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We’re a month into the release of VectorWorks 2008 and working hard to get it into as many customers’ hands as possible. The initial feedback from English-language customers has been fantastic, and we’re working on releases for the rest of you. Last week we released Service Pack 1 for 2008. The primary goal of this service pack is to provide a foundation for the translated versions of VectorWorks that are now being rolled-out around the world. In addition, it lets us take the feedback we’ve received from early adopters of the technology and address it with product fixes.  Keep sending us feedback so that we can add your ideas to future improvements that are in development.

Speaking of feedback, we have received very positive comments from those of you who have attended our VectorFest events in the USA and the launch events in the UK. We value your input and put it to use—as you can see with the upgrades found in VectorWorks 2008. Keep an eye on the events page at www.nemetschek.net/news/events.php to see when VectorWorks 2008 will be rolling out in your area. If you’re in the USA, VectorFest continues for the rest of the month. I hope you are able to attend one of these training events for the fastest way to learn the new version—and for the chance to network with other professionals and our staff.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

VectorFest 2007, Columbia, Maryland

Nemetschek North America Employees, attendees of the first VectorFest 2007 Tour Event

VectorWorks 2008: Live Training Tour


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Lyndsey Ferguson



New Online Training Resources: We continue to add resources to our web site in support of VectorWorks 2008. In addition to the existing library of movies that are currently on the site, there are six new movies demonstrating the functionality of VectorWorks 2008. The six are:

  • Standalone Plant Database
  • Viewport Layer Overrides
  • Improved 2D Reshape Tool
  • New View Bar
  • Heads-up Display
  • Design Layer Viewports

To access these and dozens of other informative training movies, go to

Fire Research: As we continue to expand and improve our product line and its capabilities, we look to our users for feedback. We have an opportunity to explore fire research and simulation via the Building and Fire Research Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST has developed a program that will simulate fire and smoke moving through a building or space, as well as for exterior spaces, like forests. You can check out this Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software at http://fire.nist.gov/fds, and there is a FREE download of this software on this site. For examples, check out http://fire.nist.gov/fds/examples.html

Also, please take a minute to fill out a short survey so that we can better serve your needs.

Service Pack 1 is Now Available: We're pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for VectorWorks 2008. This update takes advantage of developments we recently put in place to provide maintenance releases to our user base in an efficient, uncomplicated, and timely manner.

“We know how important it is for our users to trust that their productivity is an important priority for Nemetschek,” says Paul Pharr, Chief Technology Officer, “especially during times of transition to major new software releases.” READ MORE


International Landscape Design Award Honors VectorWorks User: Using VectorWorks Landmark, Jane Sarah Bihr-de Salis, a landscape architect from Kallern, Switzerland, was recently awarded first prize in the international competition best private plots 07 – Die besten Gärten 2007. The award honors achievements in the design of private outdoor space and gardens. READ MORE


Object Opacity: Watch a demonstration of the new individual object, class, and layer transparency settings in VectorWorks 2008.WATCH

Walls: This tutorial demonstrates the new capabilities of walls while drawing in 3D, and also the use of classable wall components. WATCH

Scale by Distance: This tutorial provides a walkthrough of how to scale an object symmetrically by a distance to integrate real-world drawings to digital 2D images in VectorWorks 2008. WATCH


Oct 19: San Francisco, CA
Oct 22: Chicago, IL

All VectorFest Events

Trade Shows
Oct 19-20: TSA Convention & Expo, Austin, TX (Booth #503)
Oct 25-27: GIE, Louisville, KY (Booth #6001)
Nov 1-2: JLC Live Pacific NW, Seattle, WA (Booth #426)
Nov 13-15: Build Boston, Boston, MA (Booth #408)
Nov 16-18: LDI, Orlando, FL (Booth #1457)

All Trade Shows

Oct 31 - Nov 2: Intro to VectorWorks & VectorWorks Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Nov 12 - 14: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Chicago, IL
Nov 28 - 30: Intro to VectorWorks and Landmark Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Nov 28 - 30: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, NY, NY
Nov 28 - 30: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, San Francisco, CA

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User Group Meetings
Oct 30: NYC VectorWorks User Group Meeting

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PWP Landscape Architecture PWP Landscape Architecture: Internationally-acclaimed landscape architecture firm PWP Landscape Architecture (PWP) has a reputation for challenging the traditional concepts of design in its work. And, when it comes to designing its signature landscapes, the firm finds using AutoCAD to be a challenge. So, for schematic and detailed design, the firm uses VectorWorks Landmark. From urban planning and design to private and public gardens to corporate and campus master plans, PWP creates it all in VectorWorks Landmark. Read the full story in "PWP Landscape Architecture Puts VectorWorks Landmark in its Master Plan."


ESP Vision is the most technologically advanced lighting simulation package on the market. ESP Vision 2.0 provides many of the features the lighting community has been demanding. In addition to the real-time shadows, color blending, and movement of the product, ESP Vision 2.0 adds additional tools to allow the user more flexibility within ESP Vision. Additional tools such as the Materials Manager, Scene Graph Editor, and Patch Editor make using ESP Vision 2.0 simple and complete. The partnership between Nemetschek North America and ESP Vision provides a complete design, visualization, and simulation solution to lighting designers worldwide. READ MORE

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