11.5 Updater Page


Download Instructions

Step 1
Determine if you have the correct version for updating. The updater will update all English-language Vectorworks 11.0.1 products (ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, MECHANICAL, Vectorworks, and RenderWorks) to 11.5.

If you do not have version 11.0.1, or are not sure that your update will work, please contact sales@nemetschek.net or call 410-290-5114.

Step 2
Quit all other applications, except your web browser, and then download the Updater.

Step 3 (Windows Users Only)
VectorWorks 11.5 requires QuickTime version 6.5.1 for Windows in order to launch and run. Please perform the 'Recommended' installation of QuickTime 6.5.1 before updating to VectorWorks 11.5. While we do not know of problems related to running newer versions of QuickTime, we have done comparatively little testing with such configurations, so we are recommending that 6.5.1 be used.You may download the Quicktime installer from http://download2.nemetschek.net/nnapub/win/QuickTime651/QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe

Step 4
To install the update, run the updater application and follow onscreen instructions. You may be asked to identify which copy of VectorWorks you want to update to 11.5.

*Windows users please note that the 11.5 web updater will not automatically update your custom workspaces. After running the web updater, you will need to append your custom workspace files with the .qtr suffix (thereby replacing the previous .vww suffix) before they'll be recognized by 11.5. In addition, Windows users please note that after you install the updater, you should download and install the 11.5 Service Pack.


Updater installers for Macintosh:



Updater installers for Windows: