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By now you've seen the announcement that VectorWorks 12.5.1 has received certification from Microsoft as being fully Vista compliant. At the same time as this happened, some of our Mac-fanatic programmers were preparing for their trip to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference to hear about the latest Apple technology. It's an annual reminder that we're always committed to focusing development effort on keeping up with what's new on both platforms.

It made me stop and look up how we're doing on each platform. Surprisingly, our users are once again split almost evenly between each platform. This is a strong resurgence from the pre-OS X days when things had looked bleak for the future of the Macintosh, and we saw our sales on that platform drop dramatically. On sales calls, we still find that most customers have already selected their platform, so, for us, our cross-platform strategy never wavered.

At the same time, the Nemetschek corporation continues to build its base on the Macintosh, and, with the acquisitions of Maxon and Graphisoft, now has become the leading supplier of cross-platform CAD applications. So whatever the next greatest thing you hear from Apple or Microsoft, rest assured that we are working to bring you VectorWorks compatibility in as timely a manner as possible.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Andrea Reed

Introducing Andrea Reed, one of Nemetschek's graphic designers. Andrea started at NNA almost three years ago. She works on advertising, packaging, collateral, promotional items, and anything else the marketing team can dream up.

If I could be someone famous for a day, I would be...
Victoria Beckham – because she is married to David Beckham.

My biggest guilty pleasure is...
Watching reality TV shows and gossiping about them with my friends.

If I were a cartoon character, I would be...
Wonder Woman of course...she has a hot outfit and a lasso. What more could you ask for?

The thing most people don't know about me is....
I am a secret Scrabble addict – I try to get all my friends to play me. I'm getting quite good, so most of them won't do it anymore.

When I was young...
I either wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer or sing on Star Search.

If I had a million dollars, I would....
Move somewhere tropical and live a life of leisure.


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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Exporting PDFs: See how the the Export PDF and Export PDF (Batch) commands in VectorWorks 12.5 creates a clean and efficient PDF file from a VectorWorks project. WATCH

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Chain Dimensioning: This tutorial demonstrates the Chain Dimensioning mode when using the Constrained/Unconstrained dimensioning tools in VectorWorks 12.5. You will also learn the steps to convert individual dimensions into a Chain Dimension. WATCH


Twenty2 Featured as Tastemakers in House and Garden: VectorWorks users Kyra and Robertson Hartnett of the New York design firm Twenty2 are two of the sixty-five people featured as "Tastemakers" in the June issue of House and Garden who are changing their worlds—of interior design, fashion, food, wine, architecture and more. READ MORE

Read how the firm uses VectorWorks in the case study, "VectorWorks Proves Versatile for Cutting-Edge New York City Design Firm."


Reed Hilderbrand, PWP Landscape Architecture, and MFLA Marta Fry Landscape Associates Win ASLA 2007 Professional Awards: Nemetschek North America congratulates several VectorWorks users for winning ASLA 2007 Professional Awards. Massachusetts firm Reed Hilderbrand won the Award of Excellence in the General Design Category for the M. Victor and Frances Leventritt Garden at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. PWP Landscape Architecture, based in Berkeley, California, won an Honor Award in the General Design Category for its One North Wacker Drive project. San Francisco firm MFLA Marta Fry Landscape Associates received an Honor Award in the Residential Design Category for its Sonoma Vineyard project. READ MORE

VectorWorks Receives Works with Vista Logo Certification from Microsoft: The VectorWorks product line has achieved Works with Windows Vista Logo Certification from Microsoft and is compatible with the new Vista operating system. READ MORE

Summer VectorWorks Training Update: Introduction to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals will be offered July 11-13 in Columbia, Maryland, July 25-27 in Boston, August 1-3 in San Francisco, and August 22-24 in New York. VectorWorks Architect training is coming to Columbia August 15-17. For complete details on all these classes and to register, visit the VectorWorks Professional Learning Series web page.

Vectortasks Offers June Training in LA: Architect Dan Jansenson and engineer Pat Stanford of Vectortasks are offering new training classes to VectorWorks users in the Los Angeles area. VectorWorks Training for the Entertainment Industry is scheduled for June 15-16, and Introduction to VectorWorks Landmark will be held June 22-23. For more information, visit the Vectortasks web site.


Trade Shows
Jun 26-28: Skills USA, Kansas City, MO
Jul 13: AIA Florida, Orlando, FL, Booth #66
Jul 18-20: Design DC, Washington, DC
Jul 27-28: ASLA Florida, Miami, FL, Booth #39A
Aug 17-18: TNLA, Dallas, TX, Booth #2415

All Trade Shows

Jun 14-15: 3D Modeling and Rendering, NY, NY
July 11-13: VectorWorks Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
July 16-18: VectorWorks Fundamentals, Orlando, FL
July 25-27: VectorWorks Fundamentals, Boston, MA
Aug 1-3: VectorWorks Fundamentals, San Francisco, CA
Aug 15-17: Architect Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Aug 22-24: VectorWorks Fundamentals, NY, NY
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User Group Meetings
June 18: Los Angeles: South Bay VectorWorks User Group Meeting
June 19: New York VectorWorks User Group Meeting
June 26: Connecticut VectorWorks User Group Meeting
July 10: N. California VectorWorks User Group Meeting
All User Group Meetings

Other Events
June 18: Lunch & Learn: Benefits of BIM Using VectorWorks, Richmond, VA


Aebi & VincentAebi & Vincent: The Swiss Parliament Building, or the Bundeshaus, in Bern is undergoing its first extensive renovation since its inauguration in 1902. Due to the sheer scale of the project, extensive planning and organization was required. And more than 100 companies are involved with the many aspects of the SFR 83 million renovation. Bern architectural firm Aebi & Vincent Architekten SIA AG is orchestrating the massive project with plans created using VectorWorks Architect.

Visit the case studies page of Nemetschek North America's web site to read the full story in "Renovating the Bundeshaus with VectorWorks Architect."


iSymbolSwiftVue builds scaled physical models from your CAD data. SwiftVue uses your 3D CAD files in our automated patent-pending manufacturing processes to to build massing, study, presentation, and topography models in amazingly little time. For more information, visit Swiftvue's website.

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