Vectorworks 2014 SP1 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2014 Service Pack 1.
This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

Issue Id Title
VB-111930 Cannot create Space object from polyline with hole, using ISpaceObjectSupport
VB-111820 Thumbnails and Previews for VW Files are Broken (Windows Only).
VB-111815 Crash creating a new design layer from the OIP
VB-111810 "Options..." button doesn't work for the Typical Symbol in the Build Summary List
VB-111789 Vectorworks disappear duplicating Callout in Sheet layer
VB-111767 A Round Wall height is incorrect, if exported as STL.
VB-111746 "Out of Date" boundary and "Red Update" Button for Viewports Does Not Show after Crop Edit of Viewport.
VB-111705 Create2DObjectShadow causes a crash
VB-111678 "Fit Walls to Objects" missing from default Landmark workspace
VB-111674 3D Geometry Fails in Open GL
VB-111663 Open GL-Rendered Viewport Shows Incorrect Shadows
VB-111610 Building appears "mashed"
VB-111583 Create Animation Preview non-functional
VB-111574 Selection Box is larger than expected for WinDoor objects
VB-111572 Export to DWG: 3D solid cone does not export correctly.
VB-111571 Wall network does not update as expected
VB-111564 CW Space: Picked walls selection (highlighting) is not always working correctly.
VB-111563 CW Space: Space boundary column "islands" are incorrect in some cases.
VB-111544 Need help text to assign zones and GSA occupancy dialog, when hover inside the list
VB-111537 VW Crashes When Switching to Top/Plan View
VB-111536 Sheet layer section viewport fails to render properly while in Open GL (Recent Regression )
VB-111530 Vectorscript HIDE command only working in Wireframe mode
VB-111519 Invoking "Final 3d" Saved View causes Vw to crash
VB-111516 Opening this Vw13 file in Vw14 causes crash
VB-111494 Symbol to Group Operation Displays On-Screen On Tool Selection : JBC
VB-111486 Open GL to Wireframe Error
VB-111456 In deep solid edits, OpenGL stops working
VB-111419 Using RunNamedDialog() with {$NAMES 19} Produces Script Error : JBC
VB-111388 ignore plug-ins with empty universal names in plug-in manager
VB-111384 Texture Map on Site not rendering
VB-111378 OpenGL rendering bug: sharp corner on a 3D Solid that has been filleted.
VB-111358 IFC - IFC values are not being remembered when edited through the Object Info Palette
VB-111335 The Typical symbol is shown bigger than other symbols in the Instrument summary.
VB-111333 The Italic style and the Underline Style of Header of Instrument summary is not shown correctly.
VB-111160 New Palette is not displayed from Palette list.(Mac only)
VB-111129 Stake object changes after reset
VB-111095 Spotlight: Create Label Legend from existing LD not working as advertised
VB-111020 Flipping a Pilaster in wall does not trigger reset of space
VB-110733 Door PIO ledged and braced door leafs are inside out
VB-110703 Numeric values in the text box in Dimension Exterior Walls is not recalculated when change the Units.
VB-110695 Left(or Right) Side Wrap of Feature and Wall component look different.
VB-110682 Invisible Plant PIOs in file
VB-110573 If exported as IFCXML, each 2-byte story names are garbled.
VB-110567 A Complex line Type is exported incorrectly.
VB-110566 Texts in a Complex Line Type are invisible in a certain situation.
VB-110408 when Background Render is OpenGL, "Cast Shadows of Objects Removed by Section" does not works.
VB-110311 Preview in create animation not working
VB-110306 Some options of "Import DXF/DWG or DWF" don't work.
VB-110280 DXF/DWG Reference Options Fail to Gray-Out When Multiple Files are Imported
VB-110175 About Worksheet,it is displayed as "0" without being displayed as "False" a result of comparison operation
VB-110146 SBE: Dialog "IFC Data" doesn't store edited data anymore (regression)
VB-110007 the corner of the slabs does not becomes the curve although you drawing in a way to make a curve in drag.
VB-109907 Incorrect line is displayed on the Sweep object in OpenGL
VB-109906 Object does not move when you press the Preview button in the Create Animation dialog
VB-109903 The settings are not saved when you click OK to set the value of IFC data on the stairs.
VB-109902 VW can't be recognized 2byte characters data of SQLite Database.
VB-109901 You can't use to SQLite Database table or field, when be used SQLite Database tablename or fieldname 2byte characters.
VB-109878 VW is shut down when I print it after RW Rendering.
VB-109873 Stories names are created incorrectly.
VB-109867 Standard resources will increase in the pull-down
VB-109865 Edit Path Animation Dialog remain open and Select Animation Dialog becomes active, all operations may not be able to do.
VB-108717 Images are not exported if used 2-byte for export name or export to a folder has 2-byte path for destination when exporting as DWF.
VB-108680 Images don't be exported, if executing "Export DXF/DWG or DWF(Batch)".
VB-106240 Same results are exported even if changing "Export Quality" settings.(Export as 3DS)
VB-105892 Resource Browser: Double-click on symbol to activate, results in Crash
VB-105792 Extract Surface Operation Crashes VW -- Parasolid bug PR#1928196
VB-105469 Repeated but intermittent crash: When double-clicking a symbol on the Resource Browser
VB-103131 Import of DWG worked fine accept that during scroll wheel zoom in and out major amount of lines radiating out from random points appear.
VB-100558 Crash - double clicking on symbol
VB-92174 Animation Preview Is Not Working in Mac.
VB-79419 'Floating' Hardscape tag does not adhere to rotated plan view