Note- Users should also check the General Downloads page for additional updates which apply to this product.


Landmark 2009 Downloads:



Vectorworks 2009 Plant Database Update


This download will update the plant database for all Landmark and Designer customers. The update adds additional plant information, including plants from Monrovia Growers. The update applies to both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Instructions: Download and unzip the archive. Follow the instructions in the enclosed readme file to navigate to your current plant database. Back up your current plant database and update the database file.

Download Update (2 MB) >



Landmark 2008 Downloads:



Vectorworks 2008 Plant Database Update


This download will update your Vectorworks Plant Database to the latest version of the FileMaker runtime library. Users of Macintosh OS 10.5+ (Leopard) outside of the United States may have experienced problems when launching the database that shipped with version 2008 of Vectorworks Landmark or Designer. This update will solve these issues.

Go to Plant Database Update download page >



Landmark 12 Downloads:



SketchUp Plug-in (UPDATED 5/02/06)


The plug-in automatically translates SketchUp model geometry and components into Vectorworks floor, walls, roofs faces, and symbols. You can choose to map SketchUp model geometry in three ways: by material, by layer, or by geometry.

Please note: This download is for use with Vectorworks 12.0.0 and 12.0.1 only. (The VW 12.5.0 installer and updater add the SketchUp plug-in and necessary files).

Download PDF Guide How To Import Sketchup Files (PDF file)

Download SketchUp Plug-in Download SketchUp Plug-in for Mac (2.7 MB)

Download SketchUp Plug-in Download SketchUp Plug-in for Win (2.4 MB)



Landmark 10 Downloads:



Vectorworks Landmark 9 to LandMark 10 Migration Utility


Plants and plant objects are handled in a different way in Vectorworks Landmark 10 (VWL 10) compared to Vectorworks Landmark 9 (VWL 9). VWL 10 stores all plant information (including information about plant standards) in the drawing file, whereas VWL 9 stored plant standards information in three external files. VWL 9 users know that if any of these files got corrupted or even moved, placing plants became difficult. VWL 10 increases reliability by storing all the plant and standards information needed in the current file. However, in order to convert existing files, it's necessary to bring that external information into the current document as easily as possible. Particularly for people who are making heavy use of Project Plants, this utility will make life easier.

You will use this utility to do the following things:
1. Prepare your VW9 plant library file so the project plant symbols in it can be used for Plant Definitions in VWL 10.
2. Update the old Plant Record format to the new format. This must be done for any VWL9 document you wish to use under VWL10.
3. Convert and consolidate all your Project Plants and scalable plant symbols to VWL 10 Plant object format in a single file.
4. Convert your old style plants in your drawing to new plants.

The download includes two plug-in menu commands and a tech note with documentation.

download VWL9 to VWL10 Migration Utility for Macintosh (420k)

download VWL9 to VWL10 Migration Utility for Windows (429k)


New Plant Object.VSO For Landmark 10.0 users


An error was discovered with the new Plant object which causes corruption of documents when running the "Purge Objects" command in LANDMARK 10. This problem has been fixed, but not in time to make the first production run of the 10.0.0 release CDs. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all LANDMARK 10.0 users download and install the new Plant Object.VSO plug-in before begining work in LANDMARK. To install first download the Plant.VSO file to your desktop; locate the Plug-ins folder in your Vectorworks folder on your hard drive; replace the Plant.VSO by copying the new Plant.VSO file into the Plug-ins folder. If you have any questions please contact our Technical Support Department, or call 410-290-5114.

click here to download the .vso file for Macintosh (17k)

click here to download the .vso file for Windows (19k)