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Well, summer is in full swing, and it is certainly a scorcher. Our longtime Mac users know that July means Macworld NY. We will be attending this year and will have our own booth. So, if you are looking for a diversion this summer, come on out and see us at Booth #1849.

For anyone interested in attending the show, we will have free passes. Just send an email to marketing@nemetschek.net and let us know how many you need. We hope to see you there.


Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek N.A.

Richard Diehl
Nemetschek North America

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Featured Firm

Slater Associates, Inc.
Columbia, Maryland

For more than 27 years, Slater Associates, Inc. has provided high quality masterplanning, site specific design, environmental graphics and landscape architectural design services for its clients and the community.

A professional landscape architecture firm, Slater Associates specializes in creating people-oriented environments on all scales. The firm's philosophy is to balance human needs with the preservation of natural resources.

Sinai Hospital Cancer Inst. garden, Slater Associates

The firm designed the Sinai Hospital Cancer Insitute garden. The project was a rooftop garden created on top of a parking garage, so as to present a "natural scene" to the patients as opposed to one full of cars. This project exemplifies the firm's approach to marrying natural and functional elements, which produce not only functional but award-winning designs that respect the environment.

One of the principal partners, John Slater is a master at creating outdoor spaces for people and shaping these spaces with plants. He began his career planning and designing the new town of Columbia, MD, home of Nemetschek North America. He explains how VectorWorks has played an integral part in the firm's success.

"When we were creating designs for the Rehoboth and Bethany Beaches, we prepared concept plans that were done in a fraction of the time it would have taken if the plans were hand drawn. We were also able to create drawings of certain areas at different scales without much work. We could show an enlarged area of one city block to show certain details and then show the same area within the context of the whole town. Alternative options were also easy to show since we did not have to re-draw the whole drawing."

Bethany Beach, Slater Associates

Slater also commented that the reason why they use VectorWorks is because, "The system is much easier to use than any of the other systems we have tried. It is intuitive and integrates well with photographs and other graphical elements."

Slater Associates practices many facets of landscape architecture, all of which improve the land for people's use in all of the seasons.

To see more designs by Slater Associates, Inc., visit www.slaterassociates.com

How do I "stick" two or more objects together?

VectorWorks 9 features a set of tools called "Parametric Constraints" that can do all this and more. To access these, look for the red tools located on the Parametric Constraints palette.

Parametric Constraints allow you to establish rules for 2D objects to follow. Want two points to always touch? Use the Constrain Coincident tool. How about always having two lines be exactly three feet apart? Try the Constrain Distance tool.

There are many more rules you can use and combine. Just remember, constraints can only work on 2D objects on the same layer.

How do I enter the bearing information for the Property Line tool?

When entering the bearing segment in the Create Property Line dialog box, it is important that you enter the bearing as an angle or in "d" for degrees, "m" for minutes, and "s" for seconds, direction+xx"d"+xx"m"+xx"s"+direction

What is a quick way to scroll through my layers?

First, from the Organize menu, set your Layer Options to Active Only. Then using the Command + up/down arrow keys on the Mac or Ctrl + up/down arrow keys on Windows, you can easily scroll through and view the individual layers in your drawing.

How do I save screen space?

One way to help reduce clutter on your screen is to learn the keyboard commands associated with each palette item. Since the commands work even if the palette is closed, you can use them instead of taking up valuable screen real estate. To find and change these command keys, you can use the Workspace Editor.

Some users even like to make a super palette with all the common tools and keys assigned. Then, they can just use a few very small palettes with the more obscure, or task-oriented tools.


VectorWorks 9.5.2

VectorWorks 9.5.2 is now available for download from our website. This is a maintenance update with some bug fixes. To download 9.5.2, visit www.nemetschek.net/downloads/vectorworks

Cadalyst Review

The July issue of Cadalyst features a fantastic review of VectorWorks ARCHITECT. Find out why reviewer Steve Ross gives ARCHITECT 4.5 stars at www.cadonline.com/reviews

MacNut Review

Read the VectorWorks 9.5 review in Macnut magazine. Author, Robert Pritchett states that "Seeing VectorWorks in action was a breath of fresh air." To find out more visit,

New User Groups

Do you live in Maryland, New York or Alabama? If you do, there's a new User Group in your area.

Contact Info
Maryland- Frank Brault at fbrault@aol.com
New York- Luc Lefebvre at llefebvre@kingarch.com
Alabama- Michael Moore at mbmoore6@comcast.net

To find a user group in your area, check out, www.nemetschek.net/training/usergroups.html. Not one in your area? Interested in starting your own? Contact Deirdre at dkidd@nemetschek.net to get a new user group going in your backyard.

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July 17 - 19

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Aug 7 - 11

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

July 17 - 18

Columbia, MD

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July 19

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

August 14 - 15

Columbia, MD

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August 16

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VectorWorks Fundamentals

August 21 - 22

San Francisco, CA

VectorWorks Hands-on 3D

August 23

San Francisco, CA

AIA Accreditation
NNA is pleased to offer AIA Continuing Education credit for our seminars. Architects can earn 16 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Fundamentals course, and 8 learning units by attending the VectorWorks Hands-on 3D course. For additional information, contact marketing@nemetschek.net

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