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July is certainly a month for celebrating. First of all, I'd personally like to congratulate everyone who entered our VectorWorks Design Competition, especially the grand prize winner, Luis M. Ruiz of LineSync Architecture. We had fantastic participation from designers and all who voted for our winners. Isn't it ironic that, after 20 years of developing a high-precision CAD system, we're giving awards to the project with the best "hand-drawn" presentation?

I'd also like to congratulate another award winner, BKSK Architects, for winning an Honor Award from Architectural Record for their work on the East End Temple near their offices in Manhattan. I had an opportunity to visit them last month and speak with one of their partners, Harry Kendall, to learn more about how they achieve their success. We're happy to be providing technology to one of the fastest-growing architectural firms in New York.

Speaking of new technology, by now, most of our Macintosh customers have probably heard about Apple's announcement to begin using Intel chips in future machines, starting as soon as next summer. We are fully committed to the Mac platform and have been eagerly reviewing information about this technology. While it will take us some time to learn about what is involved, we hope to let you know when you can expect VectorWorks support by early next year. We also plan to continue supporting the PowerPC for years to come—just as we did with 680x0 and OS 9—so you don't need to worry about your technology investment in these chips.

Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty
CEO, Nemetschek North America

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Diabolical Puzzles
New Orleans, Louisiana

Fine artist and entrepreneur designs high-precision stainless steel puzzles with VectorWorks.

Diabolical Puzzles LogoWhen New Orleans artist Scott Fredrickson, principal of Diabolical Puzzles, devised an idea to create highly complex puzzles made of stainless steel and presented a wood prototype to a machine shop, he was told the only way he could produce designs of such high precision was using computer-aided design. The puzzles would then be manufactured to use computer-aided manufacturing with state-of-the-art laser cutting technology and fabrication.

But first, Fredrickson had to learn a CAD program. After doing some research and speaking with other CAD users, he decided to purchase VectorWorks.
Diabolical Puzzles
AutoCAD was out of the question
"I talked to several AutoCAD users who told me it was very expensive, had a steep learning curve and was not user friendly," Fredrickson explains. "I read several reviews of CAD programs for the Mac, all of which rated VectorWorks the best. And I also spoke with VectorWorks sales and technical support representatives, explaining what I wanted to do."

While there were no guarantees that VectorWorks could do what he wanted, Fredrickson was offered a money-back guarantee if he couldn't achieve the precise results he needed after completing the VectorWorks training CDs and an Introduction to VectorWorks Professional Learning Series seminar.

"As an artist with no experience with CAD, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to learn VectorWorks," he notes. "I was able to spend my time creating rather than fighting a software learning curve. The VectorWorks tutorials were presented well and were a great introduction to CAD. But attending the PLS learning seminar enabled me to learn techniques I wouldn't have picked up, which, in turn, helped me increase the complexities of the puzzles without investing a lot of time."
Diabolical Puzzles
Creating art with VectorWorks
"VectorWorks has allowed me, as an artist, to import 2D shapes and designs directly from Adobe Illustrator and other vectored programs, then cut and trim them into surfaces with extreme precision," he says.

Fredrickson needed surfaces that were completely independent of each other, yet shared the identical edge line. He accomplished this using the Convert to Line, Convert to Polygons, and Surface Add and Clip tools, along with Smart Points, among other 2D tools VectorWorks offers.

Fredrickson also used a different angle on the Rotate tool for each puzzle piece, so when all the pieces were polished, each piece had a unique directional grain to its surface.

"The guys at the machine shop thought I was nuts for rotating each individual puzzle piece," he explains. "But when they eventually saw how intricate the finished product looked, they understood."

Frederickson adds, "The precision of VectorWorks to the laser has been amazing. Using VectorWorks, I was able to get tolerances ten times greater than the state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment can deliver," he confirms.

VectorWorks pieces the puzzle together
The puzzles are cut to tolerances of .004" from solid metal using one of the most powerful lasers in the country, the 3000 watt Trumpf L2530. They are then welded, surfaced and polished by hand, then packaged in custom cases Fredrickson also designed. These unique, hands-on works of art are designed to challenge the most analytical of minds while pleasing the most aesthetic of sensibilities.
Diabolical Puzzles Prototype
3D puzzles for the future
Next up on Fredrickson's drawing board are stainless steel 3D puzzles cut on a five-axis laser robot.

"I plan to take advantage of the extensive 3D rendering capabilities VectorWorks 11.5 provides to design my next line of puzzles. They will be pieces of art you can touch."

Can I adjust the 3D view in a viewport?

When creating a viewport, the standard views are available in the Create Viewport dialog box and can be modified in the Object Info palette. To set the viewport to a non-standard view, use the Flyover tool. First, select the viewport that is to be changed. Select Organize > Edit Viewport. In the Edit Viewport dialog box, select Crop. Using the Flyover tool from the 3D Tools palette, rotate the model to the desired view, and then click Exit Viewport in the upper-right-hand corner of the window.

How do I reshape a wall?

You may need to reshape a wall to properly meet a roof or roof face, or simply to create an irregular wall height. With the 3D Reshape tool, reshaping a wall is a snap. To reshape a wall to meet a roof or roof face, first add a wall peak. To do this, select the wall. Select the 3D Reshape tool from the 3D Tools palette. Click Add 3D Wall Peaks in the Mode bar. (See image 2-1.) Mouse over one of the ends of the wall to display the add vertex cursor and click. (See image 2-2.) Drag the mouse to form the peak of the wall. (See image 2-3.) Click again to set the wall peak at the desired location. (See images 2-4 and 2-5.)

How can I set all objects in a specific class to a specific pen color and line weight?

VectorWorks allows attributes to be set for individual objects or for all objects in a given class. Class attributes are defined in the Classes dialog box. To set the wall class to use a red pen and a 20-point line weight, select Organize > Classes to open the Classes dialog box. Select the wall class and click Edit. (See image 3-1.) Select, and then change the pen color to red and the line weight to 20. (See image 3-2.) Click OK to close each dialog box. (See image 3-3) Now, walls in that class are automatically drawn with a red pen and 20-point line weight. (See image 3-4.)


Luis Ruiz Wins VectorWorks Design Competition Grand Prize

Luis M. Ruiz, of LineSync Architecture, won the grand prize winner for the VectorWorks International Artistic and Sketch Rendering Competition. Mr. Ruiz's sketch was the Architecture category winner and competed against five other category winners in the online contest. His was selected as the best overall design through public voting on the company's website.

3D designer Luis Ruiz, a native of Mexico City, worked VectorWorks magic in making this project come alive through sketches and three dimensional modeling. He decided to enter this competition on a whim: "The D'hOME project is close to my heart and I took the opportunity to see how it compared to others. The competition was very strong and it quickly became of great interest to everyone in the office whose repeated questions of 'How are we doing?' kept office excitement high. When I received the good news, I dropped to my knees with exhilaration. The avalanche of congratulations e-mails from friends made for a memorable day in my life!"

The winning project, the D'hOME was created to cater to the needs of clients that nourished a life-long dream to live in a geodesic dome in the woods of Vermont. Working with Joseph Cincotta of LineSync Architecture and Good Karma Domes, they chose a 5/8 dome to avoid an igloo effect resulting from the common tendency to place domes on straight walls. All windows and doors were recessed so as not to break the gentle, rounded outline. The geodesic dome proved fascinating in both digital and physical models. Two principle elements, a stone fireplace and a sweeping radial-porch entry, were added to anchor the form. To see renderings and animations of the project, please visit the residential section of the LineSync Architecture gallery at www.LineSync.com.

Discounted VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT and ESP Vision Bundle Available for Limited Time

A new, discounted VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT and ESP Vision bundle that provides a complete design, visualization and simulation solution to lighting designers worldwide is available for a limited time only. The bundle includes four universes of ESP Vision software and VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT with RenderWorks at the discounted price of $3,750, a savings of nearly 20% over retail if purchased separately.

For more information and to purchase your bundle, visit www.nemetschek.net/spotlight/vision.

Wentworth Institute of Technology Adds 580 VectorWorks Licenses to its Laptop Program

The Wentworth Institute of Technology has added 580 copies of VectorWorks to its laptop program for the fall of 2005.

"We're honored that a prestigious institution like Wentworth is committed to VectorWorks playing a significant role in its architectural program," states Michael Bendler, Nemetschek North America's educational program manager.

Wentworth Institute of Technology chose VectorWorks as the CAD software for its laptop program in August 2004.

"We selected VectorWorks because of its gentle learning curve, combined with power and versatility, including 3D," explains Wentworth Institute of Technology's Department Head and Professor of Architecture Glenn Wiggins, Ph.D., AIA. "We also wanted to standardize on a single platform and version of the software to address issues of compatibility."

Wentworth's laptop program outfits students with laptops that have the necessary software already installed. The program recognizes the need to align students with contemporary office practices, provide a standard hardware platform for instruction, provide a standard software suite that is meaningfully integrated with curriculum needs, and facilitate mobility into the working environment.

Internship Listings Wanted for Academic Web Pages

Anyone looking for interns? We'd like to post any internship opportunities you may have to the student resource page of our brand new academic website. Our goal is to make this a valuable resource for both users with busy firms and students seeking work experience. If your firm has any upcoming or ongoing internship opportunities, please email the details to academicsales@nemetschek.net.

Academic Web Pages Call for Lesson Plans

Our new academic website includes an "instructor resources" section, which will contain a collection of lesson plans from instructors who use VectorWorks in the classroom. These lesson plans will allow you and your peers to share information, knowledge and ideas on how to teach CAD and how to incorporate VectorWorks into your classroom. And we'd like to add your lesson plans.

Please help us build our academic website and email your lesson plans to academicsales@nemetschek.net.





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