Vectorworks 8.5 Read ME

This is the Vectorworks 8.5 release packaged as an updater application which will transform a full installation of Vectorworks 8.0.1 into 8.5. Please read the instructions below before installing.

The 8.0.1 release contains many fixes for problems discovered by Diehl Graphsoft, our beta testers, and our users. These fixes have been thoroughly tested and we are confident that the 8.5 product is more stable, reliable, and functional than 8.0.1. We recommend that all users of Vectorworks upgrade to version 8.5.

As with any complex product, it is possible that 8.5 introduces changes in behavior which could affect your work, so when planning the upgrade, please choose a time which would not prevent you from meeting existing deadlines should you experience problems. It is also prudent to make sure your Vectorworks data files are well backed-up when upgrading your software or operating system.

Release Notes

Full release notes for the 8.5 release of Vectorworks are available at on this page.

Back Up First

You should BACK UP your Vectorworks installation before running this update - especially if you have created custom plug-ins or modified your workspaces.Existing workspaces and plug-ins which shipped with Vectorworks 8.0.0 will be overwritten during the update.

Updating Windows Vectorworks 8.0.1 to 8.5

This update should be applied to the original installation of Vectorworks 8.0.1. It will not work if applied to a copy of Vectorworks that has already been upgraded to any of the beta versions of this patch. If you have already upgraded to a beta version, you must reinstall Vectorworks 8.0.1 before attempting to upgrade to the final 8.5 version.

  1. This upgrade will overwrite changes you have made to both your workspaces, and your plug-ins. If you do not wish to lose your changes, please back up the necessary files before applying the patch. Also back up any custom plug-ins you may have created. Note that the installer will offer to do this for you.
  2. Run the "Vectorworks 85 Update.EXE" application and follow instructions to patch your installation of Vectorworks 8.5.
  3. The updater will prompt you to decide whether to make a backup of your current installation. It is recommended that you say yes, because then you will be able to undo the update and revert to the previous version of the product.

If you do decide to uninstall this version of your product, and you allowed the updater to back up the original installation, you may do so by double-clicking on the "Revert to Previous Version" icon in your Vectorworks directory.