Vectorworks 2012 SP4 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2012 Service Pack 4:

Issue Id Title
VB-101230 Crash setting Circular Stair to a height of 35' or higher
VB-101157 Viewport Fill Not Working
VB-101062 Open polyline offsets to opposite side
VB-100969 Problems with a Section viewport including a referenced file
VB-100905 Offset tool fails on self-intersecting polygons
VB-100881 IFC Export - Sweeps not correctly exported
VB-100794 When doing a sweep to make a screw thread, vw's becomes impossible to work with
VB-100780 Referenced grid (DLVP) doesn't seem to be included in IFC export
VB-100627 IFC Export - Some multi-component walls are not exporting "Building Element Parts"
VB-100560 Chain dimensions problems in Viewport Annotations
VB-100488 When you set three or more Sweep Objects and do OpenGL Rendering, Vectorworks is freezed.
VB-100487 Soffit and Fascia (parts of roof) are created incorrectly.
VB-100454 Draw Rectangle-Convert to Roof- Once created in OIP Set up Soffit and Fascias and click radio button. NOT CORRECT
VB-100330 IFC Export: Custom Space Names not handled correctly
VB-100312 IFC Data dialog for Space objects - "Classification" duplicates in Object Properties>Data Sets... pane
VB-100139 skylight in roof slab exported in wrong position via IFC
VB-100134 KLS: Tiles not visible when file was browsed via Resource Browser
VB-100056 IFC-Space Objects can not create accurate boundaries
VB-100037 Adding crop to VP makes Layer Plane object fills turn from transparent to solid.
VB-100035 Drawing set to draw Layer Plane objects. Add Crop to VP. Drawing mode changes to Screen Plane
VB-99943 Colors of IfcPiles not consistently supported at export
VB-99806 IFC fails to export shim gap / structural opening in windows correctly
VB-99792 IFC Export - IfcFanType - Properties NOT being properly written to IFC file
VB-99791 IFC Export - IfcGasTerminalType - Properties NOT being properly written to IFC file
VB-99789 IFC Export - IfcElectricApplianceType - properties NOT being correctly written to IFC file
VB-99786 IFC Export - IfcSanitaryTerminalType - Properties NOT being properly written to IFC file
VB-99785 IFC Export - IfcFurnishingElement - name property NOT being written correctly to IFC file
VB-99726 The offset is not placed on the correct side
VB-99716 Roof Object Soffit Geometry created at Document Z Height of Zero
VB-99706 KLS: Impossible to change Priority of References in Organization
VB-99414 Offset Tool seems to fail if plan is rotated using the graphical interface but does not fail if plan is rotated by entering in a rotation value
VB-99364 Click Preview button to Animation, crashed VW
VB-99361 Modify > Poly Smoothing: Fails on Arc or Radius corner type
VB-99166 Under certain circumstances Vectorworks crash while updating a referenced file with "End Caps in Walls"
VB-99159 KLS: Arc Smoothing (from Poly Smoothing) failure
VB-98944 Slab plugin is not working properly when using the architect template.
VB-98933 KLS: Vectorworks drops back into Evaluation mode
VB-98637 KLS: Polygon from inner boundary mode false result with walls
VB-98346 2d objects within a roof object move when align 3D is invoked
VB-98261 CW Space: Auto-boundary space created inside walls.
VB-98147 Fillet Radius field doesn't update when add a new value in the Fillet Settings dialog
VB-98124 Vw 2011 File Crashes When Converted to Vw 2012 : JBC
VB-98098 Error 2 with poly smoothing
VB-97958 Radius Smoothing fails in the test file
VB-97659 Crash on open with attached file on Windows
VB-97317 Keynote Legends still reformatting themselves when edited in Vectorworks 2012
VB-96863 Mac only - The attached VW 2011 test file crashes VW 2012 on File -> Open (Quartz imaging related)
VB-96772 Mac only - Space tool in Rectangle mode does not show the interactive preview correctly after swithing from Poly mode
VB-96619 Polyline Loses its Shape When Split
VB-95862 If the "Hatch..." is executed, the "Top/Plan" of view is changed to the "Top" automatically.
VB-95791 Arc smoothing on polygon fails
VB-95712 CW Space: the preview in the "Edit Custom Gross Boundary" dialog is not correct.
VB-93633 Double clicking Keynote Legend and editing note causes Keynote text to shift to the right in a single line of text or disappear
VB-93429 Some Dimension Text Imports at a Size 100x Too Big : JBC
VB-93204 Offset only happens on one side of the object regardless of which side you select.
VB-91335 Offset of screen objects in group produces strange results
VB-83766 AHA: Updating section viewport fails under certain circumstances