Version Fixed In Description for Release
9.5.0a3 9.5.1b10 Cannot snap to the line portion of a break line. The ends and the middle section act as they should (ie: they are snappable), but the line itself seems invisible to the cursor.

9.5.0 9.5.1b10 When i click on the texture mapping button i get a runtime error and VA closes w/64mb nvidia gforce2.
9.5.0 9.5.1b10 When selecting the mapping button the system crashes. It is irrespective of texture type or creation mode ie  image or shader based. Setting the undo to 0 didn't have any effect.
9.0.0 9.5.1b10 Upon exporting DWG, I select "do not export invisible layers". The result: only the base layer shows, but not the active layer which is intended to be superimposed upon it.
9.5.0 9.5.1b10 Dongle versions do not display serial numbers, but rather display a message that they are being retrieved.
9.5.0 9.5.1b10 Straight Truss

If either ladder bar diameter parameter is set to zero the truss fails to draw and produces a vectorscript error when the hanging angle parameter is set to 90 degrees.
9.0.0FC2 9.5.1b9 When editing a texture with a "Dimple" bump map, attempting to set the center depth of the dimple to a value greater than 1 will result in the message: "Resource string not found. Check to be sure that the RSR file exists in the same directory as the EXE file and bears the same name."
9.0.1b6 9.5.1b9 The Image Transparency shader is unpredictable when rendering at millions of colors.
9.0.1FC 9.5.1b9 The Wall Framer occasionally gets the base elevation of cripple studs wrong.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 ScriptErrors dialog can crash under MacOS X when scrolled.
9.0.1 9.5.1b9 In the Set Sun Position dialog, the 'minutes' edit field now correctly updates the 'Elevation' and 'True Solar Time' values.
9.0.0 9.5.1b9 The Enter Angle field of the Angle Snaps dialog does not allow a long string such as 50d12m24s to be entered.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 This file crashes if you try to use the render bitmap tool with a dpi of 350, and marquee the entire perspective bounds rect.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Inseting symbols in Spotlight can cause a crash under some circumstances.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Its been quite easy to crash Spotlight by simply moving Spotlight symbols.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Open the attached file. Double click the "test" script in the script palette that will appear. The script has errors. Click the "View Errors" button. In the "Script Errors" dialog, click the scroll down button. Crash - at least sometimes.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 if you draw a nurbs curve and render it in Opengl or RW, then you delete a vertex from object info palette, the curve is not updated.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Random crashes after moving plug-in objects, typically lighting device objects in Spotlight.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Wall Framer is generating incorrect plate lengths for some walls perticularly when the plate length is less than 14' It would be nice if this and 21134 were both fixed...
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 In MacOS X, if you get a VectorScript Error message and choose to review it, and you use the scroll bar in the review dialog, you will crash.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Hatches in groups export at the wrong scale to DXF.
9.0.1 9.5.1b9 Hatches (with Units: Page) assigend to objects on layers with different scales are exported wrong. The hatches are scaled
depending on the scale of the layer although they are of type page and not world
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 Some VectorScripts use scientific notation in inappropriate places, causing errors.
9.5.0 9.5.1b9 VW should export DXF hatches as *X blocks instead of *U blocks so utilities that only want to look at hatches can be run on the DXF files.
8.0.1b2 9.5.1b8 You cannot create walls that have a clockwise orientation from the SDK.
9.5.0b4 9.5.1b8 Draw Cam Diagram
Produces a VS Warning when preformed on the default Cam in the Stationary File.
Warning: _288 _290 - Specified cell does not contain a numeric value.

9.5.0 9.5.1b8 The threads on the Hex Bolt (DIN)-3D display incorrectly for a Bolt Type of Hex Screw.
9.0.0 9.5.1b8 When in black background mode, the background of the edit hatch dialog is drawn white if Background Fill is unchecked, so that hatch lines with the default color cannot be seen.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 On the Spur Gear object, the field name Diametrical Pitch should be Diametral Pitch.
On the Worm Gear object Radial Pitch should be Circular Pitch and Pitch Diameter of Gear (Ref) should be Pitch Diameter (Ref).
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b8 Serial number alart shows up frequently under Japanese.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 The Compression Spring 1 and Compression Spring 2 are drawn incorrectly. When the spiral is Left Hand, they should be drawn as are the other springs.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 Drawing Border-ME draws with markers if the default drawing state is set to use markers.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 The Datum Target Symbol displays a warning if a single number or letter is used for the datum target. If a single letter is used, object creation will fail.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 When the Cam.sta template is opened and the Data Increment is changed to 1 deg., the Draw Cam Diagrams command caused a VectorScript warning and the diagrams are drawn incorrectly. Also, a message box appears on the drawing.
9.5.0 9.5.1b8 In the Drawing Setup dialog, if the print area is an ARCH size, "Other" appears as the Current Value in the Print Area.
9.0.0 9.5.1b8 There is no way to modify the color of lines drawn by SDK tools through calls such as GS_DrawCoordRect.
9.0.1 9.5.1b8 The return parameter "buffersize" in

extern "C" Boolean GS_CALLBACK
GS_GetTextCharsToBuffer(CallBackPtr, MCObjectHandle textBlock, void* buffer, long& bufferSize);

is always set to zero, even if the function returns true and everything is OK.
8.5.0b8 9.5.1b7 DXF export uses the page extents when setting the drawing extents instead of the object extents, which causes confusing warnings when the file is imported back into VW 8, and also makes the file unusable for some Italian users who need to conform to a certain standard.
9.0.0b4 9.5.1b7 When EPS EXPORTING a drawing that contains text, some font informations (Font and Style) are lost
9.0.1FC 9.5.1b7 Extrude along path fails with some path/profile combinations.
9.5.0b7 9.5.1b7 Draw a rectangle whose top is at 2". Turn off all snapping. Select split by point, and move the cursor very close to the top of the rectangle, so the cursor changes, but the y value in the databar is a little more than 2". Click. Instead of just splitting the top of the rectangle, it becomes a curve, between the two top corners of the original rect and the click point.
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 Appears to be windows only...
Set General units to be fraction only... rounding to 1/64.
Zoom in to approx 6000% and draw two parallel lines (turn snap grid off first)
select one line and in object info pallet... add 1 inch to +- X
the line will then jump in the Y direction as well.
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b7 Japanese character could not entering to editor after chaging Hiragana to Kanji
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 Vectorworks9.01J1.0.1 Macintosh,Windows The line of the arc isn't indicated when a arc with the fill is made and exported EPSF and it opens with "Illustrator" . The line of the arc which a fill is not in is indicated.The attribute of the line doesn't seem to be reflected on the "pass" without a fill though it is being taken in the position where two kinds of the "pass" without a fill and the "pass" with the fill are the same when it tries to see it with "Illustrator" .The line of the arc is indicated with EPS from "Vectorworks8.5" and "MiniCAD7" .
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 Dimensions in symbols are drawn incorrectly at file load time when they exist on a layer that has a different scale than the active layer.
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 Under certain cirmcumstances changing the readius of a round wall is creating a corrupted object (the wall is getting longer, overlapping the modifiers).
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 Demo version of Architect and Architect with Landmark. The regular Print option under the File menu is correctly grayed out. Although, Architect offers a Print Sheet command which isn't grayed out. As a result, you're able to print sheet views with the demo.
9.5.0 9.5.1b7 GS_SetClMarker() sets the wrong marker.
9.0.0FC2 9.5.1b6 Combine into surface
Combine into surface does not work when 2D conversion Res is set to "High" that rectangl was doing two corner vartex to filleted.
9.5.0b2 9.5.1b6 On OSX 10.1, if you launch VW under the debugger without a Plug-In folder or a Workspace folder (or both) a message appears saying 'unknown PowerPC exception' and the app fails to launch.
9.0.1 9.5.1b6 'Add Surface' menu command does not effect to 'Polygon(FreeHand)' object by FreeHand tool.
9.5.0b8 9.5.1b6 Can't copy and paste numbers in dialogue boxes
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b6 The attached file does not display all class sub-menus as expected.
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b6 Arc tool can crash when using boomerang mode
9.5.0 9.5.1b6 On Mac OS10.1.2 or later, none of the additional VW print or page setup dialog settings (VW pane) can be changed. The VW settings can be changed in the dialogs, but they have no effect after the dialog is closed and if the dialogs are re-entered, the VW settings are back to their original state.
9.5.0 9.5.1b6 In VW 9.5, turning on the 'Use at Creation' checkbox on the Edit Class dialog is about 90x SLOWER than in 8.5.2
9.5.0 9.5.1b6 MAC only. Snapping to some line intersections is dramatically slower in 950 than in 852
9.5.0 9.5.1b6 DXF import will sometimes leave the active class or layer as one that was frozen or off in AutoCAD. This causes things that should be invisible to become visible.
8.5.2 9.5.1b6 Draw a rectangle, create a hole using clip tool, draw lines crossing the rectangle a the hole, send rectangle to front, select the rectangle, do command T to trim the lines, sometimes the trim is weird, quit the application, when the alert shows up saying if you want to save the file click on "don't save". Result: the application crash.
8.5.2 9.5.1b6 Sometimes an extra vertex point left behindwhen diffrentrectangles are added into polygon. Since this polygon will be used to make walls and roofsit's best to check now and remove any extra vertex points.
8.5.2 9.5.1b6 Draw or create a polyline, convert this to polygon(from tool Menu), from model create a roof from polygon, it fails.
8.5.2 9.5.1b6 draw line, draw polyline on top off these line, trim lines by polyline, the polyline get triimed instead of lines.
9.5.0 9.5.1b6 Yes No BothAlways is sometimes used incorrectly in MacOS X
9.0.0 9.5.1b5 Creating 2 extrudes and using resize cursor and tab to alter size in delta X or Delta Y gives an inaccurate size in obj info. This in turn creates a problem in regards to snaping one of the objects to another object as these objects will not automatically snap together.
9.0.0 9.5.1b5 Asymmetrical scaling of text behaves incorrectly. This causes some imported DXF files to have very long vertical text blocks one character wide.
9.5.0b9 9.5.1b5 VWs crashes when attempting to render the object within the test file. I was drawing a watch band. I started with an Extrude Along Path object. I then did several Solid Subtractions from the object. It crashes using any render mode. Also in 9.0.1.
9.5.0 9.5.1b5 Exporting this file to VW8 causes a crash under OSX (possibly only when using a release version of Landmark or Arch+Land). If it doesn't crash, an incomplete file is created which causes a crash during file read time. Works OK in MacOS9.
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b5 "Room Name Simple.vso"
How object is changed by switching "occupancy font"?
Please review 25241 (occupancy_font).jpg
9.0.0 9.5.1b5 #1 VW 9.5.1b2 will not subtract several U shaped extrusions from a column.
See file enclosed: 25304 (subtraction).mcd
9.5.0 9.5.1b5 When you select the large polygon as the path for an Extrude Along Path you get an error message stating one or more objects is an invalid object or path object and the extrude does not occur.
Please see file
9.5.0 9.5.1b5 Corrupt DXF files that have blocks without handles would import into VW8 but won't import into VW9. These files may be generated by some versions of Drafix / Autosketch.
9.0.0 9.5.1b5 GS_Get/SetObjectVariable fail for the 11th cavity and all cavities > 11
9.0.0b6 9.5.1b4 User data nodes get deleted from the aux list when perforning an add surface or clip sufface.
9.5.0a7 9.5.1b4 The Flyover tool with interactive OpenGL rendering has cosmetic problem: If you click-and-drag to rotate the thing then when you release the mouse it will flash the screen back to orignal orientation for a second before it redraws. You see little bits of the light object along the path that you rotated. Then it redraws and everything looks fine. It's hard to describe.

MacOS X 10.1 (5G27)
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b4 Under certain circumstances moving object is not undone properly.
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b4 Object Info Palette can fail to enter japanese characters properly
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 Export to Vectorworks 8 exports wrong coordinate values if you have high values for the coordinates.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 Set3DRot() and SetRot3D() are both broken for nurbs curves. HRotate() works, but is obviously limited to use in a 2D view only
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b4 The name of Polyline object, set to OI palette, will be missing after using 'Clip Surface' menu command.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 Label legend manager fails to create a valid label legend if SpotLight has been installed on top of a localized copy of Vectorworks where the name of the None class has been localized.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 Printing the current view using the Print Current View checkbox on the Print dialog should always only print one page, regardless of the number of pages selected on the Print Area dialog.
9.0.0 9.5.1b4 Clip Surface is not working properly in the test file.

I am trying to clip a set of lines with a closed polyline.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 if you open the test file and compose two curves, the object info palette only shows the class and layer, no detailed vertex info, but if you deselect the object and select it again, it shows detail.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 All of the classed object libs are unclassed.
9.5.0 9.5.1b4 Spotlight plugins don't work with a student or academic watermark version.
9.5.0b5 9.5.1b3 The help for the second radio button of the Nurbs creation tool reads "J Axis" This is also the tool tip displayed for the corresponding radio button in the 3D Path Plugin object creation tool.
9.5.0b9 9.5.1b3 Mirrior Tool (2D) DOES NOT FLIP Arc arrow heads correctly. This was a bug that was fixed for 8.5.2 -> 9.0.1. It seems to have regressed during the 9.5 cycle
9.5.0b9 9.5.1b3 Open the Test file. Switch to wireFrame. Draw a line. Undo the line. The Rendering setting is also "undone" and the rendering settings are switched back to those prior to wireframe switch.
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b3 Mac OS904 VW9.5.0

The Edit Values dialog in the Create Plug-in command/Parameters area,
no longer displays lists for popup menus and radio buttons on
separate lines as it has done in all previous versions (image
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 The Print Current View checkbox should be reset to off after every print operation.
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 The Create Custom Tool command is gegnerating a VectorScript with windows carriage returns and linefeeds on the mac... this sort of renders it very difficult to edit.
9.0.0 9.5.1b3 Deselecting NURBS objects can leave selection handles visible.
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 I'm having an issue where when trying to reference a file VW consistently crashes (at the point where the layers start coming into the target file) with an error type 2 message.
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 Files containing user data nodes can crash on DXF export.
9.0.1 9.5.1b3 Under certain circumstances editing a hatch crashes VW. It happens if a hatched object is far away from the page (internal origin) and if the drawing is displayed in a certain zoom
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b3 TrueType to polyline fails with japanese fonts under MacOS X
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b3 'Format Text' menu can cause crash under Japanese OS
9.5.0LFC1 9.5.1b3 Create Roof from Polygon can crash under MacOS X
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 NurbsCurveEvalPt can be subject to rounding errors
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 Revision Cloud Tool shape popup cannot be translated to German
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 Edit the None class by turning on the 'Use at Creation' option, selecting a different pen color and choosing a different pen width. Draw a line and edit the Pen Color......Crash
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 VWs crashes when switching between documents. Open both documents within the test folder. Switch from one document to the other. If it doesn't crash, try switching between documents by using Window on the menu bar.
9.5.0 9.5.1b3 Hatches in some files can be uneditable.
9.0.1b5 9.5.1b2 The attached file indicates a bug in EAP. In trying to extrude a simple bull nosed verandah profile around a square shape, VW reports it can't be done. Check the 3D Manager object for the desired result.

Actually I think that the file size hit for EAP objects will most likely stop people using them. The simple object in this file weighs in at 42k as a 3D Manager object. The equivalent EAP object is 879k and takes 30 times longer to generate.
9.5.0b2 9.5.1b2 The 'Tangent' SmartCursor cue seems to report incorrect locations when drawing one arc tangent to another at their endpoints.
9.5.0b3 9.5.1b2 The solid addition in this file cannot be rendered in hidden line mode.
9.0.1 9.5.1b2 VectorScript functions Message(), WriteLn() and Concat() convert reals to strings with only limited precision.
9.0.1 9.5.1b2 The VectorScript debugger displays real values with very limited precision.
9.5.0b9 9.5.1b2 Trim command still does not work like it did in VW 8.x.x
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b2 The tool palettes are left blank if they are position over the print area section, (this problem occurs as soon as you update the workspace)
In beta 11, after you close the workspace editor box, the tool palettes in the VW main window are blank (without any icons) .
See sample screenshot if you'd like to see this problem. 100% repeatable on my mac os 9.1 (imac) machine. redraw problem, i think...
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b2 Workspace editor:
When adding a new tool to a workspace the tool paletes do not get refreshed until after the mouse is moved.
9.5.0b11 9.5.1b2 VectorScript NurbsCurve and NubsSurface creation does not set LNewObject.
9.5.0 9.5.1b2 Serial numbers are not displayed when you go to, About Vectorworks.
9.5.0 9.5.1b2 There appears to be a new redraw issue with invisible objects in
PIO's in 9.5. If you create a custom PIO that uses classes to control visibility of individual components, objects that are in invisible classes become visible whenever the object is regenerated. Revisiting the class dialog, doing nothing and clicking OK makes them invisible again. Regen the PIO and they're back.
9.5.0 9.5.1b2 In some circumstance the bounding box on an Arc is draw so that it does not include the center point of the arc. This is preventing the smartcursor from snaping to this location when the arc does not have a solid fill.
9.5.0 9.5.1b2 When you export a drawing to VW8 the result depends on the active layer.
If the active layer is scale 1:1 then all layers with a smaller scale (e.g. 1:2 -> 1:2500) are exported but empty and you get an error that some objects are to large and will be removed.
9.0.0 9.5.1b2 The constraint angle on the Vectorworks Preferences dialog and the Alternate Coordinate System angle on the Angle Snaps dialog (which are the same number) only accepts a whole number. For instance if you enter 22.6, it accepts 22. In VW8, you could enter an angle with decimal places, and the decimal places would not be lost.
9.0.0 9.5.1b2 1. Open testfile.
2. Create a circle, and then execute: CONVERT TO NURBS command.
After issuing the Convert NURBS command, the nurbs curve does not show up onscreen,
just the selection handles.

Change to top/plan view, and the bug (problem) goes away.
9.0.0 9.5.1b2 1. Open testfile. Select a NURBS Curve.
2. Change the Z field of the selected Nurbs Curve.
The Nurbs Curve STILL shows up in the "ORIGINAL" POSITION (but CANNOT be selected)
and ALSO the object moves to a NEW position, but ONLY the handles show up at this time.
This got to be a bug and not a feature.
Note: Changing the Z field of the object SHOULD behave correctly!

9.5.0 9.5.1b2 Rounding precision not correctly applied to the angle snaps field
9.5.0a5 9.5.1b1 Duplicate array does not warn against unreasonably large duplication operations.
9.5.0a5 9.5.1b1 If you use duplicate array dialog and accidentally put a negative number in the columns field, the dialog closes and does nothing. Since it remembers the settings, it fails from that point on. (I did this because i wanted the y values to go down instead of up and my brain crossed wires.)
9.5.0b5 9.5.1b1 Files exported to VW8 that contain arcs with arrow heads, have the arrows misplaced. Using Move... with a zero distance fixes it.
9.5.0b6 9.5.1b1 Duplicate array 30000 loci with no offset. Draw a line far from the loci. Rotate the line with command L repeatedly. Very slow - it appears that the loci redraw all the time even tho they aren't in the invalid region. If you use 30000 circles you don't get this slowdown.
9.5.0b7 9.5.1b1 Stepping over or into an ALLOCATE statement in the script of a plug-in object using the debugger will cause an application crash.
9.5.0 9.5.1b1 The Convert to Polygon tool makes an extra vertex when converting a closed polyline. This causes the Create Roof from Polygon menu item to fail.
9.5.0 9.5.1b1 Create Editable Worksheet:

Your layers HAVE to be set to show/snap/modify to create the worksheet-even if you are on the active layer with instruments on that layer.
9.5.0 9.5.1b1 I created a sphere, converted it to symbol, duplicated, and added solids. It worked, but one of the spheres gets cut off on the bottom and looks funny in wireframe.
9.5.0b6 9.5.1d3 Vector Scripts created using the Custom Tool/Attribute menu command are not generating line breaks correctly. The entire script will appear on one line. Go to the Organize menu and choose Custom Tool/Attribute. Click any one of the check boxes followed by clicking the OK button. Edit the VS to see everything displayed on one line.
9.5.0b10 9.5.1d3 In the Edit Values dialog of the Vectorworks Plug-in Editor, the values do not have carriage returns, only a symbol for the carriage return, and are, thus, hard to read. (Mac only)
8.0.1b2 9.5.1d1 Has anyone had problems when exporting hatches to AutoCad? This particular problem *sometimes* occurs when using hatches in walls that have symbols. It looks OK in VW (on a Mac) but comes out wrong in AutoCad. The wall breaks for the symbol but not the hatch.

8.5.0d 9.5.1d1 Mac files with long names failed to export to DXF due to a "can't open file" error. That was fixed in VW9.5.0, but although the exported file is ok, it can't be re-imported due to "can't open file" error. It also has a weird number code on the end.

9.0.1 9.5.1d1 Attempting to read using ReadLn or StdReadLn into a DYNARRAY of CHARs that has not been allocated yet causes an error message, when it should work OK.
9.5.0b7 9.5.1d1 There should be a warning during encryption if a name in a non-encrypted include file
refers to a variable or procedure that was declared in an encrypted file (that situation
will cause a fatal error when the encrypted version is later compiled).
9.5.0b11 9.5.1d1 Associative dimensions are not created correctly when trying to dimension walls that are inside of groups. In the test file try to dimension the two indicated points. When associative dimensioning is turned off the dimension is created fine. When associative dimensioning is turned on, creating a dimension on the two indicated points creates a zero length dimension.
9.5.0b11 9.5.1d1 Entering and exiting groups doesn't always update affected associative dimensions immediately. In the test file enter the group that contains the two rectangles and move one of the rectangles. When you exit the group the associative dimension in not updated until you drag the group (for instance). Note that in the test file the rectangles were created AND grouped, then the associative dimension was created.
9.5.0b11 9.5.1d1 The 'default' printer resolution is missing from the popup in the Page Setup dialog if the current printer is a discrete device.
9.5.0 9.5.1d1 Associative dimensions can crash when edited
9.0.1b3 9.5.1 The sub-menu items of the worksheet popup menu items, "Insert" and "Delete", sometimes show menu item strings that are not "Rows" and "Columns" but are instead classes and layers menu item strings.
9.5.0b7 9.5.1 Delete key doesn't work either to delete points during drawing or to delete selected objects.
9.5.0 9.5.1 MacOS X - You are no longer able to cut and paste from dialogs' fields. For example in the Layers dialog
9.5.0b11 9.5.1d At the very end of the update, the "Finish" button has an arrow on it ("Finish >"). Finish buttons should not have arrows because they are the last step, there's nothing to point to. That's the way everyone else does it.