FullReportedInVersion FullFixedInVersion Description for Release
9.5.0b4 9.5.2 Under OS X help tags for menu items are not always displayed in the proper location and occasionally crash the application.
9.5.0 9.5.2 With Workgroup referencing, layer references will sometimes be lost with the message:
"The layer 'blank-or-corrupt-name'' was not found in the referenced document 'source-file.mcd'. The reference to this layer (only) has been cancelled." This will happen when any VW9 document with workgroup references is opened after a VW8 or VW7 document has been opened in the same application session.
9.5.1 9.5.2 (9264) Trying to blend an edge of a window symbol crashes.
9.5.1 9.5.2 Classes with dashes in their names are not accessible from the following dialogs:
- Symbol Insertion Options dialog
- Criteria dialog (when selecting by class)
- Save Sheet dialog (when selecting the active class)
9.5.1 9.5.2 If you apply a texture to a NURBS surface and then move the object, the texture doesn't "stick" to the surface, it sticks to the world origin instead.
9.5.1 9.5.2 In Vectorworks 9.5.1 for MacOS 8.x and 9.x, a dependency on OpenGL was introduced which would cause the application to crash when launched. This would not happen if OpenGL was installed on the machine. It did not happen in prior releases of Vectorworks 9.x.
9.5.1 9.5.2 (10465) Plug-in objects do not export to IGES.
9.5.1 9.5.2 (10626) MacOS X 10.1.5 (released June 2002) breaks the shipping version of Vectorworks 9.5.1 by causing incorrect colors to be drawn for text, 3D grid, etc.
8.5.2 9.5.2 Workgroup references will often be lost if they are added from two different platforms.