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Thanks to all of you who came by to see us at Macworld New York. The show was a great success for us. And for those of you that came by, you were among the first to see our new tradeshow booth. For anyone that was unable to come and see us, don't worry, our calendar is full of dates in various cities and chances are at some point- we will be near you. If you see a tradeshow on our event calendar that you would like
attend, simply send an e-mail to marketing@nemetschek.net and we will try to
get passes for you.


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
Nemetschek North America

Tips & Tricks

Featured Architect

Dave Kenney
Philadelphia, PA

A Penn State University graduate, Dave Kenney is the head of the Philadelphia VectorWorks Users Group. He started his career as an intern, doing high-end vacation beach houses and bay-front condominium projects, then moved on to a larger Architecture/Construction/Development where he started working on hospitals, a large hotel/conference center, suburban office parks, multifamily residential, an adult continuing-care development, and large industrial projects.

In 1995, now with Design Build Associates, Dave started his largest project, a multi-phase private planned community in North Carolina.

This project was on property owned by the Transcendental Meditation Movement, and they wanted to create a resort community for their membership. In Phase I, they designed and built the core facilities consisting of with 3 main buildings - a 22,000 sf assembly hall, a 30,000 sf dining hall, and 150 one-bedroom guest suites of 1200 sf each, all constructed on a mountaintop in western North Carolina. In 1997 they opened a branch office in North Carolina, and started work on the second phase of the community.

Vedic House, Design Build Associates

Phase II work included numerous custom single family residences. Each residence is in the $150.00/sf to $300.00/sf price range. Each house is designed to follow the principles of Sthapatya Veda Architectural design, which the members of the TM movement believe will facilitate the Meditation process. Sthapatya Veda Architectural design is based in ancient Sanskrit literature involving the place of man in his environment.

Each Vedic House design is specific to an individual owner, while following certain basic Vedic principles of proportion, placement, and finishes. The placement of different functions in the house is set by Vedic design: the Kitchen, representing fire, is always placed in the southeast quadrant of the building. The Puja, or meditation room is always in the northeast quadrant. The prime entry is on the east, and the Brahmastan, or Brahma is placed on the building's North/South and East/West axis intersection. The Brahmastan is the center, and is left unoccupied by any specific function.

The materials selected for the building were, to the greatest extent possible, all natural materials. For instance, they used natural woods and stone, wool carpets, and cotton batt insulation. They also attempt to mitigate the presence of magnetic fields, as they are thought to inhibit the meditative state. To this end they substituted steel reinforcing bars with fiberglass rebar, and minimized electrical circuits in the vicinity of the Puja Room and Master Bedroom.

Vedic House, Design Build Associates

Dave explains how VectorWorks played a role in their designs:

"While working on the NC projects, we found that some of the TM staff assigned to the project had been using MiniCAD. It became fairly easy to exchange files between our clients and our office. We also exchanged files with the Vedic Master Architect's office in Holland. When both the Vedic Master and the Owner were satisfied, we assigned the CDs to either the NC office or the Philadelphia office, where a small group of staff would create the Construction Documents. This process became easier with VW8's workgroup referencing capabilities. Another feature we use quite a bit is VW ARCHITECT's redlining tool. I can redline a drawing file in Philadelphia, email it to the NC office, and staff there would pick up the changes. This saves us time and long-distance phone charges."

Design Build Associates have done Vedic houses all over the country in this manner. They have designed Vedic houses in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Oregon, and British Columbia.

Dave added, "Since the Vedic houses tend to employ similar construction techniques, we have used VW's symbol technology to create a library of detail symbols. We have symbols for detail components such as footings, reinforced CMU, built-up headers, eave trims, and the like. We have also composed assemblies of the symbols into details and made symbols of those for foundations, floor systems, walls systems, and roof systems, with complete notes and dimensions."

The project was finished late last year, and this spring Dave started his own office in suburban Philadelphia. He is the sole practitioner concentrating on residential and small commercial architectural services, with some construction management services as projects warrant. Although not a practioner of the Veda philosophy, Dave has shown how an architect can step outside the box to fulfil the requirements of his clients, and bring them exactly what they are looking for in a design.

How can I make a background when I render in Renderworks 9?

Create a flat 3D plane and assign a custom texture to it. When you create the texture, set your color shader to Filtered Image and your reflectivity shader to Constant Reflectivity.

Selecting Constant Reflectivity will make sure the background does not show any shadows that may be caused by your foreground objects.

Can I use my ATM fonts with VW 9 under Mac OS 10?

You can use the True Type fonts ATM made available, however the Multiple Master Fonts and Bitmap fonts are not currently supported under Mac OS 10.

How do I convert 3D models to 2D for detailed elevations?

Creating a 3D model, which has enough detail for an elevation sheet, can be very time consuming. If you want to keep your 3D models simple, you can rotate to an elevation view, select it, and use the Convert Copy to Lines command in the Tool menu.

This command takes a snapshot based on your current 3D view and creates a 2D line drawing, which can be easily embellished with VectorWorks' 2D drawing tools.

I miss the number stamp tool and leader line tool in VW 9. Is there a way I can get them back?

The Number Stamp and Leader Line tool are available in VectorWorks 9, they just aren't a part of a workspace by default. To add these to your workspace, use the Workspace Editor found under the File Menu.

Go to File> Workspaces> Workspace Editor. Select Edit Current Workspace.

Along the top are three tabbed menus- Menus, Tools, and Misc Keys. Click on the Tools tab. On the left hand side, expand the 2D Tools checkbox. Here you will find the Leader Line tool.

Drag the Leader Line tool from the left panel over to the right panel and add it to your current workspace.

Next to add the Number Stamp tool, expand the AEC checkbox. Drag the Number Stamp tool from the left panel over to the right panel and add it to your current workspace.

When finished, click on OK to exit the Workspace Editor. You should now be able to access these tools from your current workspace.

I am having trouble selecting objects on my drawing. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure:

  • Layer Options are set to Show/Snap/Modify others.
  • Class Options are set to Show/Snap/Modify others.
  • The layers are in the same scale.
  • The layers are in the same view.
  • The objects are not locked. (edit menu)

QuickTime™ 6 Causes Incorrect Image Exports Under Mac OS X

Apple has recently released QuickTime 6. This version of QuickTime contains a change which causes VectorWorks' Export Image File... command to generate incorrect exports. The result is an exported image which is shifted up and to the left by some amount and cropped inappropriately.

This problem only happens in the final release version of QuickTime 6 on Mac OS X. We are working with Apple to resolve this problem. Until it is resolved, we recommend that all Mac OS X users continue to use QuickTime 5.

Landscape Architecture Magazine

The July issue takes a look at 3D Power Pack in its product profiles section. Pick up a copy today!

Machine Design Magazine

VectorWorks is featured in the July 11, 2002 issue in "Capable CAD runs in Windows and Macintosh". To read the article in its entirety and to find out why Joe Greco thinks VectorWorks MECHANICAL"...gives machine designers and mechanical engineers a more focused package.", pick up the July 11, 2002 issue of Machine Design Magazine.


"Unlimited Energy" takes a look at how VectorWorks helped to design a magnetic fusion design potentially capable of producing inexhaustible energy.

Laiserin Letter

Five CAD companies respond to the question, "Does Technology Diminish Design?" Find out what Nemetschek NA as well as others had to say.

User Group Info

Los Angeles Meeting

This month's meeting will be held Monday, August 12, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

The meeting will be held at Loyola Marymount University in the Hilton Business Center Room 304. You can get a campus map at www.lmu.edu or contact Gene Rizzardi at (310) 664-3038 for more detailed instructions. Just ask at the gate for directions once you get to the campus.

Maryland Meeting

This month's meeting will be held Thursday, August 29th, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

The meeting will be held at Nemetschek North America Headquarters in Columbia, MD. You can get driving directions from the Nemetschek NA website. For more information, please contact Frank Brault at 410-795-9390 or by email at fbrault@aol.com.

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