General MiniCAD Updates & Downloads

3.x File Converter

[Mac] This software can be used to convert MiniCad+ 3.0 and MiniCad+ 3.1 files to a format which can be read by any subsequent version of MiniCAD or Vectorworks. It is unnecessary to convert more recent files. (2.8 MEGS)

ClarisCad Transition Overlay 6.0

Needs MiniCad 6. Layout for use by former ClarisCad users to make it easier using MiniCad. (17k)

ClarisCad Translator 1.7

Needs MiniCad 5 or 6. Translates ClairsCad 2.0 files into an importable text file for MiniCad. (102k)

Comma As Separator Update

For the countries that use a comma as the decimal separator, MiniCAD 7.0.1 for the Macintosh will not read the data files for the parametrics in the Mechanical Engineering Toolkit since these files use the period as the decimal separator. (All previous versions read the files OK. For some reason, v7.0.1 will not read the files correctly.) To fix the problem, new data files are provided using a comma as the decimal separator. Installation instructions are included. (65k)

Distribute Along Line Macro

Needs MiniCad 6. Procedure Distribute Along Line evenly distributes all selected objects on the active layer along a line provided by the user. (9k)

DTM for MiniCad

Digital Terrain Modeller (DTM) maintenance release for MiniCad.

Encryption External

Needs MiniCad 5 or later. An encryptor for external macro files (run via Resource palette or Run Macro). Includes external, MiniCad 6 overlay, and instructions. (43k)

EPS to Illustrator '88

Illustrator 6 and higher has a different creator code for their Illustrator '88 formatted EPS files. This convertor application creates EPSF files that are importable into MiniCAD.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Needs Mechanical Engineering toolkit and MiniCad 6. New and improved version of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing commands and drawings. The changes are described in the enclosed ReadMe file.

MiniCAD 6 to 7 Translator

This package containing AppleScript applets and a read me for users who need to translate large numbers of MiniCAD 6 files into MiniCAD7 format. The translator applet allows you to select folders of MiniCAD documents and translate them into MiniCAD 7 format; originals are stored in a separate folder. An additional applet allows you to optionally strip the 'v7' appended to translated documents. Instructions are included. (49k)

MiniCAD 7.0.1 Updaters for Macintosh

Are now online. The updater resolves several issues from MiniCAD 7.0.0 as well as adds such new features as: a dimension slash thickness preference and minipascal support for millions of colors in light objects.

MiniCAD 7.0.1 Patch for Windows

[Win] This updater resolves several issues from MiniCAD 7.0.0 as well as adding such features as Wintab compliant tablet support.

MC 7.0.1 Windows Help File

[Win] The Help File for MiniCAD 7.0.1 Windows, does not install from the CD. Please download the Help File from the above link. After unzipping it, place the file in your MiniCAD directory. If you have any questions, please contact our Tech. Support Dept.

MiniCAD 7.0.3 Release

[Win]This is the release version of MiniCAD 7.0.3.

New Nudge

For MiniCad 6.0.0 and higher. The MiniCad Nudge command modified to move the selection by the set Snap Distance. To use: Replace the current Nudge command in the MC externals folder. Save the original Nudge command should you decide to go back to it later.


Diehl Graphsoft has isolated an incompatibility between MacOS 7.6.x and the Export QuickTime Path Animator shipped with MiniCad 6.0.x. This archive contains newer versions of the QuickTime externals which resolve this problem. If you are using MiniCad 6 with MacOS 7.6, you should download and install this update.

Overlay Edit 1.5.2

Updater for MiniCad 6.0.4 for Macintosh.

Set Zoom Macro

Needs MiniCad 6. This macro will allows a user to set the percentage of zoom to exactly what they want.

SETZOOM.sit.hqx (33k)
[Win] (33k)

Theatrical Lighting

[Win] This is a replacement template for the MiniCAD 7 file found in: Toolkit/6_Design/Thea_Ltg/Template (34k).

Worksheet Macro

Needs MiniCad 6. This is an update that adds the following feature:
When the command encounters a valid named object with a non-zero area, the item is inserted into the Area Worksheet list with the actual area. If no blank rows are found, an error message is displayed. (9k)