As many of you VectorWorks Spotlight users who work in the theater industry as lighting and scene designers would affirm, there is no other program you'd rather use. And as we've heard straight from the mouths of several Spotlight users, VectorWorks Spotlight is the industry standard. Well, now we have some hard statistics to back that up. ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association) recently sponsored a survey of current graphics standards and CAD practices used by the theater industry. Open to members of all entertainment-related industries or organizations in the US, the survey revealed some positive results for VectorWorks Spotlight. VectorWorks Spotlight was the primary CAD program of choice for the majority of those surveyed, beating out AutoCAD by a not-so-narrow margin. Stay tuned for more information to come in a press release. I'd also like to share that we're moving aggressively into Europe with Spotlight 12 and are meeting with great success so far.

We'll also be officially announcing our renewed membership in the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI), creators of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs). IFCs serve as the global standard for the automated exchange of data among computer applications. Since AutoCAD is no longer being recommended for architectural users, the market is clamoring for a superior exchange format for information than DWG. From what I've seen, IFC is still in its infancy as a trusted exchange format but has been gathering support in the industry. And we want to ensure VectorWorks is ready as it evolves.

Another avenue we're opening for our users is a phone number for Spanish-speaking users to call. We've dedicated a toll-free telephone number for customers in the US who prefer to speak with us in Spanish to coincide with our launch of the Spanish edition of VectorWorks 12 in the US next month. We've offered a Spanish-language version of VectorWorks in Central America, South America and Spain for years, and now we're pleased to offer this version stateside for our Spanish-speaking users, too. While we're still working hard on the Spanish version of VectorWorks, you can start using this number today in the continental US: 877-202-8937. International callers may call: 443-542-0730.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

VectorWorks Tech Board



LineSync Architecture
Wilmington, Vermont

With a lot of creativity and a little help from VectorWorks Architect, LineSync Architecture located, designed, and oversaw construction of innovative office space on Broadway for a leading New York capital management company.

Quality of work and creativity were what won LineSync Architecture another job from a client for whom the firm had recently completed a residential project—and an AIA Vermont honorable mention award.
LineSync Architecture
The new project was to locate, design, and construct new office space for R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc. The objective was to convey to prospective and current clients that this capital management company is not a typical conservative investment firm, but an exciting environment filled with sharp minds, top-notch technology, and cutting-edge investment practices. The new office space was to give prospects confidence to invest with the company. The challenge was to do it all in just six months.

The pressure was on for Vermont-based LineSync Architecture. And VectorWorks Architect helped the firm pull the whole project off.
LineSync Architecture
Once the location was chosen—1700 Broadway, right in the center of New York City on one of its liveliest arteries, LineSync started from scratch by gutting the space. The firm designed the new space, coordinated building services, designed some of the furniture and even marketing collateral, as well as managed the construction, all using VectorWorks Architect.

According to firm principal and lead architect on the project, Joseph Cincotta, the biggest design challenge was to transform the standard rectangular slab of space into a light-filled, organic, engaging environment. One that connected the reception area to the executive office area, to the trading floor, to the computer room, inviting visitors into and through the space.

Communicating design intent
“Using VectorWorks, we created an intricate 3D model of the space with such precise, detailed rendering that the client was able to visualize design options before even one wall was erected,” says Cincotta. “There’s never enough time or money to fix mistakes after they happen, but with VectorWorks, we can stop them before they happen.”
LineSync Architecture
Keeping track of costs and materials
Cincotta praises the ability to enter all project data intoVectorWorks for helping LineSync keep the project organized and updated.

“I can’t put enough value on being able to click on an object when I’m on my laptop on-site and having all the information I need at my fingertips,” says Cincotta. “I can click on a glass panel and immediately call up that it’s half-inch-thick tempered glass from a particular vendor. Whereas before, I would have jotted that information down on a slip of paper that I could have easily misplaced in my binder.”

Improvising on the construction site
Being on-site with laptop to make design changes during construction was another enormous advantage.
LineSync Architecture
“This project was fast-tracked from the start, so we worked very closely with the contractors on-site, proposing design alternatives on the fly,” explains Cincotta. “Whereas all the AutoCAD people had to go back to their offices to make revisions on their desktops, which seemed to me an extremely inefficient use of what little time we had on this project, I had all the tools and technology at my fingertips with VectorWorks Architect to say this will or won’t fit, 200 miles away from my office, thus avoiding potentially costly mistakes and missed deadlines. How do you even quantify that? There’s no question I’m providing a better service to my clients by using VectorWorks Architect.”
LineSync Architecture

How can text be extruded along a path?

VectorWorks 12 has a new feature called Text Along Path that allows you to create text that follows a 2D or 3D path. This is especially useful in the signage design and logo design industries.

To create text along a 2D path, first create a text block with the text to be used. Next, draw a 2D object such as a line, polyline, polygon, circle, arc, etc., to be used as the path for the text to follow along. Select both the text and the path object and then select Text > Text Along Path. (See image 1-1) The Text Along Path dialog box appears with a variety of options. (See image 1-2) Select the desired settings and click OK. A Text Along Path object will be created. (See image 1-3) The various settings in the Object Info palette can change the way the text is displayed along the object.

To create text along a 3D path, create a text block and a 3D path object, such as a NURBS curve. Select both the text and the path object and then select Text > Text Along Path. Select the desired settings in the Text Along Path dialog box and click OK. (See image 1-4) The text will be placed along the path object facing up. (See image 1-5 and 1-6) In most cases, the text has to be rotated 90 degrees so it is displayed on the face of the path. Simply enter 90 in the Rot About Path field in the Object Info palette. (See image 1-7) The text will need to be sent to the front using the Send To Front menu under the Modify menu. (See image 1-8)

How can I convert a symbol I created to a door object and have it display in the Door Schedule?

Once you have imported or created a door or window from scratch and made a symbol out of it, it’s easy to add the objects to the Door and Window Schedules. Simply select the ID Label tool from the Dims/Notes tool set. Click once outside the symbol and then once on the symbol itself. When the ID/Specification Tool dialog box appears, choose Door Object from the ID Type drop down box. Click OK when done. The symbol will now display as a Door object in the Object Info palette. From there, check On Schedule at the bottom of the Object Info palette and recalculate the Door Schedule.

How can I change the wall style of an existing wall?

Through the design process, you may find that you need to use a different set of components for a series of walls. There are many ways to do this, the easiest of which is to use the Object Info palette.

Select the walls that you want to change. In the Object Info palette, select Replace. A Wall Replacement dialog box appears. Here is where you can specify the wall style to be used and how the new wall style should align with the existing wall. If exterior dimensions need to be preserved, select Left Line as the Align option on the left side of the pane and Left Line as the Align option on the right side of the pane. Click OK when done. (See image 3-2 and 3-3)

You can also align the center of specific wall components with the center line, left line or right line of a component within the new wall style. The Wall Replacement dialog box offers you total flexibility in determining how the new wall style should replace the existing wall style. (See image 3-4)


ESP Vision 2.0 Lighting Design Contest Winners Get VectorWorks Spotlight 12

Nemetschek North America recently awarded the winners of the ESP Vision 2.0 Lighting Design Contest with complimentary copies of VectorWorks Spotlight 12 and RenderWorks.

Each entry was judged on complexity of cueing, cueing complimenting the song, use of truss moves, use of fixtures, and overall look.

Lighting designer Scott Riley, who is based in Miami, Florida, took the grand prize, which included free copies of VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks, an unlimited license of ESP Vision 2.0, a High End Systems USB DMX Super Widget, and an NVIDIA® GeForce 7800 GTX video card. read more...

Texas VectorWorks User Elected AIA Fellow

Mell Lawrence of Mell Lawrence Architects was among the 82 architects across the country recently elected AIA Fellows by the AIA Jury of Fellows. Nominated by the Austin AIA, Lawrence was elected for promoting the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession through design. He will be invested in the College of Fellows on June 8 at the AIA National Convention and Expo in Los Angeles.

Out of a membership of more than 75,000, the AIA has fewer than 2,500 members distinguished in the fellowship. Earning fellowship status requires at least 10 years of membership and significant architectural contributions on a national level.

Miami Sunspars Designer Wins Grant to Develop Project; Featured in Cadalyst

Landscape architect Roberto Rovira is one step closer to making his award-winning Miami Sunspars concept a reality. Shortly after winning the Miami Monument International Design Competition with his solar-powered towers design concept, he was one of four professors to win the 2006 Kauffman Professors Prize at Miami International University, where he is an assistant professor of the Landscape Architecture Program at the university’s School of Architecture.

His grant proposal included further development of the Sunspars, and grant funds will help him conduct feasibility studies on applying the design principles from the London Eye and Millennium Bridge.

Funded by the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, the grant is awarded to professors who exhibit and facilitate entrepreneurial activities at one of the nation’s largest ethnically diverse academic institutions. Last month, FORTUNE Small Business named the school one of the top ten schools in the country to offer the most innovative entrepreneurship programs, along with Harvard and Chicago’s DePaul University. Read more on CNNMoney.com’s “10 cool colleges for entrepreneurs.

Read more about the Miami Sunspars in the VectorWorks case study “A Monument to Miami.

Cadalyst contributing editor Kenneth Wong also featured Rovira and his project in the Cadalyst AEC newsletter. Read his article, “Multipurpose Monuments,” at CadalystAEC .

VectorWorks Trainers Needed

The VectorWorks Professional Learning Series is seeking VectorWorks experts to teach seminars and provide customized onsite training to VectorWorks users. Since its inception more than five years ago, the series has visited cities across the USA and Canada, reaching more than 2,500 customers. With a partnership between Nemetschek North America and Resolve Software Solutions, Inc., the training program is expanding its reach.

This is a contract position requiring a commitment of two to three events every two months, usually in training sessions of two to four days. Depending on your location, much of the work could require travel.

If you are a VectorWorks enthusiast who uses it every day as part of your work, a good speaker and would like to help new users learn the software, Resolve Software would like to hear from you. This position is complementary to a VectorWorks-based design practice, with your work experience adding valuable context to the delivery of training, and the contact with other VectorWorks users enriching your work, as well.

For a more detailed job description, visit the Careers page of Resolve’s web site.





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Radetsky Design Consulting
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Apr 24

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BIM in the Real World

Shook Kelley
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San Francisco, CA

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May 04 - May 05

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• 3D Modeling and Rendering

May 11 - May 12

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May 15 - May 17

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Jun 07 - Jun 09

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Apr 12

Western MA VectorWorks User Group

Austin Design Inc.
Colrain, MA

Apr 19

Denver VectorWorks User Group

Communication Arts
Boulder, CO

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. The VectorWorks and VectorWorks ARCHITECT classes are AIA CES certified, so attendees can earn up to 24 CES learning units. For additional information, contact training@nemetschek.net.


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