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In this issue you will find additional timesaving tips and tricks along with our news update and our project profile of the month. If you are interested in seeing your firm or project in the eDispatch, please contact dkidd@nemetschek.net. And, if you have your own tip that you would like to share, please let us know; we would love to use it.


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Richard Diehl
Nemetschek North America

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Peter Abrahamson

BattleBots: Ronin

Peter Abrahamson knew by the time he was fourteen that a career in special effects was for him. Since 1987, he has designed and built robots, animatronics, puppets, creatures, aliens, monsters, and animals for movies, TV shows, commercials, and theme parks.

Robotic combat was a natural extension of his work and passion, and he has been competing in robotic combat events since the first Robot Wars in 1994. When Robot Wars went under in the US in 1998 due to legal issues, BattleBots started up. He has been with it ever since. Peter is currently designing a battlebot toy for Jakks Pacific.


The design of the battlebot toy is based on Peter's robot Ronin, Japanese for masterless samurai. While Ronin is a fierce looking robot with tank treads, Peter explains that treads for his robot proved to be a rather complicated endeavor.

"When I decided I would build a large robot with treads, I needed to find treads. After an exhaustive search of chain attachments, conveyor link, and rubber tracks, I found nothing I liked. The arena is a harsh place and I wanted something that would not fly off at the first hit of a hammer or saw. I designed my own treads, links, drive sprockets— the whole system. I researched how chain works, how treads are done on real tanks, and how to keep the costs down with manufacturing. This was a time-consuming process and it wasn't cheap, no matter how I simplified it, mainly due to the number of parts I would need; 200 tread links in total with sprockets. All said, Ronin is one of the only treaded robots to never have lost a tread in combat."

Peter's design process generally starts on a napkin or other scrap of paper he finds laying around when he is having a discussion with a teammate or fellow robot builders. He spent many hours plowing through catalogs and the Internet to find parts for his needs. After finding the right pieces, he starts putting them into the CAD puzzle and designs the parts that join all these elements together. This is where VectorWorks plays a role in Peter's success.

"With machining and sending drawings out to CNC shops, the ability to give them a DXF file for use with their CAD/CAM software saves huge amounts of time (and my money)! Much of the geometry and calculations are done by VectorWorks, rather than me getting out the books and doing the math longhand. I have learned how valuable time is; I have so little of it these days, that if I use VectorWorks, I save others and myself many sleepless nights."

For more information on Peter and Ronin, visit his website, http://home.pacbell.net/roninsfx/

How do I prevent my palettes from automatically docking?

To prevent palettes from docking automatically, hold the Control Key down while dragging them.

Can I pan the view of my drawing while in the middle of using a tool?

You may hold down the Space Bar during the use of a tool in order to pan the drawing.

How can I deselect objects easily?

Double-click the 'X' key on your keyboard to quickly deselect objects and access to the 2D Selection tool.

What is a quick way to select objects that had been previously selected?

Access the Edit menu and choose the Previous Selection command.

How do I draw a Wye Join 2 Wall?

Drawing Wye Joins can sometimes be a little tricky. This short tutorial will take you step-by-step on how to create
clean Wye Join connections.

How do I assign different types of trim styles to my door objects?

VectorWorks Objects are powerful production and presentation tools. This short tutorial shows you how to add trim to a door and use styles to easily add detail to a presentation drawing.


9.5.2 Maintenance Updates Now Available

Nemetschek N.A. has released the 9.5.2 English-language maintenance updates for VectorWorks, RenderWorks, ARCHITECT, ARCHITECT with LANDMARK, LANDMARK, MECHANICAL, and SPOTLIGHT. The 9.5.2 update corrects a few important bugs that affect both Mac and Windows users. These free updates are available to all registered VectorWorks users as a download from the web site, or on CD for a nominal fee.

RenderWorks Training CD Now Available

The final installment of the VectorWorks 9 Training CDs is complete. The RenderWorks training CD explains topics such as VectorWorks preferences, creating a 3D workspace, light types, lighting techniques, how to light a model, RenderWorks modes, texture libraries, placing textures, texture shaders, creating new textures, and printing and exporting renderings.

New Dealers Join the VectorWorks Team

Three new distribution partners have signed on to sell VectorWorks in their respective countries. Datalogics will sell VectorWorks in India, CAD System UL in Poland, and Mad Macs Hong Kong Distributions Limited in Hong Kong and China.

Forward Migration Kit: Software for Architects

This article found on MacCentral takes a look at several CAD options for architects. VectorWorks is at the top of the list with, "Far and away, the most mentioned application by architects with whom we talked is VectorWorks ARCHITECT from Nemetschek North America." To read this article in its entirety, visit http://maccentral.macworld.com

VectorWorks 9.5.1 is Rated 9.5/10

MacNut reviews VectorWorks 9.5.1 and states, "The Macintosh Architects are all pretty much using VectorWorks and they are very happy with the package. Let me emphasize that. Very happy and productive." To read this article in its entirety, visit http://mac-nut.com

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