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At the end of December, Nemetschek announced that it acquired controlling interest in Graphisoft. This continues the corporation's aggressive acquisition of key players in the marketplace. As you know, we've been fiercely competing with Graphisoft for nearly the lifespan of the product, so this is quite an interesting turn of events. It puts Nemetschek in a much stronger position globally, since Graphisoft and VectorWorks sell into nearly all markets, attaining nearly total control of the architectural market on the Macintosh.

As with the acquisition of Diehl Graphsoft in 2000, there has been immediate speculation about the sudden and drastic changes that people fear in the product lines. When you look back over the past six years, you see instead that VectorWorks has flourished under the stewardship of Nemetschek—more than doubling in sales and accelerating the pace of product improvements delivered. It has done this while maintaining much of its independence and small-company attitude, yet, at the same time, competing with a spirit of "friendly competition" where products and channels overlap with other divisions. We have been a success story for the corporation, and the acquisitions team at Nemetschek plans a similar success with Graphisoft.

Nemetschek's broad range of products serve one goal ultimately: to give customers the choice they need in the marketplace. Unlike Autodesk, we need to compete solely on product merit rather than relying on product momentum and monopolistic tactics, and we realize that there is a wide variety of customer needs that is hard to fulfill with a single product. Nemetschek is allowing the customer to decide, rather than the product planners.

I've already had a chance to talk to the management of Graphisoft and discuss how we can further these goals while maintaining the strengths of our product lines. Even though we see each other at trade shows and often talk to the same customers, the approaches our products take to making architectural design more efficient are very different. Over the next few months, you can expect to hear more details about how we'll be using our new alliance to make further inroads into the market. What you can count on is that VectorWorks will continue on its path of success.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Marc Evans, Account Representative

Introducing Marc Evans, one of Nemetschek's Account Representatives.

When did you start working at Nemetschek?
October, 2003.

Sum up your job in 1 sentence.
I work with our customers to provide the best CAD solution for their needs.

What is your worst habit?
Taking beverages from the 'fridge and putting them back empty.

What is your best trait?
Being able to make people laugh and having a sense of humor about almost anything that comes my way.

Other than your current job, what is your dream job?
My dream job is to own a resort.

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?
I would go crazy. I am so used to the wonderful chaos of having kids that I truly believe absolute silence would make me think that I was going insane.


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Double-click Viewport Options : In previous versions of VectorWorks, double-clicking on a viewport always displayed the Edit Viewport dialog box. Now, in VectorWorks 12.5, the new Double Click option on the Edit Viewport dialog box allows you to specify the editing behavior when double-clicking on a viewport. READ MORE

Finding Lost Objects: When working in VectorWorks, you may sometimes think an item has disappeared or been deleted. The Undo command doesn't help, and you're beginning to panic. Before you start over, here is a method of finding/revealing "lost" objects. READ MORE

Accessing the Menu Commands: Discover a step-by-step method of accessing the Menu Commands without using any keyboard shortcuts. READ MORE


Spaeth Design Uses VectorWorks to Help Bring NYC's World-renowned Holiday Window Displays to Life: Spaeth Design expanded its use of VectorWorks in designing the elaborate holiday displays that animate the windows of the top department stores in New York City, as well as Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver. For more than 60 years, Spaeth Design has been creating the magical masterpieces that populate the windows of Lord & Taylor, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas for generations of holiday shoppers. This year, the New York City-based firm expanded their use of VectorWorks' 2D drafting and 3D modeling capabilities to design and construct Lord & Taylor's gazebo window, Macy's "O Christmas Tree" scenes, and Saks' snow crystals story.

VectorWorks Users Featured in Architectural Record: What is it like to be a female architect with a solely-owned firm in the U.S. today? Architectural Record profiles several such practitioners in "Not Only Zaha" by Suzanne Stephens. Among them are VectorWorks users EOA/Elmslie Osler Architects of New York, sister and sister firm Hariri + Hariri Architecture, New York's Audrey Matlock Architect, and Winka Dubbeldam of Archi-tectonics, also based in New York. READ MORE


January PLS Training in MD and WA: It's time to start the New Year off on the right foot. Introduction to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals will be offered January 24-29 at Nemetschek North America's headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, and January 29-31 in Seattle. For complete information and to register, visit the VectorWorks Professional Learning Series web page.

Third Annual AIA Technology in Architectural Practice BIM Awards Call For Entries: The AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community will host its third annual Building Information Model (BIM) Awards competition this spring. The competition is seeking projects that have used integrated and interoperable building information models. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2007. And we'd like to see some VectorWorks winners! Send your submissions by 5 p.m. EST to kgupman@aia.org. For a list of categories, past winners and submission requirements, visit the AIA TAP Awards webpage.

Nemetschek Launches vLearning Webinars: vLearning is a new virtual training series delivered to VectorWorks users over the web using WebEx™ technology. vLearning webinars provide VectorWorks users with convenient hour-long training sessions on a variety of VectorWorks topics, including instruction on how to use specific feature sets and functionality, as well as techniques and workflows to enhance productivity. Each session is live and concludes with a Q&A period. Four vLearning webinars will be introduced in February: Organizing the Drawing, Managing Drawing Layouts using Viewports, Understanding Reports Using Worksheets, and Data Acquisition for a Site Model Using Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) Technology. The first course, "Organizing the Drawing," will be broadcast on February 7 at 1 p.m. EST. READ MORE

Vectortasks™ Launches Training Podcasts: Architect Dan Jansenson and engineer Pat Stanford, who provide VectorWorks training through Vectortasks™, have launched the PodCAD Podcast, a new VectorWorks-related audio podcast series. Through a combination of news, how-to segments, interviews, and panel discussions, each podcast covers part of the broad spectrum of VectorWorks tasks, activities, new developments, and tips and techniques. New programs will be available every 10 to 14 days.

Nemetschek Releases Spanish-language VectorWorks 12.5: Spanish-language versions of VectorWorks Fundamentals, VectorWorks Architect, and RenderWorks 12.5 are now available. Enhancements to VectorWorks 12.5 include support for Apple® Macintosh OS X operating on the new Intel®-based Macintosh, Adobe® PDF import and export support—including batch export, and support for Google™ Earth's KML files, as well as overall speed and performance improvements.


Trade Shows
Feb 06-08: New England Grows, Boston, MA, Booth #3014
Feb 22-24: LAbash, Baton Rougue, LA
Mar 08-10: SETC, Atlanta, GA
Mar 15-16: ITEA, San Antonio, TX
Mar 15-17: USITT, Phoenix, AZ
Complete list of Trade Shows

Jan 24-26: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Jan 29-31: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Seattle, WA
Feb 05-07: Intro to VectorWorks and Landmark Fundamentals, Boston, MA
Feb 14-16: Intro to VectorWorks and Landmark Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Feb 21-23: Intro to VectorWorks and Landmark Fundamentals, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 26-28: Intro to VectorWorks and Spotlight Fundamentals, Las Vegas, NV
Mar 07-09: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
Mar 26-27: 3D Modeling and Rendering, San Francisco, CA
Complete list of Training

User Group Meetings
Jan 23: Santa Barbara VectorWorks User Group Meeting
Complete list of User Group Meetings


HampshireHampshire County Council Property Services: Hampshire County Council Property Services uses 180 seats of VectorWorks on projects that span 12 disciplines— from architecture to engineering, to urban design and more. One of those projects won a RIBA award and became a permanent art installation. When Property Services undertook the design of one of the United Kingdom's largest secondary schools for children with special learning needs, the organization had no idea its VectorWorks design and construction drawings would be turned into art.
Visit the case studies page of Nemetschek North America's web site to read the full story and see more images in "VectorWorks Turns Architecture into Art."


ESP Vision is the most technologically advanced lighting simulation package on the market. ESP Vision 2.0 provides many of the features the lighting community has been demanding. In addition to the real-time shadows, color blending, and movement of the product, ESP Vision 2.0 adds additional tools to allow the user more flexibility within ESP Vision. Additional tools such as the Materials Manager, Scene Graph Editor, and Patch Editor make using ESP Vision 2.0 simple and complete. The partnership between Nemetschek North America and ESP Vision provides a complete design, visualization, and simulation solution to lighting designers worldwide. READ MORE

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