Vectorworks 2012 SP3 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2012 Service Pack 3:

Issue Id Title
VB-99713 KLS: Move By Points tool very slow along with a bigger amount of objects
VB-99658 IFC Problem-Slabs offset when inside of a symbol
VB-99612 Unable to Change delta X or delta Y of Extrude Objects in 3D Views - Regression
VB-99601 An alert dialog is displayed repeatedly when the window tool is used on the document with "Window" class
VB-99599 The height of the objects on design layer (target of the viewport) will be increase, if editing viewport at "Edit Viewport Design Layers"
VB-99569 Plants are duplicated when Change Plant Grouping command is used
VB-99552 Circular openings in Walls do NOT appear round in resulting IFC file
VB-99541 Protractor tool switches to Top when activated from inside Group Edit from Top/Plan.
VB-99535 IfcStair - PsetStairCommon appears to be added to object twice
VB-99534 IfcStair - Name of Vectorworks Stair object NOT being translated to IFC file
VB-99529 Command "Cut 2D Section" does not work in Front View anymore
VB-99520 Nurbs circle modes crosses
VB-99499 IfcPile - ObjectTypes not being written to instances, using Vectorworks Symbols as Type definitions
VB-99496 Blended Screen: A VectorScript error occurs
VB-99482 DWG Import: Map Colors To LWs does not work correctly when lw is set ByClass and B&W import option settings are used.
VB-99461 AHA: Sheet Layer Section Viewport cannot be updated correctly when moving section line
VB-99426 Slab Thickness column in Slab Report incorrectly reports "Types"
VB-99423 IfcRoof test case export - bad wall export for round top walls
VB-99403 The "Using Walls Control Offset" in the Create Walls from Spaces dialog does not work well.
VB-99375 2D poly tool (paint bucket mode) creates many groups
VB-99358 IfcRoof test case export - names for Roof groups missing
VB-99357 IfcRoof test case export - bad wall export for round top and sloped walls
VB-99330 When I created New Worksheet, VW is shut down.
VB-99311 Changing to Top/Plan using Saved view fails to set Active plane to layer plane
VB-99299 "End cap in Wall" is not rendering in 3D
VB-99293 Text appears garbled in worksheet. (Export DXF/DWG)
VB-99284 Crash if updating the reference in the navigation palette
VB-99273 Crash while open a document with a referenced viewport after moving the origin in the source file
VB-99272 Crash if updating a referenced viewport after moving the origin
VB-99254 Tape Measure Tool forces Top View in edit mode of Symbols and Groups
VB-99243 Image fills do not export to DWG when image resource has a Chinese name, Mac only.
VB-99242 On re-import of the exported DWG file, text with non-Chinese font gets messed up.
VB-99241 Chinese text does not survive DWG/DXF export - re-import, Mac only
VB-99239 "Place Plant" or "Image Prop" is not displayed
VB-99219 DWG Fails to Import
VB-99214 If "Group" and "Symbole" are selected, a group object and a symbol object disappear on the drawing sheet.
VB-99201 Tape Measure Tool switches to TOP view
VB-99197 When place the spotlight, VW would be crashed.
VB-99196 Vectorworks hang when changing the pitch chose in a Repetive Unit path tool
VB-99187 Wall problems in IFC
VB-99186 KLS: Quarz imaging could cause a crash under certain cicumstances
VB-99147 Poblem with Add Text to Database
VB-99139 offset duplication does not work
VB-99111 When Japanese input method is selected, existed texts in cell are not overwritten by entered texts.
VB-99109 Crashing by inputting 306 characters to a worksheet cell.
VB-99097 AHA: Using the tape measure tool change view inside a group
VB-99093 Crashing by number of hatch name characters.
VB-99081 Typo in Advanced Settings Tab of Space Settings Dialog
VB-99066 Net Boundary Options Become Unusable in Space Settings Dialog
VB-99055 The value of the story elevation becomes the value of the ceiling elevation(Export IFC)
VB-99030 Vectorworks crashes during "Export DWG" with the attached file
VB-99023 Grade object graphics are too big when inserted in edit mode
VB-99022 KLS: Export DXF/DWG crash when semicolon is part of symbolname
VB-99001 Crash while reshaping inside a group
VB-98950 IfcCovering elements "not in spatial structure" when exported from Vectorworks
VB-98945 Section Line moves back to original position when, "Reverse Direction" button is clicked in Object Info Palette
VB-98944 Slab plugin is not working properly when using the architect template.
VB-98939 Grade Tool's Elevation text jumps, moves and disappears in the test file
VB-98904 Attached file hangs on launch
VB-98900 Rounded Rectangle parameter
VB-98889 Please Add SHP import to the File>Import menu in default Architect Workspace
VB-98885 Placing a blended screen symbol can cause blended projectors in the document to move.
VB-98877 AHA: Offset tool no longer working on polylines with only 2 vertices
VB-98871 Parking along path not working correctly
VB-98848 Rounded Rectangle Settings Broken Strange, Report Wrong in OIP
VB-98835 Create Joists from Poly hangs Vectorworks on Mac and creates incorrect geometry on Windows
VB-98824 IFC-Insertion points problems
VB-98821 Spotlight: Track for Soft Good doesn't get created properly within test file
VB-98810 Dark shadows do not overlap
VB-98809 With OpenGL rendering, two directional lights make the scene overshadowed.
VB-98800 Space area is wrong on spaces coming from old files
VB-98794 "Tape Measure Tool" doesn't work correct under some circumstances
VB-98793 Viewport problems causing files not to open.
VB-98783 Toilet Stall object showing partitions at wrong Z-value for model
VB-98756 DWG 3D Polygon triangular network won't import to VW 2012
VB-98755 Attached file will not properly create Spotlight XML file for Lightwright Data Exchange.
VB-98705 The place with which Rectangle to which two colors were attached overlapped becomes white.
VB-98683 "Change Plant Grouping" menu command failing to count the number of plants properly
VB-98645 Roof Face Objects Produce Incorrect Shadows in Section Viewports : JBC
VB-98635 KLS: While Edit Group, Tape Measure Tool changes standard view from Top/Plan to Top
VB-98629 Projection screen dimension is incorrect in Event Planning
VB-98621 KLS: Export DXF/DWG crashes with files converted from previous Vectorworks
VB-98618 DWG Import - Hybrid Symbols created on import.
VB-98606 Resourse Browser with visualization problems.
VB-98605 KLS: Offset tool does not work with 2-point polyline
VB-98591 Clipping a Space Object causes unexpected result
VB-98580 Under certain circumstances the command "Modify by Record..." delete the symbols
VB-98578 editing number style in space settings uses the wrong prefix
VB-98575 corner style off a rounded rectangle is not displayed correctely in the Info palet
VB-98566 One time crash reshaping Walls and Slab object at the same time
VB-98549 Smart Cursor Does Not Recognize the Wall Line of a Roof Object; Not Snapping Possible
VB-98534 Vectorworks shuts down when change settings in Advanced Section Properties and update a section viewport(Windows only)
VB-98493 Paste in place can create 11 polygons from 1
VB-98492 VW create nurbs spontaneously
VB-98485 SPOTLIGHT - Deleting mirrored accessory also deletes lighting instrument
VB-98418 Export IFC gives wrong results when at least one of the original object is mirrored
VB-98415 Column object changes its Z height when 2009 file opens in 2012
VB-98379 Project tool: project and split method gives the same result as the project and trim method.
VB-98352 A plug-in object does not maintain the height of layer.(Export IFC)
VB-98340 Worksheet editing Fails when fixing capitalization
VB-98254 Holes added to a roof do not maintain their position if the roof is moved
VB-98248 Crash during snapping of scaled NURBS surface
VB-98242 IFC-Export problems-Duplicate Mirrored objects
VB-98232 Scaled symbols do not align correctly with non-scaled symbols
VB-98211 DLSVP Bounding Box doesn't update properly after Push/Pull tool is used within test file
VB-98198 DL Section Viewport doesn't redraw properly after navigating to Design Layer and Back
VB-98196 Crash When Moving Push/Pull Tool Cursor Over Certain Objects
VB-98177 AHA: Unpleasant Smart cursor flickering
VB-98167 Fill color by class is not applied properly for Soft Goods object in Pipe and Drape configuration
VB-98144 Moving Viewport With Linked RW Camera Causes Offset View in Edit Mode
VB-98131 Softgoods object gets deselected when Draw sliders option is selected with in a file
VB-98129 Soft goods object creates duplicate classes
VB-98121 Soft Goods class is not named properly
VB-98117 Curved texture bed fails.
VB-98105 Is there a problem with Site Modifier-Texture Bed in VW2012 (SP1 level)
VB-98101 update worksheet causes crash
VB-98100 IFC Import Crashes VW When File Contains a Space Object
VB-98088 Worksheet Broken in Vw 2012 When Criteria Searches for Two Records : JBC
VB-98083 IFC: Problem with IfcPort and containment / ownership
VB-98072 DWG/DXF Import: Flipped polylines in 3D blocks are not imported correctly when "2D and 3D" import option is used.
VB-98043 Align/Distribute Using Spacing Fails with Symbols in Vw 2012 : JBC
VB-98041 Planar Text in Plug-in Objects Fails to Render in Viewports set to Hidden Line : JBC
VB-98016 Space object: 3D boundary incorrectly drawn with radiused Space profile
VB-98004 Site Model Created in Previous Version Shows Incorrect Shape
VB-97983 Create polygon from inner boundary mode creates some unexpected background color (sometimes undo is very slow also)
VB-97978 Selecting a Viewport with an Associated Camera then modal right click to edit camera does not take you to the view and layer with the camera selected.
VB-97927 Create Fillet Surface causes VW 2012 to crash
VB-97896 Section viewport doesn't show correct bounding box after editing the Design layer
VB-97876 Special character problems in Space tool
VB-97875 Align/Distribute not functioning correctly
VB-97832 Image fill is displayed as color
VB-97687 Rectangular Marquee does not select the vertices on a mesh node in 2012.
VB-97683 The default Application Print Resolution for blank files and most templates is set too high.
VB-97519 Crashed while changing between files and navigating to another layer.
VB-97471 The space label is located outside the space if use a space tool to create the first space object in the drawing
VB-97385 Project and trim makes group instead of trimming.
VB-97137 Dimensions: whose plane is 3D cause view to set to "top" upon selection
VB-97136 A object slips, when the "Draw Edges" turns on.
VB-97054 Copy and Paste within Test File takes over 2 minutes to complete, compared to 16 seconds in Vectorworks 2011
VB-97003 Copying and pasting lighting devices from one document to another fails
VB-96914 CW Space: The auto-boundary Space is not correct in this case.
VB-96913 CW Space: 'Wall Centerlines' mode does not work as expected in this case.
VB-96865 Objects from Polyline... ignores class and/or attributes of the original object
VB-96763 Soft Goods- Image Adjustments control erases the percentage sign when values entered in 'Scale' and 'Horizontal Shift' fields
VB-96721 Create Space from Wall shows NNA#2_ in the 'Create Space From Walls ' dialog
VB-96591 Space object - Fill Style by Class does not take effect when done from the OIP
VB-96317 SDK Call ExportResource doesn't work correctly
VB-96296 Unchecking "Auto-Bound Spaces" in the space settings dialogue does not turn off the Auto-Bound feature for the next created space
VB-96186 Clipped Round Wall exported to IFC file incorrectly
VB-96185 Wall Y-Join not export to IFC correctly
VB-96174 Colors of walls and components not being properly exported to IFC file
VB-95558 VectorWorks to IFC: Design Layer Viewport and Reference files
VB-95422 A part of data is not exported to IFC.
VB-95262 Space PIO - Undesirable Attribute Mapping When Gradient is Applied Through Space Dialog
VB-95158 Move by Points Tool Bug
VB-95141 Position of group object is wrong when group object is reshaped by Selection Tool.
VB-95076 Spaces created in rotated view reports wrong dimensions.
VB-95028 Space: symbols can't save as default using name in current doc's symbol list
VB-95025 Space: Manage Labels dialog always creates symbols also when precedent dialogs exited with Cancel
VB-95018 Space: doubling of label symbols if Text Scaling in VP <> 1
VB-94471 The slabs are not changing their position in Z
VB-94298 Constant Out of Memory issues with saves to server, constant, every hour of work on almost all files.
VB-93439 Space: extra line
VB-93438 Space: extra line
VB-93416 Space Objects fail to Update correctly from VW2008
VB-92349 Problems in IFC exportation of Design Layer Viewports
VB-92109 Mirroring Space causes Labels not to mirror correctly until after a readjustment to the Space causing a regen with Label set to be Horizontal.
VB-92065 Broken link between RenderWorks camera & viewport
VB-92053 With Japanese characters, the name of print data is garbled.
VB-90521 Offset tool fails to duplicate on left side with Plan rotation
VB-90181 Rounded Rectangle tool: symmetrical becomes proportional.
VB-87736 Space Tool - Cryptic dialog when managing space labels
VB-87491 Space: Updating a space causes some extra strange locuses and marks to appear.
VB-82077 IFC: No way to attach IFC data to Symbol Definition in UI
VB-81600 (V1)Offset Fails in Rotated Plan
VB-77978 Section lines in VP: unexpected reset on move if in VP
VB-63840 MAC: "3D Extrude Contour" of site model is wrong
VB-54724 MAC: Roadways (Nurbs) doesn't support site models with 3d extrude contour
VB-54129 MAC: Roadways with a descent doesn't support site model with 3d extrude contour