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2004 is almost over, and the holiday season is in full swing. After that, it's the new year, and we have a lot of great things lined up for 2005!

In early January, we'll be showcasing VectorWorks LANDMARK 11 at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show in Baltimore. If you're in the area, please stop by our booth. We'll be there from January 5-7. Then, it's off to San Francisco, California, for one of the most exciting trade shows of the year. We'll be at Macworld from January 11-14, and we'll have some exciting demonstrations to show off to all the exhibit attendees. You won't want to miss it.

For almost 20 years, we have depended on user feedback to target new software development, features, and training programs. As you requested, we've broadened our training to include new, product-based seminars, and we've expanded our schedule to include more stops in more areas. Please check out our training Web site for the 2005 calendar, as well as descriptions of the new classes.

Lastly, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for making 2004 such a great year for all of us at Nemetschek North America. Continue to enjoy your holiday season, and have a safe and happy new year!


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
CEO, Nemetschek North America



Josh E. Fieldhouse
Intext Lighting Services
Nashville, TN

VectorWorks and RenderWorks enable entertainment lighting designer Josh Fieldhouse to design shows for military clients

Josh Fieldhouse is a professional lighting designer to the stars. The likes of four-star generals, that is. For more than 10 years, the Nashville, Tennessee, resident has been designing shows using VectorWorks and RenderWorks for an esteemed roster of clients that includes the Air Force Reserve and the Department of Defense.

Operation Season's Greetings, The 50th Anniversary Berlin Airlift, and Desert Storm 10th Anniversary Tattoo are just a few productions for which Fieldhouse has produced lighting design scenarios using VectorWorks and RenderWorks.

One of the greatest challenges he encounters when working with his military clients is communicating design intent. According to Fieldhouse, the diversity and functionality of VectorWorks allowed him to overcome this challenge.

"Celebration", Spring 2003 (rendered by GoLive Productions)

"The diversity and functionality of VectorWorks has helped me show how designs are going to work in various non-traditional venues and show clients who aren’t as familiar with the entertainment industry what they're going to see," explains Fieldhouse. "In the military, personnel are assigned tasks and are required to answer to a colonel or general. VectorWorks helps take the burden off putting my concepts into words and lets me show clients both line-drawn and rendered images, so they can see what they’ll be getting."

Having an accurately rendered image and being able to show multiple views helps Fieldhouse justify the importance of fixtures in their varied uses, for example.

RenderWorks has also been an enormous help in that area, notes Fieldhouse: "A whole new world erupted right in front of my eyes with RenderWorks!"

Another solution VectorWorks and RenderWorks have provided for the lighting designer is being able to quickly translate his ideas into a workable design on paper, then transform that into a presentation for his clients.

Band of the Air Force Reserve, "Drug Free," '04

"From that initial design idea on a napkin, I can get right into VectorWorks to see where I need to go," he says. "VectorWorks' ease-of-use in putting my ideas down and modifying them quickly allows me to get the design ready for RenderWorks in a flash."

For more information about Intext Lighting Services, please visit homepage.mac.com/intextlighting/Menu1.html or email Josh Fieldhouse at joshef@mac.com.

How To Fillet all Corners of a Rectangle in One Step

You can easily fillet the corners of a rectangle or polygon in one simple step. You don't have to click on each set of adjacent lines per corner! To do this, select the Fillet tool and click the Fillet and Trim mode. Double-click on one of the edges of the polygon or rectangle. Specify the fillet radius. All corners of the object are filleted per that preference.

How do you simulate a fluorescent lamp in RenderWorks?

You can approximate a linear light source (for neon tubes) by duplicating multiple point lights along a path, using the Duplicate Along Path tool. If you set the lights' distance falloff to Sharp, the effects of the point lights are more localized to the area around the tube. The brightness value of each light depends on the amount of falloff, the number of lights, and the dimensions of your project. It should be set so the combined light from each individual light gets washed out along the path, but doesn't spread too far away from the tube. Offset the lights away from the tube somewhat so that the lights aren't shadowed. Be aware that the tube casts a shadow forward if the lights are offset back from the tube. However, with a sharp falloff and enough distance from the tube to the rest of the scene, this may not occur.

By using the Constant reflectivity shader, you can get an extrude along path of the shape to appear to be a tubular light fixture. Create a texture with a Plain Color shader that is the same color of the lights and set the reflectivity to Constant. On Mac OS X, a good way to set the color of the tube texture is to render the light near a flat surface, like a wall, edit the texture, edit the Plain Color shader, and click on the magnifying glass in the Mac OS X color chooser. This lets you set the color of the tube texture to any pixel on your screen. Clicking on the parts of the wall that are lit by the point lights ensures that the tube color matches the effects from the point lights.

Troubleshooting Printing Tip from Tech Support

There are a number of steps you can take to find the source of a problem you may be having in VectorWorks and ways to resolve those problems. Please note these are basic troubleshooting steps. If you try these and you are still having problems, please contact Tech Support at (410) 290-5114 or tech@nemetschek.net.

If you are having a printing problem, check to make sure you have the most recent printer driver installed, and that you are using the most recent version of the operating system (Macintosh only). On a PC, make sure this driver is the Windows standard driver and not the AutoCAD driver. Once you have confirmed this is not the problem, select Rasterize Print Output in the Print dialog box. This will prevent an out-of-memory situation from occurring. If the file prints with this option on, then the printer does not have sufficient memory to process the print. If the file does not print, create a new, blank document, draw a rectangle, and try to print. If the new file doesn't print, try to print from another application. If the other application is having problems, please contact your printer manufacturer for additional troubleshooting steps.


NNA Launches Expanded VectorWorks Training Series

Nemetschek North America announced the expansion of the VectorWorks Professional Learning Series to include new product-specific seminars on VectorWorks ARCHITECT, VectorWorks LANDMARK, VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT, and RenderWorks. The hands-on seminars have been designed for VectorWorks users to increase product knowledge and sharpen skills through expert instruction in a classroom environment. Seminars are scheduled to begin in January, 2005, and will be held in cities across North America. All two-day seminars also include a one-time follow-up review session presented through WebEx.™ Please visit our training Web site for more information.

VectorWorks Trainers Needed

Since its inception more than four years ago, the VectorWorks Professional Learning Series has visited 21 cities across the USA and Canada, and helped over 2000 customers. This seminar series, a partnership between Nemetschek North America and Resolve Software Solutions of Vancouver, will soon be expanded to include more varied and advanced training courses, and we’re looking for trainers to serve this continent-wide market.

This is a contract position that requires a commitment of between 1-2 weeks every two months. Much of the work will require travel, but some training will also be done via the Web.

Our ideal candidate knows VectorWorks well, is a good speaker, is personable, and genuinely likes to help users learn the software. We see this position as being complementary to a VectorWorks-based design or consulting practice, with your work experience adding valuable context to the delivery of training, as well as the wide and varied contact with other VectorWorks users having the potential to enrich your other work.

If you're a VectorWorks enthusiast and a good communicator, we encourage you to apply. For a more detailed job description, visit www.resolve.ca/careers/index.html.





January 5-7

MANTS (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show)

Baltimore, MD (Booth #2654)

January 11-14


San Francisco, CA (Booth #2233)

February 1-3

NE Grows!

Boston, MA (Booth #2924)




January 11-14

Columbia, MD

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

January 18-21

San Francisco, CA

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

February 1-4

Boston, MA

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

February 8-11

Columbia, MD

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

February 15-18

New York, NY

• Intro to VectorWorks
• VectorWorks Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

February 15-18

Vancouver, BC

• Intro to VectorWorks
• Architect Fundamentals
• RenderWorks Fundamentals

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. The VectorWorks ARCHITECT course is AIA CES certified, so attendees can earn up to 32 CES learning units. For additional information, contact marketing@nemetschek.net.


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