Welcome to the 9.5.1 Downloads Page

The 9.5.1 update addresses many of the concerns expressed by 9.5.0 users. Compared to previous versions of Vectorworks, 9.5.1 is more stable, more reliable, and more functional.

This single download will update ALL Vectorworks 9.5.0 products (ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, ARCHITECT with LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, Vectorworks, and Renderworks) to version 9.5.1. If you are a MECHANICAL user, please contact our Customer Service Department at 410-290-5114.

The update is being released FREE to existing customers as a downloadable patch. Please note that even on a fast Internet connection, the update will take a considerable amount of time.

What's Improved Since 9.5.0
This list is not necessarily comprehensive and has not been significantly edited, but serves as a guide to the types of improvements we have made since the release of 9.5.0

Updated System Requirements
This page has the updated system requirements for Vectorworks 9.5.1, as well as our Industry Series products.

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