Vectorworks 2013 SP3 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2013 Service Pack 3.
This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

Issue Id Title
VB-106781 SPACE - Additional Infos problem
VB-106752 IFC: Cannot attach Pset_LightFixtureTypeCommon to IfcFlowTerminal
VB-106653 Wish- Space Names should have independent opacity attribute
VB-106626 Duplicating plants creates issues with plants inside plants.
VB-106498 Label Legend Rotation Bug - rectangles don't rotate properly
VB-106495 Text flips while zooming if "Adjust Flipped Text" has been toggled on/off in the document.
VB-106477 Printing Dirties VP's
VB-106455 KLS: Localisation problems with Sets of Lighting Device Parameters (Spotlight Preferences)
VB-106447 Set a few classes together to invisible in more than one viewport doesn't work.
VB-106443 Set a few classes together to invisible needs one click more, than in Vectorworks 2012.
VB-106411 KLS: Attached file brings Vectorworks into an insecure state
VB-106407 VW crashes while zooming
VB-106362 Cropped DLVP and DLSVPs cannot be rendered in line or poly render modes and in raster render modes
VB-106352 Callout text margin not working in the attached file
VB-106335 Export DXF/DWG doesn't work with the attached file. Vectorworks crashes.
VB-106330 Scroll-wheel zoom and pan crashes file—Enhanced Navigation Graphics is the likely culprit
VB-106324 Changing class visibility fails through Organization > Viewports > Visibilities view
VB-106316 Exporting results are cropped.(Export DWF)
VB-106242 KLS: Attached file crashes Vectorworks the moment the "Organization" dialog box is opened.
VB-106222 Application of some textures are voided, if exporting as "CINEMA 4D".
VB-106221 Impossible to import an "Adjacency Matrix" file, if it has 2-byte file path.
VB-106187 Georeferencing/Well-Known Text is Broken - JBC
VB-106184 VW is shut down(Greate Pad from Grade Limits)
VB-106178 Window Object: set to use symbol geometry not observing loci for wall break
VB-106170 KLS: Export DXF/DWG of polylines with numerous holes incorrect
VB-106137 The Line type settings button shouldn't be enabled if a simple line type is selected (Mac only)
VB-106081 KLS:Line Types erraneous for Layer Scale 1:1
VB-106069 When importing a DWF file, the texts will have inclination.
VB-106068 Objects in Data tab on Obj Info is going down
VB-106067 Displays only first letter of class or Layer names, if importing a DWFx file.
VB-106066 Layers which have similar names are integrated, if importing a DWFx file.
VB-106065 2-byte texts are garbled, if importing a DWFx file.
VB-106064 Object shapes are incorrect, if importing a certain DWFx file.
VB-106050 After batch PDF export, all viewports show as out of date.
VB-106036 Crash: Open a test file and Vectorworks crashes (Win only)
VB-106029 ID Label and Window tool: When Symbol Geometry is used, the ID Label controls width of opening
VB-106021 Find and Modfiy command in Spotlight gives VectorScript error
VB-106019 KLS: Changing class or layer visibility of SLVP not working properly (Mac only)
VB-106018 The position of a line object with line type shifts.
VB-106013 DWG export lock up
VB-106012 Window Tags on Elevations
VB-105999 Worksheet search Criteria Broken in this formula
VB-105996 VW freezes, if exporting a file which has texts by "MS Mincho" as DWFx.
VB-105995 When a slab object is clipped by a 2D object(3D plane), the location of created hole is illegal.
VB-105994 VW crashes, when attempting to export a certain file as DWFx.
VB-105992 "Place Plant" or "Image Prop" or the shadow is not displayed, when you see through the glass object.
VB-105984 callouts bubble sizes go haywire when opening previous version files
VB-105965 Localization_Layout problem: Custom Stair dialog,"Construction" tab.
VB-105961 Viewport Visibility: When edited through the Organization dialog, the visibility changes are instantly forgotten
VB-105953 Class Line Types are not applied to the class when going from the None style to a Line Type in the classes dialog
VB-105950 "Export Viewports as 2D Graphics in Model Space" failure
VB-105890 ODBC - Export as Database Table causes a crash when there is no database connection.
VB-105829 DWG Export, version 2013 - all the wipeouts are exported with visible boundaries.
VB-105819 Printing with VW 2013 is 10 x slower than 2011
VB-105806 Vectorworks is Crashing when we attempt to remove certain reference files that have broken links.. See attached file and logs
VB-105805 Window Tags show up in elevations when exporting
VB-105743 New Line Types doesn't work with referenced viewports
VB-105737 Space label preview doesn't reset after the space label angle has changed
VB-105718 KLS: Print dialog german version problems to click check boxes and radio buttons
VB-105713 KLS: Update referenced file crashes Vectorworks 2013
VB-105712 KLS: Speaker Array, Save/Load bumper and speaker to library not working in german version
VB-105707 KLS: Spotlight, Replace Lighting Device, Apply to All broken
VB-105663 Space default symbol doesn't exist by default in VW 2013 SP2
VB-105621 KLS: Dotted Line styles invisible between zoom 50% to 100%
VB-105618 Vw fails exporting a dwg file, then all menu commands become unavailable.
VB-105617 Space incorrectly converted from 2012 file
VB-105609 KLS: Export DXF/DWG; Attached File crashes Vectorworks 2013 (win only)
VB-105607 Spotlight Edit Dialogue: The Apply to All doesn't work when trying to change multiple lighting devices at the same time.
VB-105598 Door Settings Dialog - "Top Rail Width" Field Doesn't Update Immediately
VB-105596 Door Settings Dialog - "L/R Stile Width" Field is Non-Functional
VB-105581 KLS: Line types displayed differently if assigned to different objects
VB-105572 Line Types Fail When Viewport Scale Differs From Design Layer : JBC
VB-105516 geoTIF import problem on Windows
VB-105466 Import DXF/DWG: Line Type geometry should be in screen plane
VB-105461 Window ID Tags in elevation Print different from screen view
VB-105440 When switching from Move by Point mode to Move Mode with the Move by Points Tool then switching to Object Retention mode the user cannot type in the Quantity field in the Tool Bar, they have to open the settings dialog first to make this feature active.
VB-105432 Line Type Attribure Line Thickness not being depicted when using custom Line Types
VB-105421 "testthatpngthing.png" image appears in the root Mac HD when editing a worksheet with images
VB-105410 section vieuwport - section line
VB-105407 Extract Curve won't work on all object faces when Select Faces option is on.
VB-105397 Speaker Array deleting other objects in the drawing under certain conditions.
VB-105387 Any PIO that is rotated and turned into a symbol when moved the 'ghosting' reverts to the original orientation
VB-105374 Space Tool not working!!!
VB-105351 Slab Creation Causes VW to Crash Due to Hatch Resource Conflict Within Test file
VB-105350 Drawing preview for symbol containing a door does not display properly
VB-105324 Line styles are not visible in VP depending on the scale
VB-105317 When database field name was 2 byte(Japanese), Name and Type and User as Key is became gray in Database Table Columns
VB-105311 Planar Extraction on Chamfer/Fillet Object Gives Incorrect Results
VB-105301 Crash when selecting space tool
VB-105285 Wall Qty Report: Wall Area Gross reports incorrect value if wall has opening
VB-105272 Space Object: can't set defaults for Boundary fill + Eyedropper mode incorrectly places attributes
VB-105263 Fails to open DWG file
VB-105261 Section Viewport and Clip Tool
VB-105260 The size of a callout bubble is changing on reset.
VB-105242 References of Navigation palette
VB-105240 Lighting devices Draw Beam creates ovals at the incorrect width
VB-105237 Wall area report and wall components
VB-105236 Surface Array-- Trim Not set Properly in Surface Array within Test File
VB-105212 Crash When Creating Symbol from an Auto-Bounded Slab Object
VB-105210 VW Crashes after Creating Referenced Design Layer Viewport From Source File containing Surface Array object
VB-105206 Callouts created in working plane, control points offset for every move
VB-105200 Chain Dimensions in the attached files are broken or getting broken after moving a dimensionpoint.
VB-105172 VW Crashing when Space Tool is Activated Within Test file
VB-105146 DWG/DXF import - In a special case Mesh object is not imported in Vectorworks
VB-105127 Roof Framer in the present release is useless.
VB-105121 Label loses its bold style
VB-105110 SBE: Wall hole groups in symbol breaks not rendered correctly - wall break faces not shown
VB-105105 When Switching from Reference Point Mode to Move Mode with the Move Tool the Numeric Field is remaining grayed out indicating tot he user that they cannot change quantity.
VB-105103 Selecting the blank space in the Plant Outlines dropdown causes all plants to match whichever plant has the most outlines
VB-105102 When more than one plant is selected with various "Outlines" the dropdown is blank even after attempting to update all plants
VB-105090 Tile editing removes lines
VB-105088 Design Layer Objects Disappear When Navigated to From Sheet Layer Viewport : JBC
VB-105074 Editing DTM - 2D line colour and type causes Vectorworks to quit
VB-105070 Plants Suck Up Symbol Geometry Making Files So Slow They Are Unusable :JBC
VB-105047 Crash deleting Reference from Navigation Palette
VB-105034 Heavy speed regression relating to classes -Windows only
VB-105012 Plant: When selecting a group of plants that have outlines, the outline cannot be turned off on the Object Info palette
VB-105008 Space tool Labels not being placed at center of Space when using the Create Object from Geometry Command.
VB-104906 gSDK->CreateExtrudeAlongPath2() is too slow if we create more than 500 Generic Solids...
VB-104902 Tile Fills No Longer Allow Line Objects in Tile Geometry - Mac Only
VB-104872 Framing Member Objects Display Unpredictable Changes in Length : JBC
VB-104862 Import DWG works different with the same .dwg file if the user created a symbol in a drawing.
VB-104845 Exporting Window Walls and Windows to IFC
VB-104840 IFC Export of WindowWall
VB-104838 Objects are not visible if switch from sheet-layer to design-layer
VB-104796 VW crashes by double click in VS Plugin Editor Parameter dialog
VB-104790 Extracting a planar object yields odd results from this shape.
VB-104784 Spotlight: container for right-reading channel doesn't rotate with the text tag
VB-104697 DTM contour values off metre value by small amounts
VB-104696 Surface Array Unreliable With 2D Objects : JBC
VB-104659 Objects in Design Layer Viewport go off Screen Walkthrough Tool is Activated
VB-104650 Zoom In on Flipped text inside a dimension, text appear unflipped
VB-104638 Cannot Save or Save As file - loss of data!
VB-104530 CreateEditTextBox and SetMultilineText
VB-104464 SBE: Link error in Windows SDK: function VWLayerObj::GetExpandedNameA missing
VB-104342 Plant: Strange selection highlighting for Plant groups and ghosting
VB-104341 Exporting to PDF
VB-104073 KLS: Progressive JPG are not displayed in Vectorworks any more
VB-103995 Line weights are not reflected, if exporting as DWF.
VB-103862 Door Object does not recognize door leaf L/R stile inputs via dialog
VB-103832 Symbols Containing Rotated PIOs Appear Incorrectly During Drag/Rotate Operations
VB-103435 ISDK::TesselateObject()
VB-102921 Issues of when exporting as DWFx.
VB-102781 Symbol preview while dragging is incorrect
VB-102471 Space tool: Creates momentary incorrect feedback in Rectangle mode
VB-102463 KLS: DXF/DWG - Export Design Layer, Reimport of custom dimension standard incorrect
VB-101944 Localization_English remains in OIP when drawing with"Screw and Nut"tool.
VB-100331 IFC Data: Space Finish Materials mapped incorrectly in IFC Data... dialog
VB-100318 Dimensions within Chain Dimension disappear after lines have been extended using the Connect/Combine tool
VB-100174 The printing speed is slow.
VB-100109 Stair upper floor 2D graphic incorrect
VB-99878 KLS: Chain dim in Annotation area of SLVP
VB-97402 VW does not remember the location of imported image.
VB-95253 Localization_Layout problem_Edit Custom Dimension Standard Dialog
VB-93376 Dimensions in Chain Dimensions being deleted when dimension Standard changed
VB-91490 Text in hidden line viewports does not export PDF correctly.
VB-83082 AHA: Chain dimension suddemly has a gap
VB-72030 About Import Adjacency Matrix.
VB-65387 Additional rows are not inserted correctly.(Create Rm Finish Legend)