Renderworks Textures

Below is a new texture library, replacing the original library installed with Renderworks. There are several new textures included in this library, as well as a new streamlined naming convention, changing the names of all the textures. You can download the entire library by choosing the Textures Library link, or you can download the individual Vectorworks files, and add them to the Textures folder. Please note, these files are intended to replace the existing RenderWorks textures. All of the old textures, in addition to many new textures are included in the links below.

A new HTML based Texture Card has been created listing all of these new textures. This card can be used on-line, printed, or downloaded and viewed in your web browser off-line. Click here to view the Texture Card on-line, or select the appropriate link below to download the card, and view it in off-line.

Texture Card
texture_card.hqx 249k 185k

Texture Library
textures.hqx 3mb 2.8mb
textures_brick.hqx 290k 277k
textures_carpet.hqx 17k 12k
textures_cmu.hqx 72k 67k
textures_concrete.hqx 30k 27k
textures_fab.hqx 85k 71k
textures_glass.hqx 63k 52k
textures_marble.hqx 185k 163k
textures_metal.hqx 73k 81k
textures_nature.hqx 382k 345k
textures_paver.hqx 75k 62k
textures_shingle.hqx 1mb 967k
textures_siding.hqx 274k 286k
textures_stone.hqx 151k 136k
textures_tile.hqx 67k 61k
textures_wood.hqx 373k 342k