard has arrived. Macintosh 10.5 has a bigger effect on existing applications than Apple’s recent releases, but we’ve worked hard to ensure its compatibility with VectorWorks. For VectorWorks 2008 users, the service pack released last month fixes all of our known issues with the final release of Leopard. For VectorWorks 12.x customers, we have released VectorWorks version 12.5.3 to address Leopard issues (among a few others). We can’t always go back and fix problems in older versions with new operating systems, but the timing of VectorWorks 2008 and Leopard made this a fix we wanted to support.

As we release these patches for the new operating systems, I often get the question, “Why don’t you fix these when you get the beta versions from Microsoft and Apple?” The answer is that we do, but Microsoft and Apple also make corrections up until the final builds they put onto their release DVDs. We wait until we get the final builds from them—which is often just days before the public release—to make sure we have everything fixed. This keeps us and you from having to deal with multiple patches to VectorWorks. And, hopefully, with Vista still rolling out and Leopard just released, the OS turmoil is over for a little while.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Nemetschek North America Releases VectorWorks 12.5.3 Update: The 12.5.3 update resolves a small number of problems of broad interest to VectorWorks 12.x users. This update also provides the first release version of VectorWorks IFC functionality for VectorWorks Architect. This IFC export and import capability has passed level 1 certification from the International Association for Interoperability, the governing body for the IFC file format, and has undergone a host of bug fixes and improvements since that certification.

VectorWorks 12.5.3 includes the following:

  • A handful of fixes to serious functionality problems seen when using VectorWorks 12.x with Apple’s Leopard operating system. This includes problems with patterns, printing, and a crash in some common dialog boxes.
  • A fix for a rare case on the Mac where a multi-step sequence of minimizing and expanding VectorWorks documents could ultimately result in the disk file becoming corrupt and losing user data.
  • Removes the 4 GB RAM limitation under some configurations of Windows.
  • The final VectorWorks Architect IFC import/export and space object functionality previously released in beta form for VectorWorks 12.5 users.

These downloads will update all English-language VectorWorks 12.x products—including VectorWorks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and RenderWorks—to version 12.5.3. For more information contact Nemetschek North America at (410) 290-5114 or go to www.nemetschek.net/downloads

Technology Update: VectorWorks 2008 Help System Update (for Macintosh): Nemetschek North America has released a download to update English-language Help files for VectorWorks 2008 products (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and RenderWorks). This update addresses the issue of a blank page in Safari 2.x.x. for some VectorWorks users on Mac operating systems.

Please visit the KnowledgeBase for more information on this update and directions on how to download it. Read Technical Bulletin

“…With VectorWorks 2008, you can’t go wrong.” – macCompanion: The Macintosh Professional Network’s e-zine, macCompanion, had great things to say about the VectorWorks 2008 product line. Publisher Robert Pritchett reviewed our comprehensive package, VectorWorks Designer 2008, and issued the above quote. Among the features he loved are the two-way worksheets, the symbols library, and the compatibility with other software. His conclusion: “Nemetschek has a package that is near perfect …that plays nice with others in 2D, 3D or a combination thereof. VectorWorks is the epitome of ‘enabling’ technology’.”

For the complete review from macCompanion, click here or go to www.maccompanion.com

VectorWorks Architect Chosen #1: Readers of Architect magazine voted to honor VectorWorks Architect as the #1 Software in the magazine’s 6th annual ACE Awards. The Architect’s Choice for Excellence (ACE) Awards Program is known throughout the industry for recognizing companies that offer superior product durability, timely customer service, great value, and advanced designs. The award winners are chosen by architects and featured in the December issue of Architect magazine. Given the wide variety of excellent firms serving the architectural and design community and the number of new companies and products that regularly enter the field, to be chosen to receive an ACE award is a singular honor indeed—a distinction that demonstrates the company is highly regarded for its commitment to innovation, durability, high-quality and superior customer service.

Look for VectorWorks' two-page spread in the December issue of Architect magazine.


Exporting to DXF/DWG: Learn the new changes to the DXF/DWG translation procedure in VectorWorks 2008.WATCH

Changing the Stair Direction: This 101 Video Tech Tip demonstrates two different ways to change the stair direction. WATCH

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