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RenderWorks 12 Downloads:



New HDRI Backgrounds


Create realistically-rendered objects and exterior scenes by simply choosing a background and rendering.

click to download the zip file (164k hqx file)



RenderWorks 9 Downloads:



RenderWorks 9.0.1a Updater


Under some circumstances RenderWorks 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 will display the "Out of memory" alert when displaying multiple layers with the Show... Layer Options. This spurious message can prevent exporting and printing of rendered images. The RenderWorks 9.0.1a update will improve this functionality.

To install this update, first download and unstuff the updater. Double click on "RenderWorks 9.0.1a Updater". It will automatically attempt to find your old copy of RenderWorks and will proceed to update it to the new version. If you have more than one copy installed you will be presented with a list so you may select a specific copy.

click to download the Updater (128k hqx file)


Textures II


We have created an all new texture library, replacing the original library. This library includes several new textures, improved textures, and an all new naming convention, designed to make using textures easier and more efficient.