Vectorworks 2010 SP3 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2010 Service Pack 3:

Issue Id Title
B060189 Viewport is very slow to select
B060548 Can't multi-select layers in IFC Export
B061906 IFC export not working
B061917 IFC Export: Incorrect results with model file.
B064180 Export IFC project doesn't export referenced data
B065011 Create IFC Entity... command moves selected object
B065630 The meaning of the "Auto convert Symbols" checkbox in the "Export IFC Project" dialog is confusing.
B065631 The meaning of the "Convert Simple Graphics" checkbox in the "Export IFC Project" dialog is confusing.
B065632 "Tree view" radio button does not work.(Create IFC Entity)
B066343 Export IFC layers and progress indicator
B069919 The setting of the exported layers remain.(Export IFC Project)
B070205 KLS: IFC - Convert simple graphics not working
B072428 IFC export not including the Design Layer Viewports.
B073079 Space Obj Made from Poly -Data Fields don't Translate from Properties Dialog
B074110 About " Add Text to Database ".
B075163 IFC export - Site missing
B075393 IFC Export - information and settings in IFC Export dialog aren't saved
B075905 The collision control dimension offsets placed too high relative to Dim text
B078899 Missing objects during IFC Export.
B079350 Even if "Use Anti-Aliasing" is turned on I can not find effect.(Xp only)
B079526 Help System and Graphic Depiction of Component Handles
B079687 Even if "Use Anti-Aliasing" is turned on I can not find effect.(Vista only)
B079778 Select Class to apply no texture  (Human Figure Tool)
B079780 Wall Framer-2D Elev: some of the dimensions appear black.
B079820 Some of the Topics in the Help File Have Cosmetic Issues.
B080040 Clicking Chain Dimension Crashes Vectorworks (Mac)
B080446 Help section "Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks Fundamentals"
B080579 Additional data for Space will not display for Objects from Polyline
B080641 Export PDF Batch does not update rendered viewports
B080727 Dragging wall segment breaks wall network
B080738 About Import DXFDWG: Text characters are too close together.
B080821 About Import IFC: Unit selection adversely affects the output
B080822 About Import DXFDWG: Improperly formatted text
B080883 IFC data can't be assigned to Vectorworks Space objects
B080944 Walls in wall network cannot be moved in connected wall mode : JBC
B080984 The character string in the worksheet moves to the left.
B081101 Wall joins and performance slowdowns
B081135 Anti-Aliasing broken for OpenGL
B081152 VS function GetFolder is not compatible with UTF-8 path on Mac
B081190 Joining two walls causes a third to move
B081202 IFC Export #1-Custom Bow Trusses change position in IFC file
B081204 IFC Export #2-Wall as IfcCovering has shifted Z and deltaZ values at export
B081219 IFC Export #3-Mullions inserted into walls are NOT exported
B081234 Export Parasolid X_T command missing from Fundamentals workspace
B081290 Crashing while extracting NURBS curves
B081293 Wall Join Bizarre Happenings
B081333 Project with many reference files takes 20  minutes to open in VW2010
B081341 Duplication of Space changing attributes and class of Space
B081353 Wrong geometry exported in IFC
B081359 Round Tripping from 2009 to 2010 back to 2009 busts walls
B081379 AHA: Objects are moving when attaching IFC-Data
B081380 AHA: IFC objects have wrong position in IFC export file
B081390 Wall Style data not being exported to IFC
B081397 Batt insulation tool can not be placed in a wall
B081415 AHA: Shifted objects in IFC-Export
B081448 Batch print saved sets don't work with prior versions of VW
B081465 Wall moves when joining
B081473 Fillet Edge and Chamfer Edge tools fails
B081476 Moving selected wall makes non selected walls move too
B081479 Moving Wall Causes Un-Related Walls to Move
B081497 ID Class Drop-Down in Window Settings Dialog Acts in Error
B081535 Round-top door opening doesn't export to IFC properly
B081538 Symbol in wall with custom hole doesn't export to IFC properly
B081586 Window ID will not stay in Window-Spec class
B081591 In/Ex Parasolid have not been included into the "Standard" work space.
B081593 Bug File causes Wheel of Death on mac when opening in 2010 v2009
B081616 DOM: Chain Dimension gets separated in special Situation
B081621 DOM: Dimension collision control incorrect Text positioning
B081622 DOM: Dimension Collision Control vertical Text Offset too big
B081623 Listserv web pages still using VW2009 graphics.
B081625 DOM: Constraint error after Duplication of Dimensioned Objects
B081626 DOM: Constraint error after Duplication with Tool "Move by Points"
B081651 DWG Import Dialog Appears When Converting Polyline to Space
B081662 Huge group from wall framer command
B081665 IFC Export Slab error-simple rectangular VW Floor exports incorrectly to IFC
B081667 Remove "Create IFC Entity..." menu command
B081672 KLS: WallFeature - wall not cut in 3D view
B081689 Lighting Device disappears if symbol name is changed, instead of leaving a rect.
B081699 AHA: DXF/DWG files created with Vectorworks cause crash in AutoCad
B081703 Incorrect Linking in Help - Display Preferences
B081706 KOS: DWG Export of Viewports as 2D Graphics in Model space fails
B081710 Problem with Layer duplicated
B081716 JK: SDK problem with the settings for the silent import
B081726 File size increases 12-20 times when certain DWG files are imported
B081734 Wall joins become corrupted
B081743 Stairs Will Shift and Stretch after Export it as an IFC Project
B081754 IFC Import from Scia IFC file Fails
B081774 VW crashing when updating references
B081776 Walls Bot Z changing in symbol
B081785 Crash in IFC code
B081786 Choosing, "On Schedule" option in OIP for Window will create class, "----------"
B081792 Shell Solid tool selection highlighting not working
B081793 Custom IfcCurtainWall export fails
B081798 A specific Japanese character can not be used as a color palette name.
B081803 Weird result using the mirror tool
B081819 CW-Stair: dialog icons minimal if Unified Setting ON and "ignore layers" OFF
B081820 Vw crashes when attached file is opened - ProcessPolyBreaks
B081841 VS function CreateFolder on Mac cannot handle multi-byte character with 0x5c
B081842 Mesh VRef nodes carry unnecessary texturing data in their aux lists
B081844 Remove "Create IFC Entitity..." from the AEC menu
B081856 Wall editing acting strangely
B081860 DWG Import acceptance test failure
B081861 DWG Export - Simplified export crashes for one of the Acceptance test files
B081874 Corrupt File - VW 2010 crashes when opening file.
B081877 Performance tanks when VW is maximized on a 30"
B081881 Objects from referenced files are shifting
B081901 IFC Data for a Door PIO fails (or broken) to work properly
B081911 Walls on a duplicated layer cannot be moved
B081927 DWG does not import
B081936 Editing a distance constraint in the attached file fails
B081941 KLS: Space navigator & Renderworks make Vectorworks 2010 crash on mac
B081948 This DWG file imports right in 2009 sp4 but fails in 2010
B081959 Importing the attached dwg file crashes Vectorworks.
B081965 bug- z' height changes when creating symbol
B081981 KLS: Component Join broken if walls far from origin
B082000 DWG Export Fails, causes screen redraw problems
B082005 If the "Unified View" is turned on, Solid Addition can not be edited.
B082076 Batch Print now messes up page setup on sheet layers, and print to file option
B082078 IFC: the IFC Data menu chunk is not getting replaced in SP3
B082083 It is not arranged in the height of the layer.
B082089 (VectorScript) Objects not created at the layer height
B082098 2d dwg fails, 3d objects remains on wrong elevation
B082100 Exporting a rectangle into DWG
B082102 Crash at file open time - bad wall processing
B082123 Roof face Z value does not refer to layer plane
B082125 Symbol instance at incorrect height when extrude is created.
B082145 Wall Networks Become Locked - Moving or Resizing Walls Fails : JBC
B082146 KLS: Conversion of dimensions to Version 2010 corrupt
B082152 Cannot place Structural steel column/Pilaster
B082154 KLS: Option Set Position displaces all symbols in wall
B082155 KLS: Impossible to mirror an object once a dim attached
B082199 Export of Multiple sheet layers to DWG results in viewpts that don't show models
B082208 KLS: Tapered Extrude created at z=0 if not top ot top/plan view
B082261 IFC Menu chunk needs update in SP3 workspaces
B082282 Crash on Vectorscript ResetObject
B082283 MAC: Crash with Wall Join Tool
B082284 When GDI is turned on, VW crash or PS error happens.(Print)
B082293 ATH: Intersecting contours at Nurbs dont intersect
B082295 Section viewport shows Nurbs curves with edges
B082311 Crash With L Join in attached file.
B082381 Mirroring Constrained object produces incorrect result.
B082389 KLS: Abnormal termination using 2D Reshape tool
B082390 [1760H] KLS: Converted dims from older versions prevents any editing operation
B082391 [1761H] KLS: Converted dims from older versions prevents mirror and crash VW
B082393 KLS: Still Impossible to mirror an object once a dim attached
B082394 KLS: Impossible to mirror an object once a dim attached in rotated plan
B082395 KLS: Rotating object with dim attached fails on second attempt
B082396 KLS: Rotating object with dim attached fails at certain angle
B082397 Undo/selection problem after rotating a constrained dimension
B082400 Absolute Z-value being forced over Layer Z value creating hybrid symbols
B082407 VW2010 crashes when rotating rectangles with chain constrained dimensions
B082418 IFC export of site mmodel/DTM is broken in SP3
B082437 Window dialog handler creates extraneous class, misrepresents class of ID
B082494 Door/Wdw ID class cannot be renamed
B082502 'kVolueDontDisplay' added to dropdown each time Cut & Fill Calc. are updated
B082550 Mirroring Walls Causes Associated Dimensions to Change Dim Value
B082615 About Import DXFDWG: Windows text problem with Japanese text
B082747 Files crash while snapping
B082828 File hangs during rendering after opening