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It seems like everyone is talking about VectorWorks 11 this month. We've read great reviews on Version 11 from Builder magazine, Lighting Dimensions, and MacCompanion. We've also heard good things about Version 11 from our customers. Over the last 30 days, we've traveled to Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Salt Lake City to demonstrate our software at industry trade shows. Last week, we were in Pennsylvania attending the annual conference of the Technology Education Association of Pennsylvania and met quite a few students and educators who have been using our products.

Next week, we're heading up north to Boston for the Build Boston Show from November 16-18. We'd love to see you there, if you're in the area.

Our annual International Distributor Conference last month was a success. We welcomed our distributors from all over the world for four days of information-filled sessions. We were especially pleased to hear from our distributors, who presented on a variety of topics. This, in turn, presented a great opportunity for us at Nemetschek to learn from our distributors, so we can better address all our customers' needs. See the picture below for the many faces of our growing global family.


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
CEO, Nemetschek North America



Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects (LRSLA) is a women-owned firm practicing landscape architecture and environmental planning. Founded in 1991, the firm has successfully designed and executed projects that range in scope from comprehensive master planning, to the creation of intimate landscapes and the detail design of site elements. The firm has worked on numerous projects in which master plan ideas were developed into built landscapes. LRSLA is committed to providing imaginative, practical, and sustainable designs to achieve our client's objectives.

Recent projects completed by LRSLA include institutional, campus, recreational, streetscape, and transportation design; historic landscape preservation; and site planning for housing and public parks.

One of the projects that LRSLA has been working on is Shortlidge Mall at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA. The intention of the project was to transform an existing vehicular road, that bisected an area of campus heavily trafficked by pedestrians into a car-free zone and to create a signature campus place for students.

The challenges faced on the Shortlidge project included an aggressive schedule and high client expectations. The ease of using VectorWorks helped LRSLA overcome the schedule challenges; complex, highly detailed drawings were produced in a short amount of time. A survey base and several architectural drawings all prepared in AutoCAD were workgroup referenced and it worked out well. Sketches were easily issued during construction because it was quick to go into the electronic drawings, make changes and then issue the sketches.

The primary objective of LRSLA is to provide clients with innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and cost effective environments. Their landscapes enhance the quality of life, are environmentally responsible, and practical to maintain. LRSLA believes expertise and training enables them to design landscapes that reveal the character and quality of each site on which they work. By using vegetation and materials indigenous to the locale and by responding to site context and client input LRSLA has been able to transform modest sites into landscapes that enhance the built projects within them and assure continuity with the existing environment.

How to Set the Working Plane to a Planar Face

Have you ever needed to add an object in elevation view to an object that is at an angle in a standard view? The Set Working Plane tool allows you to change the current working plane to accomplish this.

For example, you may want to hang a picture on a wall that is drawn at a 30-degree angle in Top/Plan view (see image 1-1) To draw an extrude on the wall, you’ll need to switch to an elevation view. Since the wall is angled, you’ll need to set the working plane to the face of the wall.

Click the Set Working Plane tool from the 3D Tools palette. Select Planar Face mode. Select the angled wall face to set as the basis for the working plane (see image 1-2). The working plane will now be set to that wall (see image 1-3). To save the working plane, click Add on the Working Planes palette. Assign the new working plane a name, and then click OK (see image 1-4). Now, you can perfectly position the picture on the wall (see image 1-5).

How to Add "Favorites" Files to the Resource Browser

For quick access, the Resource Browser can store links to VectorWorks files containing frequently used resources. To add favorites, access the Files and Folder menu by clicking the arrow to the right of the Files and Folders heading at the top of the Resource Browser. Select "Add New Favorite Files." In the Open dialog box, navigate to the location of the file(s) you’d like to add to the favorites list. Select the file(s), and then click Open. The files are now listed in the Document folder list of the Resource Browser for easy access.

Creating a Revolved Rail Surface

The Revolve with Rail menu command is an easy way to create a tent-like structure. It is often an alternate method of creating complex NURBS surfaces than using the Loft Surface tool.

To create a tent-like structure using the Revolve with Rail menu command, first create a NURBS Curve object. (see image 3-1) This object will represent the shape of the structures base. Switch to a view perpendicular of the base object. For example, if the base object was drawn in Top or Top Plan view, switch to Right, Left, Front, or Rear view. Draw an object representing the axis. This axis will specify the point at which the profile object will rotate about. Next, create the profile object. The profile object will represent the shape of the NURBS surface. (see image 3-2) Convert both of these objects, the rail and profile, to a NURBS curve. Select all three objects, the NURBS Curve, axis, and profile. Go to Model>Revolve with Rail. (see image 3-3) Click on the Rail object first, then the profile object, and finally the base shape object. The end shape is a NURBS Surface. (see image 3-4, 3-5)

How to Disable the Zoom Line Thickness Preference

The Zoom Line Thickness VectorWorks Preference displays lines using their associated line weights. With this preference enabled, the lines appear thicker on screen as you zoom in. . If you do not want to display the various line thicknesses on screen, disable this preference by selecting File > Preferences > VectorWorks Preferences. Click the Display tab, and then deselect the Zoom Line Thickness checkbox.


VectorWorks Partners with Visual Mill

Nemetschek North America announced its partnership with MecSoft Corporation, to offer VectorWorks 11 users the benefit of VisualMill, a leading-edge CAM solution. VisualMill, with its 2-1/2 axis, advanced 3-axis, 4-axis continuous, and 5-axis indexed milling, as well as hole manufacturing solutions, offers the users the ability to manufacture parts designed in VectorWorks.

ARCHITECT 11: "A Serious Bargain"

Read a review of VectorWorks Architect 11 by Builder magazine. "For less than half the price of competing products, this new version has builder-specific modeling and rendering features that rival the best 3-D object-oriented programs plus powerful 2-D CAD automation that will make even hard-core AutoCAD users look twice." complete review

SpotLight 11 Showcased in LD's Learning Curve Review Series

Read an extensive review of VectorWorks SpotLight 11 in Lighting Dimension's Learning Curve Part II: CAD Packages Review.

VectorWorks 11: "Drop-Dead Cool" (PDF)

Robert Pritchett reviews VectorWorks 11 for November's edition of MacCompanion. Read how he comes to the conclusion that "CAD doesn’t have to be difficult. Nemetschek makes it easy!" complete review in PDF form





November 16-18

Build Boston

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Columbia, MD

VectorWorks Fundamentals & Hands-on 3D

November 15-18

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VectorWorks Fundamentals & Hands-on 3D

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Denver, CO

VectorWorks Fundamentals & Hands-on 3D

December 9-10

Columbia, MD

VectorWorks Fundamentals Only

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. Architects can earn 16 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Fundamentals course and 16 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Hands-on 3D course. For additional information, contact marketing@nemetschek.net.


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