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Changes introduced by Apple in Mac OS X 10.2 (released August 2002) cause a number of usability and reliability problems in Vectorworks 9.5.x. We are releasing Vectorworks 9.5.3 for Mac OS X 10.2 compatibility.

Most of the changes affect only Mac OS X 10.2 and QuickTime 6. There is a single change documented below which affects users of Mac OS 9 and CarbonLib versions 1.5 or 1.6. See the change marked "Printing".

This single download will update ALL Vectorworks 9.5.1, 9.5.2 or 9.5.3 beta products (ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, ARCHITECT with LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, MECHANICAL, Vectorworks, and Renderworks) to version 9.5.3. If you are currently using a version prior to 9.5.1, you must first install 9.5.1 or 9.5.2 and then update to 9.5.3 using this updater.

Mac OS X 10.2 also causes problems for users of the dongle version of Vectorworks. We have a dongle driver installer which allows dongle users to work with Mac OS X 10.2.

Because all of the fixes included in 9.5.3 pertain only to the Macintosh, Vectorworks for Windows was not modified. The most current Windows version remains 9.5.2.

Fixes in 9.5.3
Problems related to Mac OS X 10.2 or QuickTime 6 are resolved by changes in 9.5.3. These fixes and workarounds have some side effects which will be described.

Screen Artifacts
9.5.2 and prior would leave artifacts on screen during drawing operations on Mac OS X 10.2. These were especially noticeable in the rulers, but also occurred in the drawing area when drawing certain kinds of objects such as circles. This is resolved by 9.5.3b1.

Apple made changes to the print architecture for Mac OS X 10.2 which caused Vectorworks to become very unstable during printing. We have made changes to Vectorworks 9.5.3b1 to work around these problems, but as a side effect, we do not maintain printer-specific settings in a document which was created by Vectorworks 9.0.0 or 9.0.1. If this causes problems for you, please continue to use Mac OS X 10.1.x when working with older files.

QuickTime 6
Apple changed the behavior of some QuickTime API calls for QuickTime 6 on the Macintosh. We have made changes for Vectorworks 9.5.3b1 to allow for this, but as a side effect, we now require approximately twice the memory we used to require to export image files. Usually this is not noticeable to the user, but if you experience problems in this area, you may want to consider making more memory available to Vectorworks or reverting to QuickTime 5.

Serial Number Protection
The serial number protection system has been modified to avoid unstable Apple network API calls. Crashing related to duplicate serial numbers as well as random crashes shortly after launch should now be eliminated.

Revert to Saved
Revert to Saved should no longer crash on Mac OS X 10.2.

Copy & Paste
Copying and pasting between documents should no longer crash on Mac OS X 10.2.

When running under Mac OS 9.x and CarbonLib 1.5 or 1.6, the Apple LaserWriter driver can be unstable and crash after a certain number of successful print operations - usually between 3 and 15. This should no longer happen.


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