Vectorworks 2011 SP2 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2011 Service Pack 2:

Issue Id Title
B034947 Layerlinking a 2d layer link results in misaligned objects
B045181 ID Tool initially fails to recognize existing IDs
B051096 Grid Bubble unnecessarily picks up the selection in it's profile group
B052107 Clipping polylines in different coordinates cause different and/or wrong results
B060552 Export IFC doesn't remember its settings
B061145 LPO's not displaying info on the plan properly
B068115 3D Reshape - blinking cursor and/or OIP items
B069377 Texture bed rendering problem
B070249 Selection crashes VW
B071200 Report returns incorrect RO height for window unit with transom
B071374 Loft tool causes VW to crash within test file
B071406 Split Tool- is not working properly with 3D Polygons VW-2009
B072652 ATH: DTM_Stake object duplicated at same coordinates
B072695 Weird character in the file name after file is exported from VW2009 to VW2008
B074713 Reconcile notes is not working properly and not updating notes
B078997 Site DTM Border formely known as hull is not generating the site shape we are
B079136 Space: Attribute mapping tool has no effect on hatched Space objects
B079418 Loft Surface Creation fails
B079552 Nonexistent Clear class crashes file on export
B079553 Nonexistent Clear class crashes file on import
B079710 The roof surface slips(Slope Dimension)
B079907 Problem about assigning short cut.?Win only?
B080501 Windows, doors: cavities draw not correctly according to flip and wall reversion
B080590 Crash in Strcmp in NotesManager
B080607 It is not displayed by an object even if I set ID Label.
B080942 Crash when Exporting PDF file in Snow Leopard : JBC
B081148 Crash when using Export PDF (Batch) in Snow Leopard : JBC
B081194 Crash when using Batch Print or Export PDF (Batch) : JBC
B081367 (V1)Offset of Polyline Gives Incorrect Results
B081700 IFC export dialog-settings NOT saved with file, makes extra work at every export
B081797 Add and Clip Surface Fail without Warning or Alert : JBC
B082065 Plant Object - updated plant data is lost
B082162 Scrolling in the Navigation Palette causes Vectorworks to eventually freeze
B082583 A recovered file name is garbled.
B082816 Export DWG fails
B082941 Move by points with symbol in wall does not seem to be performing the copy
B083158 MAC: Site model will be placed inaccurately
B083362 Compose: fails if object's coordinates involve y= zero
B083849 IFC: The IFC Data... command should display default choices for pre-export
B083851 IFC Data: the "Reset GUID" button is a NO-NO.
B083856 IFC: Major GUID problem: GUIDs not Consistent nor Persistent in IFCs
B083886 Localization_Tag display problem(Landscape Area)
B083984 Page boundary is not shown when scale is large
B084149 Insertion location cannot be selected for both Polygon and Triangle Tools
B084357 IFC Export failed with IFC_Testing_AECOO_model
B084403 2D3D: Rendering of Planar Objects Not Complete per Task Overview
B084704 Export as VectorWorks 2010_not completely exact
B084738 Export pdf.?"Rasterize Text" option is oFF )
B084768 Adding a decal defaults to a decal texture with infinite repeat mode
B084888 Retaining Wall Site Modifier Follow Terrain Option
B084925 Attribute mapping tool on 2D Planar objects distorts attributes on other surface
B084963 ZCenter: always relative to Unified View, also when this is FALSE
B085321 Workgroup and Project Folder does not display path if Japanese characters are
B085349 Groups not editable in the OIP
B085385 Image prop masks are less sharp in 2011
B085403 Select Connected: high failure rate on difficult DXF imports.
B085576 Objects distort on exprt to VW2010
B085623 Edit texture per-object render selected only option not working reliably
B085656 2D origin setting not working properly
B085783 Indirect lighting is used in ArtRW mode and it shouldn't be
B085944 Selecting the symbols using a drag marquee while in rotated plan view not workin
B086099 Missing Contours in Site Model
B086185 Problem with DWG export
B086269 When the crosspiece of the door tool is "Prairie", it becomes gray.
B086443 Some sheet layer objects do not export from VW 2011 to 2010.
B086466 Zone of Visual Influence
B086470 Crash when opening testfile
B086605 It takes time to open the file. ?Radiosity rendering mode?
B086634 Spotlight Instrument Symbols with Nested symbols lose position
B086703 Image Props render with halo in converted Vw 2010 file : JBC
B086718 The input column of the OIP is not displayed.
B086719 Localization_Improper display - Attribute setting dialog
B086724 When value 'Z' is entered, the location of pasted 3D objects becomes illegal.
B086727 A black zone appear under the frame of rendering
B086772 QTVR Object export isn't centering on selected object in 3D
B086773 QTVR Panoramic export resolution is too low
B086855 3-D objects in wall features are unselectable while editing the feature in 3D
B086924 Several context menu do not appear(symbol in wall)
B086962 Walls in end to end join are not moving as one wall in connected walls mode
B086965 3d Dimensions Awesome but disappear in Hidden Line Renders
B087001 Page boundary
B087007 KLS: Site model created inaccurate if data far from origin
B087030 Spotlight: Nested Symbol Scaling
B087034 Project from Vw2010 SP4 is taking over 47 minutes to load in 2011b (Part 2)
B087037 OIP shows incorrect data for Lines drawn in Screen Plane while not in a Top view
B087050 Redraw issue when switching symbol definition from World to Page beased
B087072 Can't set bubble shape when inserting ID label
B087098 2D3D: Hidden Line Rendering does not display text or line markers
B087149 Problem applying a Texture dragged from Resource Browser to an extrude
B087156 Export High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI).
B087160 Export Quicktime VR Panorama origin different than VW2010
B087170 VW crashes when Constraint angle is used on two connected lines
B087191 Importing PDF's causes crash
B087200 Grid Bubble Object - Object Highlighting Appears Incorrectly
B087228 The data of the report is 0 (Create Site Model Volume List menu)
B087408 "Engineering Properties" are inserted in various places instead of together
B087424 The texture of VW2010 becomes illegal(Wall Projection/Wall Recess)
B087441 Unable to ungroup imported pdf
B087498 time to render
B087549 Vectorworks crash when try to "ungroup" a PDF
B087554 Slab no snapping to Midpoints or other edge points in Iso view.
B087583 Wall Feature Edit Mode cannot be selected with Selection Tool
B087629 Localization_Graphic Properties dialog_Create Site Model
B087633 The setting is not reflected in ID label. (ID Label tool)
B087636 ID label for a styled wall.(ID Label tool)
B087637 Do not exclude wall projections (Space tool)
B087638 The setting immediately before become invalid. (Space tool)
B087639 Do not display the data.(Space tool)
B087641 2D attributes always transfer.(Space tool)
B087644 The setting of the 'Fill Style' is not reflected in the drawing.
B087664 Time until display changes (Space tool)
B087665 Scrolls to top. (Space tool)
B087666 Zone cannot be deleted in object info palette. (Space tool)
B087731 Dragging Textures onto 3d Objects in Isometric Views fails to pick object
B087739 Space Tool - use of user field names not fully supported
B087745 QTVR Object export above and below angles are incorrect
B087754 Page border vanishes
B087793 Import DXFDWG.
B087800 [PR1802147]Crash using Loft Tool clicking on objects in specified order
B087833 Space: Edit Number Style subdialog handler is unforgiving
B087835 Space: Proposed Area field displays incorrectly
B087850 Localization_The item name is lacked_Object Info Palette
B087859 Crash opening, "Edit Texture" dialog after render and close of another drawing
B087879 Text Along Path-letters appearing in first string of words are scrunched
B087922 'W' indicating width in the Object Info Palette is clipped
B087926 ungrouping pdf causes crash
B087962 Hardscape: Renderworks textures are not displayed if "By Class"
B087976 Space: control points not well placed on forward translation
B087997 Roof Framer crash attempting to generate Plates within Test File
B088047 Crash Report
B088048 New Class creation Door Dialog does not select new class upon completion
B088052 Unable to ungroup a PDF object
B088053 Callout horizontal position shows to left whn right is selected
B088060 Navigation Palette - VW Response When Switching Tabs Slows Down Progressively
B088066 "Draw Beam as 3D Solid" with both focus & falloff points; chopped color fill
B088102 Selection tool -- second mode -- Rbox node -- Preview is in wrong place.
B088106 Unable to change from Cartesian to Polar co-ordinates
B088111 The behavior of Use Emitter is wrong.
B088118 Hardscape with Attribute Mapping tool
B088122 Hardscape: Texture setting when saving hardscape is not sticking
B088132 VW2011 Regression - Custom Circular Stair slowdown
B088165 Terrain-road intersect
B088167 Drag-and-drop textures fails in 3D views
B088175 Check in Indirect Lighting Texture dialog box.(Edit Texture dialog)
B088178 If Helix Angle is changed, gear of Spur Gear disappears.
B088183 Import DXFDWG.
B088194 Image Props Do Not Render Correctly Compared to VW 2010
B088223 DLSVPs should rotate like hybrid objects
B088245 T connection error happens(Manage Databases)
B088249 The created Plant Object moves to the center of drawing sheet.
B088250 Object Info Palette fails with vertical lines in Front View
B088265 Redline and Revision cloud show incorrect preview with a moved WP drawn in SP
B088278 Pillar in Symbol no snapping to points when outside of symbol
B088280 Marquee selection selects all objects touched in rotated plan without modifier
B088282 Select polygon mode incorrectly selects objects drawn via rotated plan.
B088300 PDF Ungroup and view in Layer Plane causes crash.
B088311 Import DXFDWG.
B088312 Space: Many error dialog are opened.(Import Adjacency Matrix menu)
B088318 Export DXFDWG.
B088340 Hardscape "Objects From Polyline" multiple objects Selected only one stays visib
B088344 Place Plant tool - Plant ID drop down issues
B088348 Triangular Array Mode doesn't fill path with plants in rotated plan view
B088353 Blurriness in 2011 is slower than in 2010
B088360 Reshaping wall with 3D reshape preview is not given
B088361 File renders in FQRW with a black frame in VW2011
B088371 VW fails to remove the Deselect command from Data Exchange .xml file
B088376 Documentation: Push and Pull > "Sub-face mode" called instead "Extract Curve"
B088381 Image Prop Texture: edited through the OIP cause crash on exiting with ESC
B088413 Pathway hardscape not selected by encompassing marquee in Rotated Top/Plan view
B088417 "Visibility" by "Custom Modification" menu
B088422 High Objects: Unified View Screen obj settings ignored in poly edit mode
B088434 Renderworks must switch to top plan before exporting to Cinema 4d.
B088436 Ungrouping pdf object crashes VW
B088439 Export Cinema 4D: Null objects should be reduced
B088470 CW Create Space from Polygon... has some issues
B088471 Space: Enter Group puts Vectorworks in Bad State
B088473 Crash Creating Space from Polygon, if circle is used in place of Polygon
B088486 Editing dimensioned pio in wall from worksheet database failed
B088501 FQRW in Viewport Image props and glass effecting visibility of Background
B088517 KLS: Impossible to import these DWG-files on windows
B088540 Pillar inside a Symbol: No snap.
B088567 'Import Connections' and 'Export Connections' do not work correctly.
B088569 Error dialog is opened.(Export DOE-2 menu)
B088571 Cannot move dim text on a plane when working plane is different plane
B088583 Rotation of hatches fails with the Attribute Mapping tool
B088584 Importing Symbols via dragging from the resource palette fails.
B088585 2D3D: Selection tool does not display reshape grips for line-like objs- 3D views
B088587 ATH: DTM_Site border missing
B088591 Pasting text results in huge font sizes
B088592 Ungrouping PDF causes crash
B088595 Hardscape objects from Vw 2009 lose their appearance when modified in Vw2011
B088602 Visability Tool: Text a long way off from cursor when in OpenGL
B088603 Can not manually move the drawing's origin
B088604 VS GetEntityMatrix() & SetEntityMatrix() always return TRUE
B088608 Place Plant Tool: Choosing Plant from drop-down list selects the wrong plant
B088611 Landscape Area: Planting by percentage. Entered percentages are ignored
B088618 Wall style is always "Unstyled".(Model to Floorplan menu)
B088621 The feature is not a hole in the wall that is applied Unstyled to wall in 2D.
B088626 Distance constraints to walls should be signed distances.
B088630 Renderworks shader dialogs should use floating point values for dimensions
B088631 Unable to pick Symbols with 2D objects on Symbol Defn plane in RotatedPlan.
B088645 A preview is not often shown.(Create Wall Projection menu)
B088646 A preview is not often shown.(Create Wall Recess menu)
B088649 Dimensions: anomaly leading to silent hang or crash
B088662 activate wall tool when current layer is screen leads to some issues.
B088668 About Create Walls from Polygon.
B088669 About " Properties ".
B088672 An error dialog comes up.(Custom Modification)
B088673 RunTime error happens.(Custom Modification)
B088682 Help System "What's this' overlooks Videoscreen object
B088684 VW 2011 Help and Spotlight Multi circuits
B088690 Indirect Lighting quality should be recalibrated for more speed
B088692 model can no longer render in line render options
B088704 The name of the exported texture files are garbled.(Export C4D)
B088706 A error dialog appears(Manage Databases)
B088708 We are investigating a fix for this for 16.0.2.
B088718 Hitting Cancel on DLSVP dialog, application crashes
B088719 Redline tool: Failing to create redline in this drawing.
B088726 "What's This?" help doesn't work for some tools (ex: Hardscape)
B088736 Up and down arrow key behavior in text block is regressive
B088738 The top plan preview is not displayed.(Place Plant tool)
B088739 Decals cannot be applied
B088740 "Text Attributes" and "Wall Attributes" does not work.
B088742 A black dot is not displayed.
B088743 The form of the preview is warped.
B088746 The value of external database is not reflected to the field of a plug-ins objec
B088751 Incorrect Box Position for Polyline
B088754 Select Similar Tool not working with wall thickness
B088760 Single Hung Window PIO inserted into angled walls not flipping properly
B088766 Objects Preview not shown with Pen Color set some thing other than black
B088768 Segment position box looks incorrect in OIP for Quarter Arc tool
B088782 Export QT VR Panorama: Aspect Ratio/size fail
B088795 Switching Box Position points fail for Qurter Arc Tool
B088797 Redline Tools Switches to Layer Plane when Attaching Sketch
B088798 Toilet Stalls taking on some interesting Class attributes
B088800 "Create Planar Objects" Does not work for edge extraction
B088803 Scale Operation on NURBS Curve Causes Object to Disappear
B088805 Ungroup PDF on Mac information
B088807 VectorScript SetParent CreateDuplicateObject break layer plane-based planar obj
B088811 Space Tool - Missing library file
B088815 Space Reshape HUD and Constrains not working Properly
B088817 Copy/paste operation causes crash because of planar ref id's
B088822 Preview is missing when using the 3D Reshape tool on a wall
B088824 Selection hilight of holes is wrong in plane rotatation
B088826 3D view of Lighting Device magnified: James Thomas Pixel Line symbols
B088831 Set Working Plane Tool Fails on Bitmap Image : JBC
B088832 Planar Graphics, hatching not correct
B088836 Wrong Line Length in OIP for Angled Lines Drawn in Front View
B088839 I can select the Working plane on Sheet layer
B088843 After placement in a 3D view the PIO preview gets stuck in that 3D view
B088849 Units in Space Settings causes error
B088850 Space object Area displays only inches or millimeters
B088856 Tag Text Angle does not change.(Landscape Area tool)
B088857 Tag Line Angle is not specified one.(Landscape Area tool)
B088858 Tag doesn't move to the right. (Landscape Area tool)
B088861 Push/Pull tool doesn't snap to 3D point if 2D converted from Screen to Layer
B088866 The form of the polygon becomes illegal.
B088869 Can not save the new text formatting as a text style.(General Notes tool)
B088870 Parking Area tool working very slowly upon changing settings.
B088873 Lasso and Polyganal Selection Mode not working with Parking Space PIO
B088879 Site Modifier as Texture Bed not effecting Site DTM correctly.
B088886 Walls created from Spaces radiused corners
B088887 Site model pad to boundary (131847)
B088897 Batter slope to boundary (131847)
B088899 Unwanted edges in surfaces after push pull editing
B088900 Portion of exit curve truncated on push pull subtraction in rendered views
B088912 If TextNode is in a Symbol/PIO, marquee selection fails.
B088919 Adding surface of two objects deletes one object
B088924 Dimensions: associated objs move upon deleting unsolvable constraints
B088937 Existing tree Copy paste to different layer scale shifts significance tag
B088943 Enumerating a solid's faces and edges with SDK fails
B088950 Magic Wand fails to select walls by type
B088954 Change view crash Vectorworks 2011 (PDF in layer plane).
B088956 Undo Slab after move Z leaves walls temporarily afected...
B088959 Can't drag the dim line of a dimension with 0 length wit lines
B088967 Localization_Improper display - Eyedropper Preferences dialog
B088971 Arrow mark in the "Direction" becomes illegal.
B088974 Changing to Top/plan while editing referenced DLVP Crop causes unecessary dialog
B088977 Slab objects with texture set to none should render using the 2D fill color
B088981 Splitting 3D Polys
B088983 FQRW Bad rendering artifacts,missing geometry on path extrude
B088988 Lasso and Polyganal Selection Mode not working with HVAC PIO
B088991 insertion point snap missing from planar symbols
B088993 Can't marquee select Parking Space object in a rotated Top/Plan View
B088995 User Origin Shift: import multiple DXF
B088998 Find Replace Text: doesn't parse diacriticals
B089002 Reference grid disappears on zoom
B089021 Dimension text fraction spacing incorrect
B089040 "Edit Component based on the current view" still brings up the dialog every time
B089045 File with unexpected Duplicate along path(Menu) behavior.
B089048 Create a cutom end cap using clip has some issues
B089049 Extra line after using the custom end cap third mode
B089050 Adding geometry to alreadu created custom end cap is failing
B089052 RW Texture is Slow to Update After Being Edited
B089054 Importing DWG crashes VW 2011
B089060 Cannot change the 3D fill colour or a slab : JBC
B089062 Localization_[String remains English]Properties Dialog_Shaft/Shaft - 3D
B089068 Screen refresh doesn't work properly, except in Wireframe...
B089073 Wall Join creates unwanted groove above shorter walls
B089079 Geometry is lost in DWG import
B089080 (V1) Offset tool: Not working correctly when offsetting curves
B089088 Polygon Lasso mode fails when surrounding shapes with multiple gaps
B089092 Changing Plant Defaults Changes All Existing Plant Instances Too : JBC
B089094 Export to dwg casue some objects to move
B089096 Image props render with blue ghost
B089100 Section Viewport: Fills not displaying and merging properly in clipped slab
B089101 Push-pull tool: doesn't support "auto-scroll" at edge of active window
B089107 Final Renderworks fails - absorptive glass
B089108 Dimensions: unsolvable on edit dimension's prefix
B089109 Merge Adjacent Components with Same Fill crashes Vectorworks
B089117 Push/Pull Tool Should Not be Usable When Editing 3D Objects : JBC
B089123 Data exchange crashed VW if lighting devices are not on a Layer
B089124 Create New Plant command: Resulting Plant does not display in 2D
B089130 Help System does not define where the Hieght of the Slab is set, top or bottom?
B089136 Wall End Caps extending beyond top of wall after Fit Walls to Roof command
B089137 Plant Tool Fails to Preserve Selected menu Choice : JBC
B089139 VS documentation: Asin, Acos, Atan are no VS, usable only in worksheets
B089144 2010 File crashes when opened in 2011. Please help!
B089147 Object Info pal.: data fields shift changing pane while in sym edit mode if ODBC
B089148 Slab fill color problem
B089150 Localization_The display of Tag becomes "OK"_Landscape Area
B089151 Localization_The Rate is not displayed in Tag_Landscape Area
B089153 Drawing in this template-objects don't show until drawing is completed
B089155 DWG export: of Grid Bubbles whose flip = TRUE > endless boundary
B089156 Using Attributte mapping tool to rotate planar objects fails in perspective view
B089163 2d Reshaping of Ceiling Object incorrect angle given when moving from a straight
B089166 Windows are not at correct height with in a file
B089170 (V1)End cap Issues
B089171 The function of "Import Connection" does not work well.
B089175 Symbol Display control causes re-renders
B089176 Inconsistency in wall component texturing
B089177 GUIDs and names for building not persistent at IFC export
B089178 Need object variable for light object soft shadows
B089182 Zoom looses grid
B089184 Update referenced Layers causes CRASH
B089187 3D file: 2D lines in screen plane, object info palette shows incorrect angle
B089189 Importing Database connections causes the application to hang.
B089194 Windows with Custom Sash with only one sash creates incorrect goemetry
B089196 Grid Bubble: bad highlight, flickering
B089206 worksheet wall area functions are broken
B089211 gutters of roof constantly move themselves in Z direction
B089213 (V1)Offset tool: Inconsistent application of attributes when offsetting groups
B089215 Net Glazed area for windows wrong!
B089219 Image prop masks need to be processed at creation time
B089220 round wall crash
B089225 DWG import puts text on Screen plane when default is Layer plane
B089226 (V1)Wall End Caps: Vertical line left out when clipping rectangle from Wall
B089229 JK: Create Site Model causes crash bug with only 7 3D Loci
B089238 Reshaping a Space Obj does not respect shift-constrain
B089240 Wall component peaks do not work in certain cases
B089242 Object's pen style affects display of tile fill pen style.
B089245 Polyline and text object with tile fill drawn incorrectly in rotated top/plan.
B089248 Decals with Rectangular Mask Get Created with Infinite Repetitions
B089251 Panning while resizing a dimension inside a Viewport cause VW to crash
B089264 Place Plant Tool What's this command doen't work
B089265 Grade Object help not working with What's this command
B089267 Double Line marker icon not showing in Org. Dialog
B089268 Bounding Box is Incorrect with Mirrored Viewport
B089273 ATH: Stake object: Missing parameter in OIP
B089283 Cosmetic Issue with Existing tree preview
B089285 Window glass with Indirect Lighting Options off doesn't pass HDRI light
B089304 VS CreateDuplicateObject: in layer surface enabled path pios, loss of display
B089307 Extending a line to a wall with the Connect tool in Top/Plan View crashes Vw
B089308 Text Styles kill Drawing Label
B089309 Text Styles kill Elevation Benchmark
B089311 Push/Pull Tool doesn't work in attached file
B089313 Objects disappear when absorptive glass is used
B089314 Vectorworks Viewer found in Supplements Folder fails to launch
B089316 Preview for Dragging 2D Screen Symbol Fails
B089317 The OIP displays Layer Plane coordinates for Screen Plane objects in 3D views
B089329 Image prop masks need to be processed at render time to fix existing 2011 files
B089332 Push/Pull tool not consistent in test file
B089334 Bad result when using Polygon from inner boundary mode on rectangle on top arcs
B089335 Info palette returns wrong coordinates of screen objects when in 3D view
B089336 Number of vertices skyrocket with simple affset operation in test file
B089337 Wall Feature does not translate from 2010
B089343 ATH: DTM_Triangulation wrong
B089348 End Wall Cap crash within test file
B089354 special char problem in Path Animator dialog
B089355 Page snaps are disabled when object snaps are disabled
B089356 Wall with a round EndCap doesn't render
B089358 Loss of OIP information and Editing
B089361 End Wall cap doesn't give good results with some polyline shapes
B089365 Directional light units setting not correct in 2011
B089366 2D Reshape on Chain Dimension causes crash
B089376 What's this command opens wrong help
B089379 Pasting objects into sheet layer does not correct plane to be screen plane.
B089381 Hidden Line Render Memory Leak on Mac : JBC
B089390 2D only Lighting Position can not be moved by using the OIP
B089392 Hole in Parking Area object shifts after 2D reshape
B089393 Unexpected result with Wall end cap Add mode with component and polyline
B089411 Wall End Cap 'subtract mode' with polyline gives bad result
B089425 Hardscape: Hide or Show Edges broken
B089428 Retaining Wall Site Modifier: Creates vertically aligned points by default
B089432 Alt change all class visibility causes infinite beachball
B089434 Retaining Wall Site Modifier: Pad is vertically aligned with L and R Modifier
B089435 Terrain Model: Contours are unreliable - no confidence in site model.
B089438 Wrong Angle in OIP for Angled Lines Drawn in Front View
B089439 Wall End Capping heights cannot be different at each end of a wall
B089446 Spotlight instruments classing bug
B089449 Tangent arc option on Callout NOT working
B089454 Space Labels don't scale properly in Sheet Layer Viewports using Text Scale
B089455 Callout tool with arc leader line often has a scythe look
B089461 Hatching (line group creation): always sets active plane to "layer"
B089472 Column PIO: Has incorrect wall insertion options.
B089476 Create Report Command Fails to List Plant Fields : JBC
B089480 Repace Symbol fails to replace symbol
B089482 Object Offsets to wrong side in rotated plan
B089486 Viewport needs updated after crop is removed but Viewport is not flagged dirty
B089495 Stipple, Revision Cloud and Hardscape and all plugins..
B089497 Bug with walls after mirror, move, and undo
B089498 Missing lines when a new custom end cap geometry is created
B089502 Section Viewport Failure on Win
B089503 Deleting color background fails to update Renderworks rendering
B089509 ODBC: problem with FM connection in case of Kanji
B089510 ODBC: problem with writing query
B089520 Worksheet drawing image cell text printed outside of worksheet boundary.
B089525 2D Reshape: InteractiveDisplay for Roof in Topview is incorrect with Marquee.
B089526 Slab object's 3D components are not created at appropriate location as 2D poly.
B089532 2D Reshape: Space is reshaped with a ScreenMarquee in IsoView.
B089542 Slab tool using boundary wallsGood morning.We are just using VW Slab tool, usi
B089544 Disappearing dimensions
B089546 Attribute Mapping tool fails to work on Tiled Walls
B089565 Wall Tool Custom Databar Crash
B089572 When VCS is on, offset of some objects is broken
B089574 Select Similar Tool set to select only by Wallstyle not selecting any objects.
B089580 Stair Tool Walk Line Arrow not taking on End Marker as defined?
B089601 VW2011 Spanish Translation Comment
B089606 Placing accessories on a multi circuit unit causes the other cells to move Z
B089610 Custom leaf does not work when jamb is set to zero
B089615 CreateMaskedColorImage crash...
B089621 Round wall performance deteriorates rapidly after snapping
B089625 Cannot snap to nurbs surface vertice points
B089626 Localization_The text is lacked_ Multiple Objects Dababase Connection dialog
B089635 Export Cinema 4D: Objects should get class names appended to them
B089638 Wall End Cap: Component wrapping mode sometimes picks the wrong comp
B089642 Wall End Cap: two component wrap is not correct
B089647 Wall End Cap: Cap join problem with nested caps
B089652 Crash importing file
B089657 Hidden Line Rendering of Dimension fails
B089671 Orthagonal view-Vertical Screen Plane line gives wrong info in OIP
B089681 Modifying a hidden line dimension fails to update.
B089683 Join a roof faces or extend roof face working only on top plan
B089684 When offseting groups a contained 2D objects are converted to polygons.
B089695 Align Distributedoes not work as it did in 2010
B089699 Wall End Cap: Add Mode: missing line
B089706 Reset All Plug-ins does not properly update attached test file
B089707 Reset All Plug-ins crashes the attached file
B089720 Editing/Creating Textures Is Very Slow in Some Files
B089728 Groups can't be resized on the OIP in Top/Plan View
B089736 PlaneRefID did not set correctly for Holes in polyline in Extrdue when open
B089741 VW 2011 fails to model some of the objects correctly.
B089744 HLR pb in section viewport: missing lines
B089756 Hidden Line Test Performance Failures
B089757 Vectorworks crashes while exporting back to previous versions
B089758 DTM: 2D view colored slopes in contour mode
B089771 Viewports don't display data, correct when exported to v2010
B089772 Image Props: default antialiasing on transparency mask creates undesirable halo
B089779 2 planar problems
B089785 ODBC: failed to insert row
B089786 ODBC: Database Dialog: column captions are aligned to the right
B089789 Vw2011 crashes exporting a file as Vw2009
B089790 New space tool
B089793 Net Ceiling Height setting is not remembered
B089797 Open GL Fails to Render Some Objects
B089798 2D Reshape: Rectangle & Oval objects on Screen are reshaped by layerplne marquee
B089809 Site model 3D incorrect
B089810 Site Modifiers not working correctly
B089818 DTM 3D Contours appear incongguous with DTM in Section Viewport>Perspective
B089820 Text tool marquee mode does not work in rotated plan.
B089826 Keep getting stragne error when trying to change values of Space Label
B089845 Open the attached VW2010 file with Polyline with holes
B089847 VW2011: Crash when adding "Top Sash" Muntins to "Segment" Top Window
B089867 Problem with top/plan imaging for symbol.
B089875 Very slow screen redraws in this file.
B089877 DTM: Plant image props hover above surface
B089885 VW 2011 SP2 Space settings gives some unknown dialog for length
B089889 Space Settings Dialog Does Not Allow Exit
B089893 IfcWallStandardCase Name should = Vw object Name not Vw Class
B089894 IfcWallStandardCase CAD Layer should = Vw Class only
B089900 Polyline renders improperly in Polygon rendering
B089908 Create Similar: removes "Use at Creation" in document's class on styled walls
B089914 Section Viewport not correctly DTM cross section
B089915 can't open 2010 created file. Crash.
B089918 Viewport names in OIP do not update when cycled through
B089920 Creating Page based symbol out of Window, application will crash
B089921 Scaling World based Window Symbol will cause VW to crash
B089922 Space Object Disappears after using the Push/Pull Tool...
B089927 Vectorworks is randomly moving 3d Geometry in Space
B089941 Lighting device cache being removed when new instruments are inserted.
B089943 Editing and canceling still dirties a viewport
B089970 Markers in hiddenline obscure geometry.
B089987 Styled Wall with End Cap causes crash when replacing style
B090056 Objects Shift After Changing the Layer and Class Option in the Context Menu.
B090068 change a line in objecto info with rotated plan view
B090082 Crash scaling symbols assymetrically.
B090089 Crash copying round walls.
B090097 PDF export crash.
B090107 Crash drawing muntins.
B090110 Chain dimension crash.
B090124 Crash copying a symbol instance.
B090141 Crash changing associative hatch to static hatch.
B090147 Crash on Mac converting scaled symbol to group.
B090207 Updating a workgroup reference is very slow
B090225 Space tool: Changing mode causes spinning beachball
B090247 Crash while zooming in/out with test file
B090265 Wrong display of umlauts of the file name in the dialog "Do you want to save?"
B090271 User cannot open VW2008 files in VW2011 without the application crashing
B090392 VW2011 SP2 Full Installer: Does not recall install directory
B090403 Warning during installation/update process after canceled installation/update