Vectorworks 2011 SP3 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2011 Service Pack 3:

Issue Id Title
VB-92530 Spanish Landscape Area 3D Display shows only a 3D locus instead of the selected plant
VB-92529 Tag dispaly for landscape area crashes on Spanish version
VB-92373 When editing spaces, Space class converts to Space-Main Impossible to assign other class to spaces.
VB-92321 Crash opening test file that is referencing two other files
VB-92307 Object do not remain selected after move, then Undo
VB-92229 Crash while creating a space using the Paint-Bucket Entry mode (space with auto-boundary)
VB-92228 Space object: Can't turn off "GSA Enabling" with Vectorscript
VB-92205 Spaces Still effecting Space Angle Label Angle especially upon mirroring or rotating the Space object.
VB-92192 About " Space Tool "
VB-92169 Simple - Just crashes whilst working on a standard drawing fie.
VB-92152 Polyline Vertices Are Not Available as Snap Points in Rotated Plan View
VB-92143 Space Label Class has no control over the label visibility
VB-92139 Tile Drawing On Mac at High Zooms can crash
VB-92131 Space Tool Label not Accepting Custom Field Parameter
VB-92103 Space: bad regen on legacy instances whose wall boundary is unreachable, crashes
VB-92095 Not choosing Gray outside crop, is ignored, always dispaly objects gray
VB-92080 Space Object bucket crashes VW immediately and every time
VB-92019 hidden line rendered viewport, smoothing angle render setting, causes planar obj hatches to disappear
VB-92017 Spaces Label Insertion Point and Label Pointer location are not staying in correct position as set by user in relation to the object.
VB-92002 Drawing window no longer zooms in/out with test file after Quartz/GDI is turned off
VB-91962 Internal Error trying to export building as IFC
VB-91961 Slab component solid fill color showing as white in section viewport.
VB-91932 Crash updating Section Viewport after several Advance Properties are turned on
VB-91911 The shape of the site model is bad.
VB-91909 About " Line Light " and " Area Light "
VB-91907 DLVP bounds calc corrupts boxes on all planar3D objects on source layers
VB-91881 KLS: Attached drawing crashes Vectorworks when exported to DXF/DWG
VB-91849 Editing Solid changes view to Top/Plan
VB-91804 All 3D Planar objects collapse to Layer plane when opened in latest build
VB-91802 When update the ref. file Vectorworks crashes
VB-91797 The folder pass display is not correct.
VB-91796 Error dialog is displayed.
VB-91795 Updating a Viewport of an elevation set to render with HL the switching to another app causes Vectorworks hang.
VB-91790 Design Layer Section viewport causes Vectorworks to crash
VB-91788 Crash When Creating Wall Projection
VB-91776 Deleting Wall Feature from Wall causes VW2011 to crash
VB-91774 VW crashes when Feature component is changed from <Object> to <None>
VB-91773 Dimensions are not associated in Rotated Plan anymore in 2011
VB-91744 DWG Import - Multilines are always imported in Screen Plane
VB-91743 Crash exporting resources
VB-91739 Only one page is saved.
VB-91720 KLS: Missing plane of objects
VB-91718 Polygon rezising in object info shape fails.
VB-91712 'Edit List...' in Object Info Palette does not work when trying to edit the list of Space Names.
VB-91698 Extra line is created when creating Space Object from Rounded Rectangle/Rectangle in ISO View.
VB-91687 KLS: Adding Component makes wall invisible in 3D View
VB-91684 About "Create Batch Render Job".
VB-91683 About Create Batch Render Job.
VB-91682 About Create Spaces from Walls.
VB-91677 It is not printed correctly with the PS printer.
VB-91668 Hatch Mapping Becomes Lost When Sheet Layer Viewport is Moved
VB-91653 SLab don't show other objects while in editing mode
VB-91651 Vectorworks hangs when Zoom In with in a file
VB-91626 Items have moved after file conversion, however, selection highlight appears in the original location
VB-91601 VW shuts down (Create Spaces from Walls).
VB-91598 VW shut down(Create Spaces from Polys).
VB-91591 Viewport-related crash
VB-91586 Polyline tile fill doesn't show correctly in rotated viewports.
VB-91585 I've had a persistent crashing bug in trying to run a new chain dimension
VB-91560 Mac Attribute Palette crash
VB-91559 MAC: Export DXF/DWG doesn't support the dimemsion standard of chain dimensions
VB-91551 viewports with objects missing depending on design layers views
VB-91550 MAC: Bitmap not visible in Vectorworks 2011
VB-91544 The value of "Base Height" does not apply to the base height of a created wall.
VB-91532 Selection handle bounding box is incorrect with Lighting Device objects
VB-91515 Referenced (DLVP) layers have wrong Z-value in IFC file
VB-91509 Can't open IFC file created from Vectorworks v2011
VB-91506 Interactive Zooming framrate is slowed by recalculating Lights bounding boxes with every frame
VB-91499 Space Tool asking for something we apparently do not have?
VB-91483 Crash while drawing symbols in walls (3D)
VB-91474 Rectangles disappear during zoom if plan is rotated
VB-91461 Symbol-related crash
VB-91448 Objects in Viewports Disappear at Certain Zoom Levels
VB-91438 Class Visibility not working properly
VB-91410 Editing a 3-D wall feature changes the view to top/plan
VB-91401 KLS: Vectorworks gets slow at a certain filesize (Auer + Weber)
VB-91394 KLS: Dissolving of DesignLayer Section Viewports (Auer+Weber)
VB-91393 Hidden Line section viewport displaying shaded faces
VB-91357 Localization_Space settings dialog help is illegal
VB-91350 Viewport Doors showing up zoomed out but are not visible zoomed in, they should not be visible at all.
VB-91345 layer planar Paint+Pict nodes on src layer get moved to a different plane when viewed in a DLVP
VB-91337 WALLAREA_GROSS reports incorrectly
VB-91331 DWG file referring monochromatic TIFFs
VB-91326 VW crashes while performing "Stich and Trim Surfaces"
VB-91321 File has become corrupted
VB-91317 Export to DWG: AutoCAD is unable to open exported file
VB-91312 Wall End Cap : Attempt to Clip 2d shapes from component causes crash on Windows
VB-91308 Opening this file causes VW to crash
VB-91305 Wall component doesn't follow its own bottom Z when there is only one in the wall.
VB-91298 Unable to change Plane state of objects in a group (custom hatch) imported from DWG
VB-91287 Some walls disappear in viewports
VB-91285 Surface is not created.(Combine Into Surface)
VB-91284 VW shuts down(Eyedropper Tool)
VB-91283 Section Line End Markers Permanently Lost if Style is Changed in OIP : JBC
VB-91282 Wall End Caps Lose Integrity on File Close/Open or Layer Rescale : JBC
VB-91281 When importing more than one DWG file, Vectorworks ignores the import options. Specifically the graphic attributes and the Class prefixes.
VB-91267 Accessories misbehave badly
VB-91239 move text with mouse impossible
VB-91238 Windows: conversion from VW2010 not OK if sash operation is custom
VB-91228 Tile Fills disappear or are substituted when in a Viewport which has been rotated
VB-91227 Rotated 2D rectangles are not drawn correctly in the lighting device.
VB-91219 Snapping to some portions of the viewport doesn't work within test file
VB-91217 Symbol Objects disappear and do not reappear after class is turned on/off
VB-91216 Objects Show Incorrect OIP Screen Coordinates When Plan is Rotated Using "Rotate Plan" Menu Command
VB-91213 Revision cloud tool problems
VB-91210 Symbols vanish when editing groups (Grey others)
VB-91203 Spotlight 3D rotation is being applied to 2D geometry with some symbols.
VB-91196 Rulers Partially Disappear When Origin is Moved in Rotated Plan View
VB-91190 Wall peaks appear completely broken in 16.0.x
VB-91188 Space Objects do not report Net or Gross Volume on Worksheet
VB-91186 "Luminaires" not "Luminaries"
VB-91174 Editing Page Space Symbol Crashes on Exit
VB-91173 All images grayed out after open in 2011
VB-91164 Override of Class Fill Attribute fails on Windows only
VB-91162 Refreshing Instruments using the attached .vwx and .xml files locks up VW
VB-91118 Lighting Device Accessories are in the wrong 2D location
VB-91105 Label Legend Scrambled with Set 3D Orientation
VB-91082 A callout object is not applied to 'Right' in the 'Horizontal position'.
VB-91075 Revision cloud crashes in converted files
VB-91044 Crash on copy/paste between documents
VB-91036 Space PIO doesn't support Norwegian characters in Space Name
VB-91034 Encrypted VectorScript Plug-ins crashes when displaying warnings
VB-91023 Missing Geometry from DWG inport
VB-91015 2011 IFC export - "Custom" Space name is exported, NOT the actual custom name
VB-91011 Rounded rectangles now Slow like revision clouds
VB-91009 All Callout notes are not reconciled on the first attempt
VB-91007 OpenGL unaceptable slow with Flyover in some files
VB-90986 Bitmap-Image displays as grayed box with X
VB-90983 KLS: Export DXF/DWG doesn't work with attached file
VB-90976 VW shuts down("Pillar" command)
VB-90965 New space object by paint bucket fails
VB-90963 Layer matrix corruption when UnifiedView file is opened on sheet layer
VB-90957 Inside VP Crop and using the Walkthru tool- Look up and Look down buttons NOT
VB-90951 Rotated hatch not applied properly when in rotated plan view
VB-90941 non-layer planar and 3D objs fail to snap in viewport with large scale
VB-90931 IFC: Eyedropper should properly transfer IFC data
VB-90917 MAC: Export PDF doesn't support transparency of tiles
VB-90913 Duplicate Along Path: Plane changes and pasted objects fly all over the place
VB-90904 Copy and paste
VB-90875 Missing the Frame around the Gable.
VB-90866 Adding Revision Cloud or Redline crashes vectorworks in files from 2010
VB-90836 IFC Export: Walls with doors inside symbols not exported correctly
VB-90834 KLS: Space Navigator not working in Vectorworks 2011 on Mac
VB-90817 Exporting attached test file to Vectorworks 2009 crashes the application
VB-90815 IFC: Import should create native space objects
VB-90799 Grade Tool creates a NonPlot class, which appears to be useless
VB-90782 VW 2008 file crashes on open in 2011
VB-90781 applying a hatch to complex floor causes VW to crash
VB-90777 Text for spaces are misplaced after file import
VB-90768 Rulers will mess up when user changes origin in rotated plan
VB-90761 IFC: Symbol Object is not exported at correct height and portions are missing.
VB-90759 Section-Elevation Marker doesn't work
VB-90756 Grayed Hybrid Symbols showing 2D & 3D when Grayed
VB-90717 Ungroup VP: resulting poly causes highest CPU (90 sec) upon selection
VB-90709 a doubt about a Working Plane
VB-90695 'Pan' Tool Pan the drawing 'Snap to Angle' constraints no longer effect the wall
VB-90678 Preferred Line Thickness causing VW to crash on launch
VB-90662 moving space objects between layers with auto-update on gives error message
VB-90661 Wall end cap tool - wall disappears in rendering
VB-90657 Switching sheet layers very slow in test file
VB-90654 Path PIO created in 2010 are moved when file is opened in 2011
VB-90647 Z elevation of layer link object shifts. (Create Layer Link menu)
VB-90643 revision cloud slow as mollasses
VB-90639 Bug in sp2- object will not move
VB-90634 Editing Camera on Duplicated Viewport Fails : JBC
VB-90633 Viewport Camera Dialog Does Not Obey "Do not show again" Choice : JBC
VB-90627 2011 IFC export - roof objects exported as IfcCovering in wrong z-location
VB-90626 2011 IFC export - non-inserted symbols in wrong Z-location
VB-90625 2011 IFC export - objects exported as IfcCovering in wrong Z location
VB-90612 2011 IFC export - symbols inserted in walls in wrong location in .ifc
VB-90611 2011 IFC export - Elevator object shifts location in .ifc file
VB-90602 About the DXF file made by the illustrator.
VB-90601 Final Shade Polygon render of Design Layer Section VP sometimes wrong
VB-90600 Design Layer Section VP cut plane floats over everything in all 3D views
VB-90587 Plug-In objects are not inserted in correct Z elevation.
VB-90574 Unable to select a viewport on a sheet layer if it's in a perspective view
VB-90547 Rotated Sheet Layer Viewport is Not Showing Object Fill
VB-90544 Steel beams read as Timber when export to IFC Solibri viewer
VB-90543 Gradients get corrupted from 2008 to 2011
VB-90539 Viewport display: unexpectedly influenced by Unified Views
VB-90538 Existing Tree tool: Tag is not displayed with correct angle
VB-90536 VS GetComponentPenColors unexpectedly takes 0-based index
VB-90529 Viewport is still reported as being out-of-date even after its been updated
VB-90524 Space objects can no longer have holes in them
VB-90522 Section line disappears when changing advance properties.
VB-90517 Section Class not created
VB-90515 Displacement of 3D Plane Polyline objects upon Decompose operation
VB-90503 AME: print or export a student file drawing add too many watermarks
VB-90501 Worksheet in rotated plan shows like two different objects
VB-90484 Crash when try to copy the plan from one layer to another
VB-90482 Doors in Round Walls have incorrect Offset : JBC
VB-90481 Viewport Hidden Line Render Hangs with Display Planar Objects On : JBC
VB-90477 wall recess fails
VB-90464 Copying a symbol from another file crashes VW if ...
VB-90462 Wall Re-shaping Fails
VB-90461 Wall and Slab components takes Section style class line thickness
VB-90460 "Fit Walls to Roof" Command Fails
VB-90459 Gable End Walls Fails
VB-90453 Section Style Class Missing, Sevtion VP's Inconsistent
VB-90452 Changing an X or Y field in OIP in Rotated Plan View changes adjacent fields
VB-90449 OIP XY and Screen XY fields are wrong in RPV for many 2D Screen objects
VB-90421 KLS: Rotated duplicated objects are on 3D plane
VB-90410 Sair Graphic Attributes if set by class and class name changes the Attibutes def
VB-90390 Pan drawing disables snap to angle of Wall tool
VB-90380 Tapered extrude does not work with Screen Plane objects
VB-90357 KOS: Wrong line thicknesses at wall endcaps
VB-90354 Rulers get wiped out when rotating a Working plane in Top view
VB-90351 IFC elements not at correct elevation when created from symbols
VB-90336 Opacity in symbol's duplication
VB-90333 Wall tool - pan and snapping to angle
VB-90325 Screen XY fields in OIP are broken for 2D Locus in Rotated Plan View
VB-90321 Converted VW2008 Spaces show wrong Area in VW2011 Addendum
VB-90320 Stair Straight with one intermediate landing not allowing change of total rise.
VB-90318 Section marker disapperas when editing
VB-90316 VW crashes when editing a SLSVP linked to a RW Camera on the Design layer
VB-90306 Dialog about linked RW Camera to Viewport doesn't dismiss and shows up always
VB-90304 Editing Section V-port gives weird result if linked to RW Camera on design layer
VB-90299 Sheet layer Section Viewport moves after editing RW Camera on the design layer
VB-90298 Grade tool creates flipped object
VB-90273 3D-Based Wall Recesses Fail in 3D Views
VB-90272 2D-Based Wall Recess Appears as a Wall Projection in 3D Views
VB-90252 Viewport goes outside bounding box after the View is chamged from OIP
VB-90242 "Create Spaces from Walls" Fails to Create Some Spaces
VB-90241 Viewport Sections are not representing the by class setting for rthe wall Compon
VB-90240 "Create Spaces from Walls" Dialog Uses Inconsistent Default Layer Naming
VB-90237 Fill is missing from Space object until Settings button in OIP is pressed
VB-90229 Wall End cap causes graphical issues in 3D
VB-90223 Ovals do not Option-Select when boundary is crossed with marquee
VB-90220 Callout problem: keynotes not displaying text
VB-90211 Snap to Working Plane (3D) does not function properly with the NURBS Arc Tool
VB-90206 Crash caused by the NURBS Curve by Interpolation points tool
VB-90201 Error Undoing Move Operation on Auto-Bounded Space Objects
VB-90178 Trim Tool Fails in Rotated Plan View : JBC
VB-90173 Picking-related crash
VB-90170 Wall Styles, Slab Styles, and Text Styles are not supported in the Image Popup
VB-90166 The Plane of created object is wrong.(Duplicate Array menu)
VB-90165 The polygon is displayed and disappeared.(Duplicate Array menu)
VB-90156 NURBS-related crash
VB-90072 2d Polygon converted to Nurbz is not giving proper shape
VB-90042 Crash when using " Create Spaces From Walls"
VB-90037 Wall Textures not coming through with References
VB-90036 Displacement of 2D fillets from 3D plane
VB-90032 AHA: Text in hidden line rendering is not supported in PDF export
VB-90029 AHA: Hidden Line renderings do not show text in sheet layer viewports
VB-90026 Import dwg crashed VW
VB-90023 Keynote Legend reformats itself after a New Callout is added
VB-90007 Wall Unjoining
VB-89985 Round wall missing in 3D, OpenGL & Wireframe
VB-89978 Referenced Symbol Name Conflict
VB-89974 Bounding Box problems when layer containing DLVP changes view
VB-89971 IFC Import - IfcSite Missing at import
VB-89967 Fill is incomplete when assigned to Space Object
VB-89964 Spaces set to use Class Settings in 3d is not depicting the proper fill in a ren
VB-89963 Space Label Symbol Objects set to Symbol Definition or as Planar objects can be
VB-89958 Spaces Eyedropper and Put Down not always working for Leader Line Settings.
VB-89946 Revision cloud crashes/freezes application
VB-89945 Importing the .csv adjacency matrix with these standard settings gives this erro
VB-89925 Space PIO with Auto Update on copied to other file puts you in an infinite loop
VB-89924 Space losing by class attributes when making changes to the Space Label object
VB-89923 Extra 3D Space Boundary lines/edges
VB-89916 Spaces - ?, ä, ö and other characters not working
VB-89910 Display issues of complex polyline with 12,000 vertices
VB-89892 Nested blocks attributes fail to import from DWG
VB-89886 Texture transfer across sessions is broken
VB-89872 Polygon can not be resized by changing values in the OI
VB-89857 Space no marker end selection available on attached file with space
VB-89854 Space not taking on Color Fill of Class though not set that way.
VB-89824 3Dconnexion does not work with 2011
VB-89745 Impossible to type "{" in VS editor on windows.
VB-89730 Dragging 3D Locus in rotated plan view, ghost image trails cursor
VB-89719 VP with a RW Camera can't be selected
VB-89611 VW2011 Freezes during conversion after attempting to open a 2010 File
VB-89564 Resource collision: anomalous "rename dialog" instead of "replacement"
VB-89515 Space: Preference dialog do not validate controls
VB-89320 Layer Plane objects convert to Screen Plane when put inside symbols on their own
VB-89197 Space: 2D boundary display is broken
VB-89161 Callout legend jumps
VB-89146 Polyine in Referenced Viewport Loses Tile Fill when Viewport Shifted : JBC
VB-89131 Cropped DLVP - Objects Disappear at Certain Zoom Level
VB-89105 OI-Plane-Layer-World-Based: 2010 files are not showing korrekt in 2011
VB-89000 Losing snapping with wall tool and boomerang panning
VB-88787 Import Adjacency Matrix problem
VB-88640 Reshape of extrude fails if document is set to layer plane
VB-88475 Stair tool, delete arrow fill
VB-88452 3D Space navigator not working in VW2011
VB-88383 Can't resize groups in elevation view
VB-88256 DLSVP doesn't get dirty unless you zoom in (or) out in the document
VB-88051 Conversion: Layer Plane hybrid plug-in instances in symbol disappear in top-plan
VB-88042 Autocad door tag attributes not being imported correctly
VB-88040 Repetitive Unit: only screen plane instances show the path, lack of plane in OIP
VB-87766 Creating space object fails within test file ( Windows only)
VB-87699 Space Navigator does not work on Mac
VB-87428 Space object fails to create properly within test file
VB-86793 IFC: bugfile has windows and wall-inserted symbols in wrong locations
VB-86609 Text Styles failure No. 2
VB-84823 Imported DWG looses text attributes associated with blocks
VB-84498 AHA: Mouse whell zooming very slow
VB-82664 Can't snap the red Working plane axis to horizontal
VB-82613 Zooming in and out with top/plan repaint seems very sluggish
VB-81987 Parasolid [pr1805127]Protrusion /Cutout tool ( Move face mode) causes a crash
VB-81783 IFC Data interface lacks IfcMaterial support for many objects
VB-81389 "NNA..." Record Format resources visible in Resource Browser
VB-79364 Roof Framer...Size / Edit List
VB-78515 Imported DWG looses block text attribute
VB-74011 Dimensioning and working in Viewport is extremely slow for repaint of screen and
VB-68840 Importing a DWG imports the block atribute record formats but doesn't link data
VB-65868 Using reduced opacity for individual items is causing excessive and slow redraws
VB-59715 Undo after moving viewports positions them wrong
VB-55114 Hatches on invisible layers do not update when the hatch is edited
VB-43839 AutoCAD draws stacked viewports in the opposite order from VW - export wrong