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I attended the first meeting of the buildingSMART alliance in Washington, DC. This is a US-focused alliance of people from all aspects of the building industry, including architects, engineers, construction companies, government agencies, owners, and technology vendors such as Nemetschek. In many ways, it is a resurrection of the IAI-North America under the leadership of the National Institute for Building Sciences. For those of you working in the United States building industry, this is the new umbrella organization that hopes to set standards for Building Information Modeling.

There have been many such organizations over the past decade, each one trying to introduce technology solutions for its small slice of the market, but most with little effect on the greater building industry. I think what has happened over the past two years, however, is that there has been a rapid convergence of these groups with some common goals. Most of these goals center around how to communicate building information more efficiently and completely between interested parties.

At long last, there's recognition that this is much more than just data schema like the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), but it will require all members of the building process to agree on what information is important and how to organize that information. There's clearly a long way to go, but I'm happy to see the US organizing itself comprehensively to get the right people talking. Nemetschek will play an active role supporting the buildingSMART alliance and integrating its standards into VectorWorks products. In addition, we can help bring our know-how of how problems are solved in other parts of the world to make sure we concentrate on new solutions rather than reinventing the wheel.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Darick DeHart

Introducing Darick DeHart, a Features Manager at Nemetschek. He has spent over 11 years developing software for NNA and is currently the design lead for VectorWorks Landmark. He is also active in the design and implementation of symbols, walls, and other Architect features. Darick grew up not far from Nemetschek's offices, and is blessed with three lovely daughters who, fortunately for them, take after their mother.

If I could be someone famous for a day, I would be...
Roger Federer. Any sports star would do, but I love playing tennis so why not start at the top.

My biggest guilty pleasure is...
At the end of the day I definitely need a little Tivo-time to unwind, and I don't feel at all guilty about it, honest.

If I were a cartoon character, I would be...
Speed Racer, my friends gave me that nickname in college and they used to call my wife (then girlfriend) Trixie.

The thing most people don't know about me is....
I'm terrible at yard work; I can't imagine what my neighbors are thinking when I tell them I'm one of the chief developers for a landscape design package.

When I was young I...
Worked for a construction company that built concrete foundations. I learned lots of great phrases like: 'throw the rest away.' – as in - halfway through lunch the foreman would come out and say 'lunch is over now, throw the rest away.'

If I won a million dollars, I would....
Spend as much as I could in three days, throw the rest away, and return to my normal life. (This is probably the exact opposite of what I would actually do.)

My greatest fear is....
Sean will find out how much time I spent working on this questionnaire.


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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Importing DWGs: Learn the basic steps and methods of importing, working with, and correctly formatting DWGs. This overview covers common issues most users come across when dealing with DWG/DXF files. WATCH

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VectorWorks User Wins Belluno Church Bell Tower Design Competition : Helm & Melacini Architects has won a competition to design a bell tower for San Giovanni Bosco (1815-1888) Church in Belluno, Italy. The bell tower for San Giovanni Bosco will be the first one to be built in the area in several years. What was once an architectural essential component of churches, civil buildings, and educational institutions has become virtually obsolete in modern society. Helm & Melacini Architects, which has offices in San Diego and Belluno, Italy, used VectorWorks Architect to design and present the competition's winning entry. READ MORE

VectorWorks Donated to KLC School of Design Student Design Contest Winner: Nemetschek North America and its UK distributor Computers Unlimited have donated copies of VectorWorks Designer and RenderWorks to this year's winner of the KLC School of Design's annual Student Design Contest, James Waterworth. READ MORE

Dirtworks, PC, Wins SCUP/AIA CAE 2007 Excellence in Landscape Architecture Honor Award: Dirtworks, PC was awarded the 2007 Honor Award for Excellence in Landscape Architecture from the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and the AIA-Committee on Architecture for Education for the Courtyard and Outdoor Learning Environment for Natural Sciences at Keene State College. READ MORE

Learn more about how the firm uses VectorWorks on this project in the case study, “Dirtworks, PC, Designs a Living Classroom with the Help of VectorWorks Landmark.”

Melville Thomas Architects Wins 2007 Historic Preservation Project Award: Melville Thomas Architects, Inc., is the proud recipient of a 2007 Historic Preservation Project Award presented by Baltimore Heritage for its work on the College of Notre Dame's Gibbons Tower.


Nemetschek North America Announces Exhibit Showcasing Winners of Storefront/Control Group Student Design Awards 2007: Nemetschek North America congratulates the winners of the Storefront/Control Group Student Design Awards 2007 and announces the opening on August 2 of a month-long exhibit showcasing the contest's best projects at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City. READ MORE

VectorWorks Product Line Updated to Version 12.5.2: Nemetschek North America announced today the release of VectorWorks version 12.5.2, a maintenance update. VectorWorks 12.5.2 builds upon the improvements released in version 12.5.1. Of particular note, the update fixes a problem some Macintosh users encountered when saving a file while other open files are minimized or docked. VectorWorks 12.5.2 also resolves cosmetic interface issues with Microsoft's Vista operating system. In addition, many users will see improvements to file size and PDF export capabilities. READ MORE

Summer VectorWorks Training Update: Introduction to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals will be offered July 25-27 in Boston, August 1-3 in San Francisco, and August 22-24 in New York. VectorWorks Architect training is coming to Columbia August 15-17. For complete details on all these classes and to register, visit the VectorWorks Professional Learning Series web page.


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Jul 25-27: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Boston, MA
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Kiss + CathcartKLC School of Design: When some of the UK's top interior design and landscaping firms need new talent to expand their staffs, they turn to KLC School of Design. And KLC turns to VectorWorks. KLC is located in the heart of the design industry close to Kew Gardens and right next to the prestigious Chelsea Harbour Design Centre—which is the largest design and decorating center of its type in Europe, housing more than 70 showrooms and 120 brands. An integral part of school's diploma courses, VectorWorks has been a part of the curricula for more than ten years. While KLC currently focuses on instructing students how to master VectorWorks' 2D drawing capabilities, the school will be extending instruction to cover 3D modeling and rendering using the software, rather than the drawing board. Visit the case studies page of Nemetschek North America's web site to read the full story in "KLC School of Design Makes the Grade with VectorWorks."


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