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Spring is in full swing, and so is our artistic and sketch rendering design competition. I'd like to remind you to enter and assure you that we're looking forward to receiving your submissions. Unlike a lot of contests, you get to vote for the winner online. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your work, get national publicity—and win a plotter or printer. We sincerely hope you take advantage of it.

If you haven't yet upgraded to version 11.5, I'd also like to invite you to take a look at some new feature demos we've created, so you can see firsthand what you're missing. These short movies highlight some key new features and enhancements in version 11.5. You can find them at the "Feature Demos" link on each product page of our website. Remember, if you've already upgraded to version 11, the update to 11.5 is free.

Our trade show season is also in full swing. And our Professional Learning Series classroom training schedule has been expanded for the second quarter. In fact, we've added more than 10 dates and locations throughout the US and Canada. Visit the PLS Seminars web page for details.


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
CEO, Nemetschek North America

Sketch Contest Deadline Approaching



Graham Landscape Architecture
Annapolis, Maryland

VectorWorks LANDMARK helps Graham Landscape Architecture combine classic designs with contemporary lifestyles

Graham Landscape Architecture crafts classic landscapes for urban, country, and waterfront estates, and historic properties, blending house and gardens with distinctive designs that connect landform and architecture. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, the award-winning firm has designed landscapes for clients from as far north as Mount Desert Island in Maine to Savannah, Georgia, in the South and Kansas City, Missouri, in the West to the Atlantic Coast in the East.

When faced with the challenges of steep slopes, eroding shorelines, invasive flora, critical area buffer restrictions, structural demolitions and reconstruction, storm water management, reforestation, and complex site programming on a recent project, Graham Landscape Architecture relied on VectorWorks LANDMARK to consolidate all pertinent information electronically and manage the layers of information required for each aspect of the project, for each member of the team.

The project involved a 15,000 square foot residence situated on 22 acres of waterfront property on Maryland's Severn River. Initially built as a private residence in the 1920s, the property changed hands several times, undergoing a brief stint as a priory, at which time dormitory and chapel wings were added, as well as a serving as private school. Graham Project Catering to critical areas
The newly designed south garden resolves the challenge of some fairly complex angular geometry resulting from the way the dormitory and chapel wings were added to the original structure. In addition to addressing garden layout, views, and a retaining wall, grading precision was crucial to comply with critical area requirements.

"Taking our lessons from history, we resolved the awkward geometry by introducing the circle. We created a circular fountain and lawn area in between the two wings," explains firm principle Jay Graham. "VectorWorks LANDMARK helped us refine our initial concepts, and explore the spatial relationships and orientation of the garden elements, within the context of the site constraints. We created all of the exterior architectural and landscape components—including the fountain, lawn, and a low sitting/retaining wall."

Jumping in with both feet
Incorporating a vanishing edge pool without increasing impervious surface area required additional creative thinking. Kevin Campion, the project's lead landscape architect, took advantage of a reclaiming a paved parking area. Due to the odd shape of the area and the steep slopes bordering it, the space was fairly complicated to work with. Using VectorWorks LANDMARK, Campion was able to effectively and efficiently resolve broader issues such as impervious surface space and topography, as well as the detailed issues of paving patterns and planting areas. Graham Project "Being able to manipulate details using VectorWorks LANDMARK allows us to solve problems fast," says firm designer MarcAnderson. "For instance, we can test various options within awkward spaces, or explore stairs at different widths to see what's going to work best, or adjust the size of a fountain to explore different spatial proportions."

Keeping track of costs and materials
According to Arthur Balter, another designer with the firm, VectorWorks helps from a budgeting and estimating perspective. Simple tools, such as area calculations, provide the most current information from which material quantities can be derived. As designs are modified, the information is there to determine the budgetary impacts.

"We can very easily calculate, from a budget perspective, what is needed to realize the design or maintenance objectives, area by area," says Balter. "Whether we are looking at the quantity of plant or hardscape materials we need for a given space, or we are calculating areas for remediation efforts, VectorWorks gives us the baseline information we need to translate area into costs.This also helps us work with clients to prioritize efforts and phase implementations."

Using perennial favorites to save time
While team member Quinn Craughwell finds it time consuming to enter a lot of information up front into VectorWorks LANDMARK to use the place plant tool, she realizes the benefit when it comes time to create a plant list at the end.

"With the place plant tool in VectorWorks LANDMARK, you have your list already created for you when you're finished, which saves a lot of time in the long run, especially when we are working with designs that can include hundreds or thousands of plants," explains Craughwell.

VectorWorks LANDMARK edges out AutoCAD
Graham Landscape Architecture has been using VectorWorks LANDMARK since 1997, back when the product was called MiniCAD. None of the current team had used VectorWorks before they joined the firm, but all attest to its short learning curve and ease of use.

"Personally, I wouldn't want to use anything but VectorWorks," confirms Marc Anderson. Graham Project Read the full case study, "Graham Landscape Architecture Uses VectorWorks LANDMARK to see both the Forest and the Trees" on the case studies page of Nemetschek North America’s website.

How can I mark a line into even segments?

Occasionally you need to find points at a selected distance along a straight or curved line, along polygon edges, wall edges and/or linear objects. This is especially useful when creating light plots with VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT, designing interiors, and placing windows in walls. The Snap to Distance constraint can do just this.

To set the parameters, double-click the Snap to Distance constraint in the Constraints palette. (See image 1-1) You can repeat snap points along the object by selecting the Multiple Divisions checkbox. You can snap to fractions, percentages, or distances. Select the snapping method, enter the desired fraction, percentage, or distance, and then click OK. If you'd like to place a marker at a snap point, such as a locus, select the Locus tool. As you move the mouse along the line, the Along Line and Center cursor cues will alert you to the snap distance points. (See image 1-2) When you see the cursor cues, click to place the locus. (See image 1-3)

I imported an image file, but I only see a box with an X. How can I view my image?

There are three resolution settings when displaying images. Select File > Preferences > Document Preferences. Click the Resolution tab. If the Bitmap Display is set to Bounding Box, images display as an X for rapid file display. (See image 2-1) To view images in a drawing, select either Reduced Resolution (to display a low-resolution version of the images) or Full Resolution (to display the images at their highest resolution). (See images 2-2 and 2-3)


Deadline Approaching for VectorWorks International Artistic and Sketch Rendering Design Competition

You now have less than three weeks to put your best sketch forward. The deadline for submitting your entries into the VectorWorks International Artistic and Sketch Rendering Design Competition is May 1, 2005.

Enter by May 1, vote online for your favorite between May 16 and 31, then watch to see who wins on June 1.

Visit the VectorWorks International Artistic and Sketch Rendering Design Competition web page for complete details.

See What's New in VectorWorks

Thinking of upgrading to version 11.5 but haven't made the commitment yet? Now you can see what some of the new features and improved functionality have to offer you. We have created several feature-driven tutorials that demonstrate what some of this new and improved technology can do for you.

Get a good overview of VectorWorks viewport technology, including a new page layout feature that allows you to easily arrange multiple views of your design on a single drawing sheet. See how you can give your 2D drawings and 3D models a soft, hand-sketched look with the new 2D/3D sketch mode. Check out a faster and more convenient way to get answers to your questions with the new online help system. Look at how new smoothing options in the improved freehand tool make it easier to create organic shapes.

Click on the "Feature Demos" link in the left navigation bar of each product page to check out the QuickTime® movies demonstrating these features and many more.

Academic Web Site Call for Lesson Plans

We are developing a website dedicated to academic users of VectorWorks, and we need your help. Our goal is to provide a valuable resource packed with useful tools and information for instructors, students, and key academic personnel throughout the US.

This site will include an "instructor resources" section. One of the items we'd like to post in this section is a collection of lesson plans from instructors who use VectorWorks in the classroom. These lesson plans will allow you and your peers to share information, knowledge, and ideas on how to teach CAD and how to incorporate VectorWorks into your classroom. And we'd like to add your lesson plans.

We look forward to receiving your lesson plans and helping us build our academic website. Please email your lesson plans to academicsales@nemetschek.net.

Nemetschek North America Partners With Apple® for European Apple Architecture Studio Tour

Nemetschek North America is one of two exclusive strategic partners to join forces with Apple to bring the Apple Architecture Studio Tour to architects throughout Europe. The tour will educate architects about how Apple technology meets the demands of the 21st century architecture studio. Architects will learn how the Mac platform provides a stable and flexible environment for architects, offering unprecedented power, cross-platform compatibility and easy management. Architects will also learn how VectorWorks, as the world's best-selling CAD application for the Macintosh, is ideally suited to the needs of architects.

"We're honored to be a part of the Apple Architecture Studio Tour," said Stewart Rom, vice president of sales and marketing at Nemetschek North America. "VectorWorks has been helping architects with electronic tools for their trade for more than 20 years, and we're committed to the Macintosh platform with our support of OS X. On this tour, we'll be sharing with architects information about how VectorWorks will make their work lives easier. They'll learn how to instantly create 3D models from 2D floor plans, track costs and materials quickly and create stunning client presentations—all with one easy-to-learn and use software application."

The tour kicks off March 17 and will end in April. Cities the tour will visit include Oslo, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, Munich, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Zurich, and London.

Training Guides Offer Step-by-Step Help

Nemetschek North America offers several training guides to teachers, students, and beginning users of VectorWorks. Each guide provides practical, self-paced educational materials that can be used in the classroom and on a self-guided learning basis.

The VectorWorks 11 Workbook – Fundamentals and accompanying Teacher Edition provide a total classroom solution for instructor-led courses, as well as a foundation for self-paced learning. VectorWorks by Project offers students and professional architects a step-by-step approach to learning VectorWorks 11 with an instructional manual and CD that contains starter and progress files to accompany the text. The School Resources Kit is a collection of resources developed as a VectorWorks 11 course for the classroom environment. It comes as a CD loaded with the School Manual, exercises, and narrated QuickTime lessons.

Visit Nemetschek North America's Training Guides and Manuals Web page for more information on these training guides.

Just Announced: Second Quarter Professional Learning Series Dates and Locations

Several new Professional Learning Series seminar dates and locations are now available. Cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Columbia, Maryland, Chicago, New York, Boston, Toronto, and Calgary. For more information, visit the PLS Seminars web page.

Upfront E-zine's Book Review: Images of CAD

Other CAD vendors have done it, but not in this lavish coffee-table style. Two hundred pages of CAD design from around the world: 2D and 3D line drawings, renderings and merged images of buildings, dams, concert stages, and so on. All created by Vectorworks CAD software from Nemetschek North America.

When your friends can't figure out what it is you do (as mine are want to not), you can place this in their hands for their edification, elucidation, and education.

Problem is, I can't see people who use CAD other than Vectorworks displaying this book publicly. Any maybe not even Vectorworks. What if your drawings and renderings look pitiful in comparison? I would have liked more of the technical descriptions of how the drawings were created, and less architectural deep-think mumbo-jumbo, such as "The [urban development] concepts it addresses include public space and its associated disciplines, the collective identity of a city, spatial continuity, and a city's homogeneous diversity" [say what?].

This book is an impressive project that highlights the capabilities of the Vectorworks range of CAD software, and what computer-aided software itself means to designers.

-Ralph Grabowski





May 4-6

Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities

Washington, DC (Booth #600)

May 5-6

JLC Live Southern California

Anaheim, CA (Booth #1544)

May 19-21

AIA National Convention

Las Vegas, NV (Booth #1040)

May 31-June 3


San Francisco, CA (Booth #941)

June 8-10


Las Vegas, NV (Booth #7514)

June 27-30

National Educational Computing Conference

Philadelphia, PA (Booth #961)




April 12-15

San Francisco, CA

• Intro to VectorWorks
• Architect Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

April 18-21

Columbia, MD

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

April 26-29

Chicago, IL

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

May 4-6

Atlanta, GA

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals

May 10-12

New York, NY

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals

May 16-19

Toronto, ON

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

May 24-27

Los Angeles, CA

• Intro to ARCHITECT
• ARCHITECT Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. The VectorWorks and VectorWorks ARCHITECT classes are AIA CES certified, so attendees can earn up to 32 CES learning units. For additional information, contact training@nemetschek.net.


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