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VectorWorks has always been sold as a value leader in the CAD industry. Even at our price-point, however, VectorWorks is often the biggest software investment you'll make. Just as an architect needs to spend a half-week or more each year in professional learning, you should consider setting some learning time aside each year to make sure you're using VectorWorks as efficiently as you can.

With vacations and other distractions in the summer, August can be a quiet time at the office—and a great time to squeeze in some learning on one of your biggest software investments. If you reach for the install CD with each new version (like I do with all my new software), you may have skipped the Upgrade Companion training CD. This is a new training tool that comes with the upgrade. It offers in-depth information on only the new features in 12, through text, pictures, and movies. Discovering one or two things that save you 10 or 15 minutes a day will save you hours in the long run. So just imagine what a clear payoff spending some of your valuable time learning to be more effective with VectorWorks can bring you.

We have also recently started offering online training using WebEx technology. You may have just a few specific topics you think might improve your use of VectorWorks. Online training is a great way to get some help from an expert who can walk through your particular needs on the spot. Whether it's learning how to make that rendering take less time, what options to use in a DWG import, or how to get the worksheet to do that schedule you need automatically, we can help you get up to speed quickly. And you won't have to leave your desk.

As the summer is coming to an end, and you're gearing up for fourth quarter—which is often a busy one for most businesses—I invite you to take a step back. Make sure you're making the most of your VectorWorks investment, so you can work at peak productivity when crunch time comes.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

VectorWorks Training



XVIII Commonwealth Games
Peter Neufeld
Melbourne, Australia

When it came to lighting the opening and closing ceremonies for the XVIII Commonwealth Games in one of the world's largest stadiums, VectorWorks Spotlight was the drafting software of choice.

How do you draw a lighting plan of a 100,000-seat stadium with 1,000-plus automated fixtures and 33,000-plus channels and keep it all together? Why, with VectorWorks Spotlight, of course.

The mammoth size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground presented quite a challenge for lighting the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Bigger than the Sydney and Athens Olympic stadiums, the arena sports a playing field of 475 feet by 560 feet.
Commonewealth Games 2006
Jack Morton Worldwide produced the ceremonies with executive producer Andrew Walsh, and Mark Hammer created the lighting design. Hammer and Nick Eltis, the technical director, decided that VectorWorks Spotlight was the right software for drafting a rig for a show this size. Having been technical director on the Athens Olympics and the Rugby World Cup opening and closing ceremonies, Eltis has had some experience with large shows.
Commonweath Games 2006
"Shows of this magnitude come up only once in a while, and there won't be another like it in Australia for some time," says Peter Neufeld, a lighting designer based in Sydney who started drawing and organizing the plan for the ceremonies team.

"VectorWorks Spotlight is increasingly being used as the drafting program of choice for the lighting of these extraordinary events," continues Neufeld. "We've clearly demonstrated that other programs can't hold a candle to VectorWorks Spotlight in terms of ease-of-use, comprehensive capabilities, and adaptability for different purposes throughout the production process."
Commonweath Games 2006
Read the full case study, "VectorWorks Spotlight Goes for the Gold at Australia's Commonwealth Games" on the Case Studies page of Nemetschek North America's website.

Why should I rename my viewports?

Viewports are a very useful way to present your drawing in a visually-controlled manner. However, trying to locate the desired viewport in a document can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of viewports. To ease this navigational dilemma you can rename your viewports to something easily recognizable to you.

When a viewport is created, a default name of "Viewport 1" is assigned to the viewport. While in the Create Viewport dialog box, you can give the viewport a more unique name. After a viewport has been created,you can rename it in the Object Info palette. To do this, select the viewport and click on the Data pane in the Object Info palette. The top text box reflects the viewport's name. Enter the custom viewport name over the text that displays.

Please visit the complete tutorial in the VectorWorks KnowledgeBase to learn about other places where you can change the name of a viewport.

How to Uninstall QuickTime on Windows

A step-by-step guide can be found in the VectorWorks KnowledgeBase to walk you through the process of uninstalling QuickTime on Windows. View How-To.

How can I tell what type of plant is associated with each of the default plant IDs?

We've compiled a comprehensive list of all the default plant IDs and their associated plant description in the VectorWorks KnowledgeBase. View list.


VideoScreen 2.11 Plug-in Now Available

VectorWorks users can insert video devices, such as projection screens, plasma TVs, CRT monitors, and LED arrays using the plug-in VideoScreen 2.11.

"This tool was inspired by the many projects we've been doing that involved projection screens," says C. Andrew Dunning, VideoScreen developer and principal of Landru Design, Nashville, Tennessee. "We were dealing with many 'what ifs' from our clients, such as, 'What would video screens look like on my show; what if we changed the screen size; where would the projector need to be placed; what would plasma screens look like in this situation; and will 4:3 or 16:9 work better?' We were more than happy to give our clients what they wanted, but a lot of this was proving to be fairly time-consuming. With needing to refigure aspect ratios, change images, and correct screen borders, a simple size change might have taken 30 minutes. Now it takes a few seconds with VideoScreen 2.11, thanks to easily-changed parameters through the familiar Object Info Palette."

For full details, visit Landru Design's VectorWorks Plug-ins web page.

Ball-Nogues wins Best of Category in I.D. Magazine's Design Review

Fashioned from a scaly assemblage of 504 CNC-milled parametric Mylar petals, riveted together and reinforced with bundled nylon and Aramid fibers, Maximillian's Schell is a swirling, shade-providing canopy pitched over an improvised outdoor space between two Spanish-colonial houses in Silver Lake. For this project, International Design Magazine awarded Los Angeles VectorWorks Architect users Ball-Nogues Best in Category for Environments in its 52nd Annual Design Review. Read more

Fernau & Hartman and SHoP Architects Featured in Architectural Record

Fernau & Hartman's Avis Ranch and SHoP Architects' Mitchell Park and Arena were among the featured projects in July's Architectural Record. Read more

Nemetschek North America Releases Spanish-Language VectorWorks 12

Spanish-language versions of VectorWorks Fundamentals, VectorWorks Architect, and RenderWorks 12 are now available. Read more

VectorWorks User Kiss + Cathcart Wins Three Awards in The Green Building Competition for New York City

Three out of eleven awards in The Green Building Competition for New York City went to VectorWorks user Kiss + Cathcart. The Brooklyn firm won awards for its Stillwell Avenue terminal train shed and Common Ground Community Pitt Street residence, as well as an honorable mention for its Stuyvesant Cove Environmental Learning Center. The joint United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) competition recognized winners for overall excellence in the use of good design principles and the integration of green building technologies. Read more





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Aug 14

LA VectorWorks User Group: The Valley

Don Jordan's Digital Arts Center
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Aug 17

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Aug 21

LA VectorWorks User Group: South Bay

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• Intro to VectorWorks
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