Thanks to everyone who registered with the VectorWorks Service Directory last month. We almost doubled the number of firms listed. The community of VectorWorks users offering services to other users will enhance the benefits you already receive from VectorWorks. It is also uncovering some engineering firms that are focusing on building design, which is critical to eliminating DWG from the workflow of many customers.

As part of this process, last month I met with Bill Allen and Phil Van der Vossen of Allen & Shariff Corporation here in Columbia. An 80-person firm specializing in M/E/P, fire protection, and IT engineering, Allen & Shariff has designed systems for some very exciting projects in the US, including Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field, AOL's creative centers, the Maryland Science Center, MUVICO theater complexes, and the Washington DC Convention Center—the sixth largest in the country. Of particular note to local football fans—that's American football to you World Cup watchers, the firm played a part in the systems design for the M&T Bank Stadium, where the Baltimore Ravens call home. They've used our products since back in the MiniCAD days and have built a technology infrastructure with enough XRaid and XServes to put a gleam in Apple CEO Steve Jobs' eye.

March is also the launch month for most of our translated versions of VectorWorks. You can expect to see press releases throughout the month announcing availability in other languages for Europe, South America and Japan. VectorWorks is a huge, complex product to translate, and I appreciate your patience as we've worked with our distributors to prepare these versions. We are working toward simplifying the process in future versions with the goal of decreasing the time and effort necessary to create translations in upcoming releases. In the meantime, I welcome non-English speakers to the exciting world of VectorWorks 12!

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

VectorWorks Service Directory



Gartenlandschlaft Hoch
Weinfelden, Switzerland

Swiss landscape architect and VectorWorks user publishes Garten-Raum (Garden Space), a book about garden design filled with plans he created with VectorWorks

Garten-RaumMartin Hoch used to draw his plans with India ink and paper, then color the copy. This approach left little room for modifications. Then a member of the Swiss gardeners association introduced him to VectorWorks. When he saw "impressive examples" of 3D models and renderings presented by Nemetschek North America's Swiss distributor ComputerWorks, he was hooked. Less than three months after that, Hoch presented his first 3D designs in VectorWorks at an exhibition.

And now he has published a book filled with VectorWorks drawings of his work. Garten-Raum, or Garden Space, is a compilation of Hoch's creations, which are based on his design philosophy.


"The impression one gets from a space is dependent upon the personality of its owner; however, it also depends on the emotions of each individual who experiences the space," says Hoch. "How can the Garten-Raum be created in order to be in synch with each person who enters the space? This first-ever analysis of the language of Garten-Raum illustrates how to compose a garden symphony filled with impressions for each person to experience as he or she enters the space."


He continues, "I was able to achieve this using 2D drawings and 3D models created in VectorWorks, as well as Cinema 4D renderings, which I created by easily importing the VectorWorks files into Cinema 4D."

A garden symphony of VectorWorks plans
Hoch created all the plans depicted in Garten-Raum with VectorWorks. Nearly half the images in Garten-Raum were generated by VectorWorks.


"I applied 2D and 3D VectorWorks drawings to charts and perspectives to show how changing the effects of a space has different impressions on people," explains Hoch. "As a landscape architect who values precision, I find it extremely useful that plans and landscapes can be rendered in VectorWorks with hundreds of thousands of polygons for a highly-precise design."


A flexible, inexpensive, and easy-to-use solution
Hoch says VectorWorks is the ideal program for his needs for a number of reasons.

"Since VectorWorks is a concise and easy-to-use program, it didn't take me long to learn how to use it, and now I can do exactly what I need to do quickly and easily," he says. "Creating my own workspaces grants me optimized handling, which affords me a way to streamline my workflow. The plug-in objects save me a lot of time."


He continues, "Additionally, I like the flexibility VectorWorks gives me, allowing me to construct objects in several ways, which is important for manipulating them later in the production cycle. I also find it extremely convenient to generate plant list spreadsheets from 2D plans. Of course, compared to other CAD programs, VectorWorks is inexpensive for all the power and functionality it gives me."


View more images Hoch included in Garten-Raum in the case study "VectorWorks Helps Landscape Architect go to Press" on the Case Studies page of Nemetschek North America's website.

My drawing is only printing ¾ of the page on a Hewlett Packard Design Jet. How can I fix it?

If you are using a HP Design Jet printer with Windows 2000 or XP, it's likely the SpoolSmart function is enabled. This often causes files to print incorrectly or drops certain objects. To resolve this issue, disable SpoolSmart.

Here's how:
From VectorWorks, select File > Print. Click Properties. Click the Services tab, and then click Troubleshoot Software Problems. In the Troubleshoot Software Problems dialog box, remove the checkmark next to Enable SpoolSmart. Click OK when done.

How can I find resources that exist in other files without having to open the files?

The new Find Resource on Disk command, located in the Resource Browser, has been vastly improved in VectorWorks 12. You can now perform a deep subfolder search using wildcards and optional case sensitivity to locate and list all matching resources in a tabular, formatted, resizable dialog box. Finding lost resources has never been easier!

Here's how:
In the Resource Browser, click the arrow to the right of Resources to display the Resources menu. Select Find Resources on Disk (See image 2-1) In the Find Resource dialog box, enter the full or partial resource name you would like to search for. You can use a wildcard character if you only know part of the resource name. Then, select the location in which to search for the file(s). Select Include Subfolders to include subfolders in the search process. This allows you to search multiple files in multiple folders.

Please note, the more folders the search has to scan, the longer the search process takes. It is best to narrow down the location of the file as best as possible to save time searching.

In the Options section, choose the type of resource to search for, or Select All to find all resources with the specified resource name. Then, click Find. (See image 2-2) When the search is complete, the Find Resource Results dialog box displays a list of all resources matching the specified criteria. (See image 2-3) Simply double-click an item in the list to access the resource. The library file is temporarily added to the Resource Browser Favorites list, allowing you to import the resource into the current document.

How can I control the opacity of a specific design layer?

VectorWorks 12, on OS X, allows you to control the opacity of a design layer. Since this is handled by Quartz imaging, this preference must be enabled on the Display tab in VectorWorks Preferences. (See image 3-1) Once Quartz Imaging is enabled, all design layers are set to an opacity level of 100%. This means that none of the design layers currently have objects lighter than expected or transparent.

To change a design layer's opacity level, open the Organization dialog box and click the Design Layers tab. Notice the Opacity column displays 100 percent. (See image 3-2)

To change the opacity value, select the design layer and click Edit. In the Edit Design Layer dialog box, drag the Opacity slider to the desired level or enter a percentage value in the text box to the right. (See images 3-3 and 3-4) Click OK. Notice the Opacity column in the Organization dialog box now reflects the new value. (See image 3-5)


Nemetschek North America Donates VectorWorks Spotlight to Long Reach Riders

The Long Reach Long Riders and The ESTA Foundation are joining together to raffle off twelve prizes at the 2006 USITT Conference and Stage Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, March 30 - April 1 to raise money for Behind the Scenes. Behind the Scenes provides grants to seriously ill or injured industry members that may be used for medical care and living expenses. Among the prizes to be raffled are two licenses of VectorWorks Spotlight.

"Please accept my sincere appreciation of Nemetschek North America's generous support," said theatrical designer and Long Reach Long Riders member Gregg Hillmar, "While we have always had a great relationship, I consider this ‘service above and beyond.' Every little bit helps, and you helped a very BIG bit."

The Long Reach Long Riders are staging their third annual charity motorcycle Ride July 9-18, 2006. Riders start in Philadelphia and San Diego and ride to Rapid City, South Dakota. Behind the Scenes is an initiative of The ESTA Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization established in early 2005 to create and support educational and charitable programs for the entertainment technology industry.

VectorWorks 12 Launched in International Markets

Several of Nemetschek North America's international distributors have released localized versions of the VectorWorks version 12 product line for their respective markets.

Italy's VideoCOM has localized VectorWorks for Italian users.

"We're excited to introduce VectorWorks 12 to our customers," said Pier Luigi Antonini, VideoCOM general manager. "Thanks to the simplified interface, new import/export capabilities, and live sections, VectorWorks 12 has capabilities that will allow them to work more efficiently. In addition, our users will be able to generate really impressive images with the new radiosity functionality in RenderWorks. We're looking forward to enticing prospective customers with many of these new features, as well."

Nemetschek North America's German, Swiss and Austrian distributor, ComputerWorks, has released VectorWorks 12 for all its users.

"Our users will be pleased with VectorWorks 12, because so many often-used functions have been improved, in response to our customers' wishes," said Andreas Kling, of ComputerWorks, Switzerland. "The enhancements to existing tools and commands make VectorWorks 12 even easier to use, and the new functionality in version 12 offers very exciting benefits." ComputerWorks has been selling VectorWorks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for nearly 20 years.

CESYAM in France has released the VectorWorks 12 product line for the French market.

"VectorWorks 12 introduces substantial new capabilities and enhancements that will result in astounding advances in productivity for our users, and an even shorter learning curve for new customers," said Thierry Beurey of CESYAM. "Especially enticing for our market is the new live sections functionality that eliminates the need to redraw or recreate section drawings manually each time you make a change. The new Navigation palette will help our customers work much more efficiently."

Japan's A&A Distributing has localized VectorWorks for its customers.

"With such exciting new capabilities as live sections, additional import/export functions and radiosity to put into practice, our customers have been looking forward to the release of VectorWorks 12 with great anticipation," said Muneaki Shinjo, president and CEO of A&A."

Get Published in Architectural Record

Architectural Record is calling for entries for the 2006 Kitchen and Bath Portfolio. Entry is open to any registered architect who has recently completed an innovative kitchen and/or bath project. There is no fee. Submissions should include images (color prints, large-format transparencies, or high-res digital images on CD along with a labeled color printout), a brief project description, and a complete credit and source list. And don’t forget to mention you use VectorWorks! No slides or emailed submissions. Entries must be received by Friday, April 7th. Selected entries will be featured in the July, 2006 issue.

Mail your submissions to:

Rita Catinella Orrell
Architectural Record
Two Penn Plaza, Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10121

If you have any questions, email Rita Catinella Orrell at rita_catinella@mcgraw-hill.com





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Home office of Jim Linke
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The office of Grossman, Chapman, Klarer (Leo Klarer)
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