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December is a busy time for everyone. The holidays are quickly approaching, as is the year's end. ‘Tis the season in which you may feel you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. That's when it's time to take a step back and recall all you have accomplished in the past year, the things you can be thankful for, and what you have to look forward to in the New Year.

With the release of VectorWorks versions 12 and 12.5, we at Nemetschek North America have achieved a lot this year, too. And we can be thankful for the enthusiastic reception the latest versions of VectorWorks have received from you, our users. Looking forward to the New Year, we'll be off to San Francisco, California, for one of the most exciting trade shows of the year. We'll be at Macworld from January 9-12, and we'll have some exciting demonstrations to show off to all the exhibit attendees. Be sure to visit us at booth #2308.

We know you've accomplished a lot, too. In particular, I'd like to share with you a few projects you may be aware of that I think are worth a mention this holiday season. One, you may have seen the new James Bond movie, CASINO ROYALE. It's currently number two at the box office. Well, one of our UK users, art director Steven Lawrence, used VectorWorks Designer to assist in designing all the sets for this latest Bond movie. You can read more about it below.

And, two, just as famous as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York are the elaborate holiday displays showcased in department store windows lining Fifth Avenue. Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor's are among the most magical that delight children and adults of all ages. Did you know these windows were designed using VectorWorks? VectorWorks users Cris Dopher and Spaeth Design invested the man-hours to make the magic happen.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making 2006 such a great year for all of us at Nemetschek North America. Continue to enjoy your holiday season and have a safe and prosperous new year. Our general office will be closed December 25 through January 1. However, members of our sales staff will be available during that time at 888-646-4223.

Nemetschek employees attend a viewing of Casino Royale
Nemetschek North America employees take a field trip to see CASINO ROYALE.

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Sue Collins, Technical Publications Manager

Introducing Sue Collins, Nemetschek's Technical Publications Manager.

When did you start working at Nemetschek?
January 2000
Sum up your job in 1 sentence.
I am responsible for managing production and translation of VectorWorks user manuals and the online help.
What is your worst habit?
I'm a perfectionist.
What is your best trait?
Being organized.
Other than your current job, what is your dream job?
To own and run an establishment that combines elements of wine tasting, a bistro, and art gallery (and write creative vignettes for the wine, food, and art).
If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?
Sleep late, go for a run, get a full body massage, go vineyard hopping, and spend the night at a bed and breakfast in a warm location by the water.


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Importing SketchUp® files on Intel® Macintoshes®: At this time, SketchUp requires Rosetta to function on Intel Macs. To import a SketchUp file on an Intel Mac with VectorWorks 12.5, the VectorWorks application needs to run using Rosetta. Once the desired SketchUp file has been imported, return to running VectorWorks without Rosetta. READ MORE

Applying an image to a 3D object: Have you ever needed to place a picture on a wall while designing? Using images and RenderWorks textures, you can! All you need is an image of the "picture" and a 3D object, such as a thin extrude, representing the picture space. READ MORE

Setting the visibility of light sources: Have you ever placed a light object in a drawing and received a message that the created light is not visible? The message may be due to a VectorWorks Preferences setting. READ MORE


Sacco + McKinney Wins 2006 Build New York Award: VectorWorks Architect user Sacco + McKinney Architects, P.C., has won a 2006 Build New York Award from the General Building Contractors Association of New York State (GBC) for College Park Hall at Union College. Its winning project was one of four projects chosen on the basis of excellent project delivery at all levels. READ MORE
Read more about how Sacco + McKinney completed this project on Nemetschek North America's web site in the case study "VectorWorks Architect Beats AutoCAD® in Design-Build Competition."

Giovannitti Featured in Interior Design: On the Upper East Side, cladding your entire back garden in yacht-white Corian is likely to provoke an upturned nose or a raised eyebrow. So when a Brazilian banker's neighbor sarcastically inquired when he was going to fill up the "swimming pool," its designer didn't take offense. David Giovannitti's design-build firm, called simply Giovannitti, has long enjoyed the appreciation of Maya Lin Studio and Tsao & McKown Architects—thanks to his fine touch and attention to detail—and he viewed the snarky comments as a sign that he was on the right track. A pool was just the kind of vessel he'd intended. Not for water, though, but for light. "Let there be Light" tells how this VectorWorks user brought sunshine into a dark outdoor space split between the basement and ground floor of a prewar building.READ MORE

Graham Landscape Architecture Featured in Landscape Architecture: Situated on the banks of the Choptank River on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Tidewater Farm's 400-plus acres represents a new order of country estate where hundreds of acres are amassed not as a showplace of wealth but rather a showcase for the region's distinct ecology and farming traditions. Graham Landscape Architecture is featured in this article about Estate Stewardship, which is essentially to "leave the land better than you found it," as stated by Jay Graham, FASLA. You can find this article on Page 44 in December's issue of Landscape Architecture.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc., wins the Grand Award in the 2006 Excellence in Landscape Awards : McHale Landscape Design, Inc., was awarded this prize for Herrington Harbor, a commercial landscape installation (Design/Build). This project is located in Southern Maryland. You can read more about this award on Page 11 in the December issue of Groundwork.


VectorWorks Designer Plays Role in Set Design for James Bond's CASINO ROYALE: For CASINO ROYALE, art director Steven Lawrence used VectorWorks Designer to produce 2D drawings and site plans to assist the production designer and director in mapping out how action would take place within an area. Lawrence also used VectorWorks Designer to create 3D models of sets to help the team get a feel for a set before they arrive on location. READ MORE

ESP Vision 2.2 Modeling Plug-in Available for VectorWorks 12.5 Macintosh® Version: ZZYZX, Inc., has released ESP Vision 2.2, which supports VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks 12.5 and includes the modeling plug-in for the Macintosh platform. READ MORE

New Entourage Arts Image Props Available for VectorWorks: Entourage Arts has developed three new tree and plant image prop volumes for use in VectorWorks non-photorealistic renderings. The image prop libraries are compatible with the full line of VectorWorks products. READ MORE


Trade Shows
Jan 09-12: Macworld, San Francisco, CA, Booth #2308
Jan 10-12: Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, Baltimore, MD
Feb 06-08: New England Grows, Boston, MA, Booth #3014
Feb 22-24: LAbash, Baton Rougue, LA
complete list of Trade Shows

Nov 13-15: Intro to VectorWorks and Architect Fundamentals, Denver, CO
Nov 20-22: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Toronto, ON
Nov 28-30: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, New York, NY
Dec 06-08: Intro to VectorWorks and Architect Fundamentals, Los Angeles, CA
Dec 06-08: Intro to VectorWorks and VectorWorks Fundamentals, Houston, TX
Dec 13-15: Intro to VectorWorks and Landmark Fundamentals, Columbia, MD
complete list of Training

User Group Meetings
Dec 11: Los Angeles VectorWorks User Group Meeting: The Valley
Dec 12: Santa BarbaraVectorWorks User Group Meeting
complete list of User Group Meetings

Other Events
Dec 12: AIA Dallas Lunch and Learn, Have You Gone Green Yet?


Dirtworks, PCCASINO ROYALE—the 21st James Bond movie: The opening sequence of CASINO ROYALE at a building site in Madagascar was actually filmed in the Bahamas in a derelict hotel that had never been finished and had been abandoned for 30 years. CASINO ROYALE art director Steven Lawrence assisted the design of the sequence using VectorWorks Designer. "We went down and surveyed the site, then I came back and matched the existing location in VectorWorks Designer," explains Lawrence. "I added our own steel structure—designed from the ground up in VectorWorks—to the drawing, then sent the drawings out to the structural engineers." Lawrence continued through the production process with VectorWorks Designer. "The great thing about VectorWorks Designer is not only could I draft the steel structure that was built for this particular chase sequence where everyone is running at top speed along these beams at great heights, but I can also create a 3D model that we can spin around, drop the camera object into, change the aspect ratio and the object info for, and instantly see what the camera will see."
Visit the case studies page of Nemetschek North America's web site to watch a QuickTime® movie of this set, read the full story and see more images in "VectorWorks Designer Helps Bring 007 to the Big Screen."


Step by Step with VectorWorks Architect
This new training manual guides you through the entire home design process, using a practical approach to project workflow. You'll begin with a blank screen and end with construction documents all in the same file, with recommendations for an optimum workflow along the way. Fully-illustrated exercises walk you through program and project setup, laying out floor plans, creating architectural elements, using basic visualization tools, working with multiple levels, and creating construction documents. The manual also includes two sections on advanced viewport creation and advanced editing techniques. READ MORE

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